Wi-Fi Problems And How to Fix Them

Wi-Fi Problems And How to Fix Them

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One of the most important and most useful technological innovation is the Wi-fi technology. These days we all have Wi-Fi installed around us. Most times when internet stops working, we panic and don’t know what to do. But you don’t need to! There are many problems that can cause your internet to stop working and today we’ll be looking at some common wi-fi problems and how to fix them. You’ll be amazed by the cause of this problems and you’d be surprised how many of those issues can be easily fixed.
You can even fix them yourself with a few, simple tips. Here are the common wi-fi problems and how to fix them.


No Internet or Slow Internet in Some Rooms

This problem is usually caused by placing the router in a certain Conner of the house or placing it in an isolated or a in a room with tick concrete walls. To fix this wi-fi problem, simply follow these tips.

  • Try to adjust your router by bringing it to a centralize location in your house or office. If it’s placed in a room, you can leave the doors an windows open or simple relocate it to somewhere more centralized.
  • If you live in an apartment building, and other router are interfering with yours. Make use of free software’s like NetSpot on Mac and Windows (and Android) or Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android, to show you every wireless network nearby, and what channel they’re using.
  • When your router overlaps with nearby networks in particular rooms, consider switching to a less congested channel.
  • Also, Reasons To Avoidider purchasing a wireless repeater or setting up an old router to serve as one to extend the range of your main router. This will be helpful if you can move the old router from it’s current position.


  • If your Wi-Fi speed is slow around the house with every device connected to it, then you need to disconnect from the wi-fi, get a laptop and a LAN cable. Connect your laptop to the LAN port of your router and run a speed-test. if you get a good speed, with the LAN connected, then you should restart your router. If not , then contact you ISP.
  • Your current wireless channel could also be the issue. It might be overcrowded by your devices, or by those of other nearby networks thereby causing interference. Reasons To Avoidider changing the channel on your router in your router settings. Simply login your router, goto settings and you’ll see where to change the channel. You could call an IT personnel to assist you if you can’t figure it out.
  • Performing a factory reset on your router and setting it up again may help if the problem still persists. On most routers, there’s a “Reset” button which you can hold down with a paperclip. Do so for 30 seconds and the router should default from factory settings. After resetting, try it out with the default configuration before reconfiguring it back as usual.
  • After trying these steps and none of that worked and your internet is fine on a wired connection, your router might be slowly dying. Reasons To Avoidider replacing it with a new one.


When your internet is fine but one of your device is not connecting to your Wi-Fi, then you should check that device.

Check if the Wi-Fi switch is on, you can also try another device to see if it will connect. If it dose, then then your other device is fault and needs to be checked.

If that doesn’t work,

  • Then restart your router and disconnect every device from it and let them connect back.
  • Also, consider deleting your current network from the list of saved networks on your device, then re-connect again.
  • Search for Wi-fi troubleshooting in windows 10, and open the result, Identify and repair network issues. That will go through a series of diagnostics that may restore connectivity.
  • On MacOS, you can run Wireless Diagnostics. Hold the Options key and click the AirPort (Wi-Fi) icon on the menu bar. Find Open Wireless Diagnostics, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If none of that works, consider rebooting the device.


If noting can’t connect to your wi-fi, then you should plug your laptop into the router directly using an Ethernet cable, and see if you can connect that way. If that works, your Wi-Fi is the problem — but if it doesn’t, then your internet may be down altogether. You should contact your ISP if that is the case.
Another way to quickly fix this issue is to reset your router. to do this, check the back of your router for a reset button. Press that button for some minuets until the router lights flickers. After it resets, try connecting your devices and see if they would connect. if it dose fine but if it dose not you should replace your router.


If your connection is drooping at random times, this could be as a result of wi-fi interference, or a defective router.
If your neighbors are heavy Wi-Fi users at a particular time each day, this could be slowing you down. To resolve this issue, you can Change your router’s channel. You can also use spftwres like NetSpoton Mac and Windows and Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android to show you every wireless network nearby. If yours overlaps with nearby networks, try switching to a less congested channel in your router settings.
Perform a reset if the above fix dose not work.


In a situation when you cant find your wi-fi network, it’s possible your router is switched off or it has probably reset it’s self. If you search and you see any open network with a strange SSID, that could be yours. To fix this issue, simply login your router and reconfigure it.


In this case try restarting your router and your device. You can as well check other devices if they have internet access.
Also, connect a laptop or desktop to your router with an Ethernet cable (these are the best ones). If this works, then the router is having a problem, and may need to be reset. If there’s still no internet, though, your may have an outage. Call your ISP.


If your router crashes regularly, consider giving it a full reset. On most routers you’ll find a “Reset” button which you can hold down with a paperclip. Do so for 30 seconds and the router should default from factory settings.
If problem continues, your router may be slowly dyeing. Your only real option is to return it if it is within its warranty period, or buy a new one. If buying a new router is your best option, the here are some recommended router for you.


There are several way to retrieve forgotten Wi-Fi passwords. You can either call you ISP ( some ISP hold the details of their clients for security or other purpose). You can also check for the password on the device you’ve been using to access the network.

Finally if you can’t access your Wi-Fi because of a forgotten password, simply reset the router and input a fresh password.

Why does my Wi-Fi keep connecting and disconnecting?

If your Wi-Fi keeps connecting and disconnecting, and all the devices on your network have the same problem with the Internet, it is likely an issue with the cable supplying internet to the router, the network router itself, or ISP. But If only one computer is disconnecting and reconnecting, it’s likely a problem with the computer.

  • Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager.
  • Click the Plus Sign (+) next to Network Adapters.
  • Right-click the wireless adapters and, if disabled, click Enable

Cause: The most obvious problem with Wi-Fi speeds slowing down is being too far from the router.

Fix: To fix this, just get a little closer to the router.

Cause: Another cause of slow internet is a lack of bandwidth.

Fix: Disconnect any devices that you aren’t actively using. When too much device are connected on a particular router, it will cause or make the connection to be slow. So try and limit the number of device connected to an access point. If you are unable to ascertain the number of people feeding from your router, you can simply change the password of your router and give the password to those or devices you want to be connected.

Cause: your ISP.

Fix: if your internet speed is still slow after running all the necessary checks, quickly call your ISP. They will be happy to help resolve the issue.