How to Use the Apple Watch Control Center

How to Use the Apple Watch Control Center

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Apple Watch Control Center allows you to access and control your Apple Watch apps and functions. You can use the Control Center to launch your apps, make calls, send messages, and more. You can also set your Apple Watch to one of a number of modes, including sleep, exercise, and more.

When you open the Control Center, you’ll see the Apple Watch apps and functions that you have installed on your Apple Watch. From there, you can launch and control the apps and functions, including the Activity app, which allows you to track your workouts. You can also set the Apple Watch to sleep, and you can also adjust the time and date.

Here’s How to Use the Apple Watch Control Center

How to Open the WatchOS Control Center

How to Use the Apple Watch Control Center

Using the apple watch series 7 as a case study, the Control Center is only accessible from the primary screen of your Apple Watch, which is the screen with the clock that appears when you first press the watch’s Digital Crown or flip your wrist to look at it.

Swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch’s main screen to the top to access the Control Center.

Your Apple Watch Control Center will appear.

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Use the Control Center’s Shortcut Buttons

Apple Watch functionalities can be accessed quickly via the Control Panel’s shortcuts. Some functions, like the flashlight, are solely accessible via the Control Panel, while others are shortcuts to other apps or settings.

  • Toggle cellular access on or off by tapping the cellular icon. When you’re finished, tap Done.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi on or off by tapping the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Wi-Fi allows your Apple Watch to connect with your iPhone over a greater distance, but it depletes the battery quickly.
  • To ping your iPhone, tap the Ping symbol, which is useful if you’ve misplaced it.
  • Keep your finger on this button pressed down to make your iPhone flash, making it even simpler to find.
  • The Battery button displays the current battery life of your Watch. Tap the percentage and then Power Reserve to save battery life. This converts the Apple Watch into a regular digital watch by turning off smart functions.
  • To stop receiving notifications, tap the Mute symbol (bell).
  • The Do Not Disturb mode is activated by tapping the Do Not Disturb icon (moon). You can turn this feature on or off, and you can also set a time limit for how long you want to be undisturbed.
  • Toggle your walkie-talkie availability on or off by tapping the Walkie Talkie icon.
  • Use the Walkie Talkie app to set up Walkie-Talkie mode, which allows you to select which contacts can communicate with you using the walkie-talkie feature.
  • When you’re swimming, tap the Water Lock icon (a drop of water) to put the Watch in Water Lock mode. Switch the Digital Crown until no water is evacuated to turn off Water Lock mode.
  • Tap Flashlight to enable the flashlight feature. While the flashlight is turned on, tap the display to change the brightness from grayish to dazzling white. To access a blinking light or red light, swipe right to left.
  • To turn off your cellular connection and disable Wi-Fi, select Airplane Mode.
  • To put your Apple Watch into silent mode, tap Theater Mode. The screen will remain dark until you press the display again.
  • To control AirPlay’s sound output, tap the AirPlay icon (circles with a triangle).
  • While you can’t stream video from your Apple Watch using AirPlay, you can direct where your music goes.
  • To make it easier to access commonly used buttons, go to Edit and reorganize the Control Panel shortcuts. To change a button, go to Edit and press your finger on it until it’s highlighted. With your finger, drag the button to its new spot. When you’re finished, tap Done.

The Control Center allows you to check the status of your watch.

The Apple Watch Control Center provides information on your wearable’s operation, which is useful for resolving a problem.

Look in the upper-left corner of the Control Center screen to quickly check the status of your Apple Watch. If your Watch is successfully associated with your iPhone, you’ll notice a green phone. If you’ve lost your connection, you’ll see a red phone with a line through it. If an app or complication uses location services recently, you’ll see a blue arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. The blue Wi-Fi image will appear here if you’re utilizing Wi-Fi instead of your iPhone.


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