The Best Outdoor TVs

The Best Outdoor TVs

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Sometimes, when it comes to selecting the best outdoor TVs, things can get somewhat confusing. This is because there are numerous TVs available and you might not be aware of which one is best for outdoor purposes. This is why we’ve researched, reviewed and selected all the best outdoor TVs available in the market so you can easily choose from.

So, if you’re looking for the best outdoor TVs, you just found the right place. However, before picking any outdoor TV of your choice, it’s important you take a critical look at some of the crucial features. These features are highlighted right here below.

Buyers Guide: What to Reasons To Avoidider Before Buying an Outdoor TV

Picture Quality: Regular TVs aren’t intended to be seen in the bright open. Brightness is estimated in “nits,” and indoor TVs produce top splendor of around 350-450 nits. Outdoor TVs can get a lot more brightness, with average appraisals in the 600-700 nit extend.

Durability/Lifespan: Regular TVs are intended for use in an atmosphere controlled indoor space. SunBriteTV’s weatherproof outside TVs utilize a multi-fan wind current framework to keep the TV’s inside cool and evaporate in temperatures to 120°F. They likewise highlight thermostatically controlled inner warmers that protect the TV when the mercury drops — even down to – 24°F. These sets are additionally intended to control moistness and buildup.

Safety: Using an indoor TV outside can be unsafe. Indoor TVs represent a danger of an electrical risk whenever utilized in a wet outside condition. All-climate outdoor TVs are intended for safe activity, in any event, when for all time installed outside. Also, their capacity lines are evaluated for outside use.

Best Outdoor TV That We Tested

Name Features Where to Buy
SunBriteTV Outdoor TV 55-inch Veranda

SunBriteTV Outdoor TV 55-inch Veranda

20-watt speakers, 3840 x 2160 resolution Get it Now
SunBrite TV 43-inch Veranda Series

SunBrite TV 43-inch Veranda Series

4K HD Ultra resolution, four HDMI and two USB inputs Get it Now
Skyvue 55-inch Partial Sun Series Outdoor TV

Skyvue 55-inch Partial Sun Series Outdoor TV

20W speakers, 4K HD Ultra resolution, Get it Now
Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32-inch 1080P Gold Legacy

Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32-inch 1080P Gold Legacy

Waterproof, slim structure Get it Now
Cosmos outdoor TV

Cosmos outdoor TV

4K Brightness Enhanced, smart functionality Get it Now

Best Outdoor TVs in Durability

SunBrite 55-inch Veranda

With its splendid LED screen and splendid, ultra-HD resolution, the SunBrite Verdana takes our top spot for outside TVs. The 55-inch display highlights 3840 x 2160 resolution and 4,000:1 difference proportion. Furthermore, it accompanies a lot of 20-watt speakers and offers network choices for both HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to guarantee the most extreme similarity with 4K spilling service. The TV itself is made with a strong aluminum packaging that can withstand downpours, snow, creepy crawlies, and extraordinary temperatures (from – 24° to 104° F).

The SunBrite’s shocking picture quality is its most grounded resource, yet that is plainly by all accounts, not the only draw. It makes for an extraordinary expansion to your open-air porch or deck, where you can appreciate the sun and natural air without leaving the lounge chair.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Great speakers no smart TV functionality

Mirage Vision 32-inch 1080P Gold Legacy

For under $1,000, you can get yourself a quality outside TV that doesn’t avoid the fundamentals of assurance. This Outdoor TV includes a fixed outside that is UV-treated, climate-safe, and ready to withstand sub-frosty temperatures and singing warms up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Worked with an outside case that keeps out bugs, dampness, and residue, the Gold Legacy Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32-inch 1080P is the ideal go-to outdoor for those on a financial limit. The outdoor TV is equipped for repulsing both downpour and snow because of its water and climate-safe built structure. Mirage Vision even applied a covering to the TV’s interior parts for further insurance, just as back bureau vents that enable heat to getaway

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
waterproof remote control and waterproof outdoor TV cover are included not quite as bright as other TV receivers on this list
thinner than other options

Best Outdoor TVs in Picture Quality

The SunBrite TV 43-inch Veranda Series is another top pick because of its huge screen, 4K HD Ultra resolution and, affordable cost. Its aluminum packaging makes it durable for changeless outside establishments. It’ll be ensured against outrageous temperatures (as low as – 24 degrees and as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and different cruel climates, including precipitation, snow, and different components.

