Boost the Signal on an Android Device

Boost the Signal on an Android Device

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Sometimes, either due to our location or the kind of phone we use, we often experience a weak signal strength on our phones. However, after a bit of research, I have come to discover that most phones that suffer a weak signal strength are due to poor design and this can be fixed by boosting the signal. Therefore, to boost the signal on an android device, some steps have been highlighted below to assist Android users to boost their phone signal.

How do I check cell phone signal strength in my area?

Step 1

Install a signal strength tester

Although there’s a network signal bar on our Android phones, however using the bars on your phone to judge signal strength may be okay for general purposes, but if you’re really concerned about signal interference, you’ll need something more specific. There are lots of apps that can give you the tired state of your convective and interference level. Just visit the Google Play app store or your preferred app market and download any of the signal testing apps.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the location of the phone’s antenna

Sometimes, the way we hold our phones or the kind of covering (pouch) we put on them may be affecting its antenna. So, regardless if the phone you use, familiarise yourself with where the phone’s antenna is located. You can do this by checking out the phone’s manual. Alternatively, by simply changing your usual hand position may give your signal level a boost.

Step 3

Change your phone case

Boost the Signal on an Android Device

Sometimes the case of the phone may be interfering with the signal level. So it is advisable to test the signal strength with and without the phone’s case (if you use one). If the signal level seems to be better without the case, you probably need to change it. Certain cases have been known to interfere with signal strength — it’s rare, but it happens. But it noting changes, then try the next possible solution.

Step 4

Get Rid of Dust from SIM

Boost the Signal on an Android Device

With dust and dirt in your phone, the  Signal strength can be affected. This will result to by poor connections between the SIM card and battery contacts. Remove and check to see if any dust or debris may have built up, also, rub the metal contacts with a pencil eraser. Blow or tap away any eraser shavings when you’re through. Even if there’s no visible dirt, sometimes simply removing and reseating the SIM card and battery can restore some lost signal strength. In addition, check where the SIM is seating, there could be some bent pins or other errors. Just look out for any abnormalities and get it fixed.

Step 5

Install a signal boosting app

The Android application markets have various applications that imply to help the signal, regularly by spinning through accessible systems to locate the most grounded association. Carefully observe the audits of each application and particularly at the commentators’ gadgets, whenever expressed – the helpfulness of these applications will, in general, be very equipment ward, and results are unquestionably not ensured.

Step 6

Install an antenna booster.

An antenna booster is a device usually attached to a phone to boost the signal strength. These gadgets ordinarily come as a metal-printed sticker that fits behind your battery. Regardless of whether such embellishments really improve signal quality involves some discussion, although a few clients have confirmed upgrades.

Step 7

Install a signal booster or repeater.

In the event that most of the individuals at your business are complaining about signal quality issues, a stationary sponsor might be the perfect arrangement. Standalone devices such as the Wi-Ex zBoost amplify a weak signal within a short range of phone use. They can be a generally costly arrangement and not a really versatile one, yet may tackle “dead spot” issues for explicit areas.

Step 8

Recharge your mobile phone

Boost the Signal on an Android Device

Like Bluetooth work on your cell phone, the system signal likewise requires enough power to function. In case you’re seriously utilizing your cell phone, don’t be surprised if its system signal is deteriorating. That is the reason why a significant number of cell phones these days have a battery-saving mode. So as to maintain a strategic distance from battery depleting.

So when you notice your network signal suddenly drops, check the battery level. if it’s low, you need to recharge it.
If after recharging your phone and still no improvement, try the next step

Step 9

Avoid crowded places

There is no uncertainty that you experience the poor effects of weak telephone’s signal when you’re at an arena or music show with other 50000 individuals. Since they are attempting to do a similar thing as you’re doing currently: post a photograph/status on Facebook/Twitter to indicate they are on the match/show. Provided that this is true, attempt to move away to a less packed spot or discover a spot near the PDA tower.

Step 10

Change your network operator

To an enormous degree, your phone signal relies upon the system coverage degree and coverage proficiency in your general vicinity. What’s more, you can have a go at changing your network bearer to dispose of such cases.

For instance, in case you’re utilizing system organization A, yet entirely your zone another system organization has more radars and system towers, maybe you ought to think about changing your system administrator.

Step 10

Replace your device

If after you’ve carried out all the above steps and you still lack signal on your Android device, then as a last resort, you may simply need to replace your Android phone with another of the same model, or even with another model completely.

Will signal booster increase Internet speed?

A cell phone signal booster takes the existing weak signal, amplifies it up to 32X, and broadcasts the boosted signal throughout your home or car. It gives rise to a stronger LTE data, signal, and internet. That means you get faster data, increases your 4G and LTE speed so they are blazing fast.