Best TVs of 2024

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Out of the numerous LED and OLED TVs we considered based on a variety of factors such as performance, size, durability and price, the 10 TVs below were the clear winners.

Name Features Where to Buy

Samsung Q90R QLED


samsung oled

Incredible HDR performance Get it Now

LG C9 OLED Series

lg c9


Superb picture quality Get it Now

Vizio P-Series Quantum X



Quantum dot technology Get it Now

Samsung Q9FN QLED


samsung q9fn

Good smart system Get it Now

Samsung Q900R QLED TV

samsung q900r

8K pictures quality Get it Now

Sony Bravia A9F OLED


sony brivia

Android Oreo smart platform Get it Now

LG E9 OLED Series


lg e9

Great picture quality, beautiful design Get it Now

Samsung Q70R QLED TV

samsung q70r

Extremely bright HDR pictures Get it Now

Sony Bravia X900F Series

sony bravia x900f

Excellent motion handling Get it Now

TCL 6-Series (R615, R617)

tcl 6


Bright, colorful HDR Get it Now

Looking to buy a new TV in the United States, Europe, or Asia? You just landed on the right page. Here you can find all the best TVs available in the market today. We’re quite aware of how complicated it could be when looking for a new TV to buy. This is usually due to the different brands, complicated feature sets, and price tags that seem to shoot up without reason.

However, because we care about you and want you to get the best of what you’re looking for, we’ve gone deep into research of the best TVs and finally came up with a comprehensive list of the best TVs available in the market today.

The best TVs listed below have all been reviewed, tested, and certified as the best TVs money can buy. Their performance and value have all been taken into consideration. So if you need the best affordable TVs or the best cheap TVs, you’ll get them all here.

Most of the models we reviewed include Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Sony TVs, TCL TVs, Vizio TVs, and much more.

In addition, different sizes of these TVs were also considered. Hence this post includes the best 65 inch TVs we discovered, as well as the best 75-inch Tvs and 85 inch TVs.

Features That Were Rigorously Tested In Each TV

Features are too many to even think about going into here, however here are the few important things you ought to consider before buying a TV.

Smartness: An expanding number of tv sets accompany worked in Wi-Fi for associating Internet-based services like Netflix for streaming videos or to run applications for watching extraordinary intrigue programs, downloading on-request motion pictures, or playing games. The most recent models can even look for content crosswise over streaming services and live to program on link and satellite.

Refresh Rate: The higher the Better. The refresh rate, communicated in Hertz (Hz) depicts how frequently every second an image is invigorated on the screen. The standard revive rate is 60 times each second, or 60 Hz. Be that as it may, in scenes with quickly moving objects, a 60 Hz refresh rate can make things look foggy or unsteady, especially on LCD HDTVs. Along these lines, to make an increasingly strong picture, makers multiplied the refresh rate to 120 Hz (and sometimes up to 240 Hz).

Screen Size: Regardless of whether you’re searching for an essential or superior TV, the greatest factor in your choice will presumably be screen size. Think about what number of individuals in your family normally watch without a moment’s delay and where you’re going to put your new set. At that point pick the biggest screen size that will fit easily into that space — and your spending limit. Most importantly, think about price, performance and the ofcos the size. A TV somewhere in the range of 55 and 65 inches should be reasonable for the average family.

Inputs: If you have an advanced camera, a TV that has an opening for memory cards, a USB attachment for a card reading or HDMI ports will give you a chance to see your photographs or other files on your TV screen.

Contrast: Bright whites shouldn’t have any indications of green, pink or blue in them, while blacks should look strong and not cleaned out, grey, green or blue.

Colors: Look at how splendid and strong they are; the way quiet their edges are; the means by which ‘dotty’ richly immersed zones are and how common skin looks, particularly in diminish scenes.

Fine detail: How much surface does the screen give? Does a tree resemble a green bump, or would you be able to see the individual leaves?

Edges: Check for ghosting, bright coronas, and ruggedness, particularly around curves.

Motion: Check moving articles and speedy camera searches for smearing or obscuring, trailing, jerkiness, and effervescing dotty commotion.



Samsung 82 inch

samsung 82"Resolution: 8k| Size: 82″

Samsung Real 8K Resolution offers 16x the resolution of Full HD for the excellent profundity of details to attract you to the image, superior to anything the best 4K TV experience of OLED.