The SunBrite TV 43-inch Veranda Series includes a high bright screen with LED backdrop illumination that makes it 30 percent more splendid than indoor TVs. This outdoor TV is ideal for zones like a porch or gazebo and is ideal for any BBQ or celebrations that you’d have in the terrace. Its back is furnished with four HDMI and two USB inputs, taking into account ease of use with numerous available alternatives

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Looks great you’ll get some glare when in a location with any direct sun
Variety of input connection port

This 55-inch 4K TV from Skyvue is worked for the open-air — with 600 nits of brightness on the LED video board, it’s twice as splendid as an indoor TV, ideal for concealed or halfway concealed open-air regions where typical TVs are effectively “outshone.” It’s likewise made with a weathertight aluminum body (appraised IP55 for dampness opposition) that can hold up to the components, outrageous temperatures, and even salty ocean air. That guarantees its ultra-top quality 4K screen looks as good as can be expected, regardless of what the climate tosses at it. This TV additionally has worked in 20W speakers and HDR innovation to elevate the complexity and profundity of shading for a really amazing picture.

Be that as it may, maybe the best selling point on this TV, past its extreme as-nails development and 4K picture quality, is the best in class Google Chromecast smart highlights. The interface is equivalent to those utilized on indoor Vizio TVs, giving you on-screen access to all your preferred spilling applications like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, just as music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. It even has Amazon Alexa and Google Home similarity, which enables you to control the TV and quest for shows utilizing voice directions.

The web-associated smart features on this TV make it an inside and out media powerhouse, ideal for lining up your preferred show with a basic verbally expressed solicitation or putting on your preferred playlist while you fire up the flame broil.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Smart TV functionality have to pay a bit extra for built-in Wi-Fi and access to apps



This fairly costly TV from Cosmos has various highlights that make the sticker price bode well. The image is striking and brilliant, with a 4K Brightness Enhanced Panel of 700 nits.

Probably the best component of this TV is that it is prepared with special non-glare glass.

This has an immense effect on your general pleasure in sitting in front of the TV outside, as you don’t need to stress over reflections and sun glare interfering with your survey.

Another incredible component is that the speakers are surprisingly great with a plan that gets the sound to you without annoying the entire neighborhood. This TV is furnished with smart TV usefulness, so you will have the option to effectively stream things like Netflix and YouTube.

These TVs are made intense and can withstand the components just as temperature boundaries.

To manage extraordinary cold, it has an Automated Heating Structure. To manage extraordinary warmth, it has a double or even triple-fan cooling framework, depending on the size of the TV.

It likewise includes a one-of-a-kind climate top, a component that really keeps creatures from having the option to lay on the TV’s edge.

As this is a progressively costly TV, you may be worried about thieves. It is good with Kensington-type locks which enable you to secure the TV such that makes robbery troublesome.

This is an extremely pleasant-looking TV, and you have your decision of completion, either brushed tempered steel or a matte dark. Another decent component of this TV is that it is intended to work best with a story mount. The universe offers a couple of various choices for extreme, hardened steel shafts with stone or wood bases.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
No glare Expensive
Smart functionality

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on two major factors: Durability & Picture quality

More facts and data about these outdoor TVs were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each outdoor TV has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the TVs that didn’t meet our standard were not included in this list.

Frequently Asked Questions


Even though all the outdoor TVs highlighted above are the best in the market, there’s still one that stands out among the best and can be regarded as the best among best outdoor TVs. it’s no other than the “Cosmos outdoor TV“. It’s packed with a lot of smart functionality, Good performance and also durable.

However, ensure you check all the necessary specifications mentioned above before your purchase and choose what you really need.