It empowers the present content to be remastered into dazzling 8K detail with upgraded sound, picture, and custom substance proposals.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
8k resolution Very expensive
Smart TV

Samsung Q900 85 inch

samsung q900

Resolution: 8k| Size: 85

This 85-inch behemoth is the main TV with 8K goals that are generally accessible to purchase on the off chance that you happen to be rich. For every other person, it’s to a greater degree an innovation exhibition. Samsung says it has totally updated the scaling on the Q900 for 8K.

It utilizes another 8K Quantum processor and man-made brainpower to improve the surface, smooth rough edges, and diminish clamor and obscuring.

Read the Samsung Q900 85 inch full review

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
8k resolution Expensive
Lots of features

Samsung Q90 75 inch

samsung q90 75'


Resolution: 8k| Size: 75

Samsung’s lead 4K QLED for 2019 has in one way or another figured out how to exceed a year ago’s Q9FN, which recently held the top spot on this rundown.

As the top model in Samsung’s QLED run – 8K models like the Q950R aside – the Q90 offers a genuinely powerful picture with advertising driving picture handling and unfathomable HDR pictures. Also an amazing pinnacle splendor of 1,600 nits. Furthermore, with a smooth, bezel-less structure, and the OneConnect box to clean away the entirety of your links, the Q90 is as decent to take a gander at when the TV is off also.

In any case, one of the most noteworthy advancements with the Q90 is the survey edges: something that LCD boards generally battle with, given that backdrop illumination, as a rule, faces legitimately forward. Samsung has handled the issue splendidly, with its Ultra Viewing Angle innovation implying that difference and shading are as solid off-pivot as they are head-on.

Add to that the inherent Bixby voice collaborator and extensive savvy stage, and you have a top-class TV full ready to rival any OLED TV.

Read the Samsung Q90 75 inch full review

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Well designed

Samsung 55-inch

samsung 55"


Resolution: 4k| Sizes: 55″

On the off chance that you like the Samsung gaming treats and need a TV that additionally performs well in a dim room yet won’t burn up all available resources, at that point get the Samsung Q70/Q70R, the best Samsung smart TV for gaming. It’s a TV with amazing picture quality that can convey profound blacks in a dim room on account of the high local differentiation proportion and great local darkening support.

It can get exceptionally brilliant both in SDR and in HDR, and gratitude to the wide shading color, it conveys HDR content with a distinctive color. It has all the most recent Samsung gaming treats to draw in gamers, similar to low information slack, FreeSync support, low information slack with movement insertion, and auto low dormancy.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
4k resolution expensive
Best for gamers

Samsung 46 inch

Samsung 46"


Resolution: 4k| Sizes: 46″

The best spending plan for Samsung TV. It has low info slack that makes it well known among gamers yet comes up short on the propelled gaming highlights of Samsung’s better quality models. The general picture quality is better than average and blacks look somewhere down in a dim room in spite of the absence of a neighborhood diminishing element.

It can’t get splendid and doesn’t have a wide shading extent, so it can’t convey HDR content as it should. The general movement taking care of is unremarkable. Some haze is obvious when watching sports and the TV can’t expel judder in motion pictures, regardless of the source. At last, much the same as most VA board TVs, the picture corrupts at a point.

This is a decent TV by and large; it’s responsive which makes it alluring to gamers, yet it likewise conveys a better than average execution in most different employments.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
4K resolution
Well designed


Sony 55-Inch

sony 55"


One of Sony’s most dazzling TVs, the Bravia 55-inch A8G 4K Smart TV extends an outstandingly ravishing picture and true-to-life sound all through your parlor. One of the principal advantages of an OLED screen is its capacity to expertly render dim scenes. The A8G’s OLED display, specifically, flaunts in excess of 8,000,000 pixels.

Offering a similar 4K picture, the A8G even upscales no-4K substance to approach a similar quality as local 4K. HDR, complete with Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced, carries the cinema to your home. Google Assistant is worked in for voice directions and the Android TV interface lets you effectively explore and get to your associated gadgets and applications.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
4K Video Expensive
boasts more than eight million pixels

Sony 49-Inch

sony 900f

In case you’re searching for Sony’s best mix of size and quality, you won’t do any superior to the Sony X900F 49-inch 4K smart LED TV. For its size, the 4K picture quality on the 900F is remarkable. Using Sony’s HDR X1 Extreme processor guarantees that color looks exact. The main full-cluster diminishing TV in Sony’s lineup, contrast is particularly great.

Blacks and whites additionally look extraordinary as X-tended Dynamic Range keeps scenes darker or more splendid as important. Indeed, even activity shots merit raving about as Sony’s X-Motion Clarity tech lessens blur to just about zero.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Good for Gaming
Enhanced audio

Sony 65-Inch

Sony XZ9F 65-Inch

For the most perfectly awesome Sony brings to the table, look to the 65-inch Z9F brilliant TV. A part of Sony’s “Lord” arrangement, the Z9F is the LED partner to the A9F’s OLED screen. Running on the Android TV stage, the TV has an abundance of highlights and administrations that help legitimize the top-notch sticker price.

Worked in Chromecast is ideal for gushing from a cell phone or tablet. Miracast includes another spilling alternative with the capacity to reflect what’s on a cell phone or tablet show onto the screen.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
4K resolution and HDR compatibility

Sony 60-Inch 

Sony X830F 60-Inch 

There’s no lack of smart TVs in the present market, however in case you’re searching for one that sticks out, Sony’s X830F 4K Smart TV is one such decision. Worked with Android TV as the essential interface, the TV makes it incredibly simple to locate the substance you need. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa empower voice directions by saying “alright, Google (or Alexa), Show me The Crown on Netflix”.

For gushing straightforwardly to the TV, Sony incorporated Google’s Chromecast directly with the equipment so any good application can play on the enormous screen. Sony multiplied down on making the 830F genuinely shrewd by including PlayStation Vue, their own live TV spilling administration. Sports, news, and premium substance are for the most part accessible with a paid membership.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
120Hz refresh rate makes it perfect for gaming
Well designed

Sony X850F 75-Inch

Sony X850F 75-Inch

Gamers searching for a truly flawless TV ought to consider the Sony X850F 4K HDR smart TV. It’s the ideal accomplice for PlayStation 4 (and Pro) comforts, setting gamers into a detail-rich condition. Surfaces are distinctive and hues pop directly off the screen with High Dynamic Range.

Four HDMI inputs give you available alternatives for any outsider gadgets. When changing from gaming to TV, the 850F’s screen extravagance doesn’t end. X-Reality Pro upscales substance to approach 4K quality so every picture looks more honed.

Read the Sony X850F 75-Inch full review

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Best 4k resolution Expensive
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on board


LG E9 65-inch

lg e9The LG E9 is an OLED TV is a showcase innovation where every individual pixel gets the capacity to deliver an image, making immaculate dark levels, seeing points, and picture consistency.

LG has contributed extensive money to improve the nature of its boards, and that stir appears most in the LG E9. Utilizing the most up-to-date Alpha9 Gen 2 processor, the LG E9 — accessible in 55-inch or 65-inch assortments — sparkles in each circumstance from a debut in your home venue to an eager Fortnite long-distance race with the team on Xbox.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Amazing 4K HDR quality Expensive
Stunning glass design

LG UM7300 43-inch

lg 43"


In case you’re after a quality 4K TV under $500, LG makes truly outstanding. It’s not OLED, yet the LG UM7300 is a well-adjusted set. Its LED-LCD IPS show has nice dark consistency regardless of its absence of local dimming. Furthermore, however it can’t guarantee the rich profundity of Dolby Vision, it does in any event offer HDR10 and HLG, which are both equipped for billions of colors.

LG utilizes a quad-center processor to help with tone mapping, clamor decrease, and shading precision among other post-handling stunts that make this TV look superior to anything its value recommends.

Read the LG UM7300 43-inch full review

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Highly affordable Lacks Dolby Vision
Quality LED panel No local dimming

LG B9 55-inch

lg b9


For a great many people, the LG E9 is an excess of the TV for their first huge home performance center overhaul. Fortunately, LG’s 4K OLED TVs inside a model year commonly gloat similar characteristics. The LG B9 presents a progressively agreeable recommendation. It misses out on the sharp glass structure, and the Alpha9 Gen 2 AI processor gets out for the Alpha7 Gen 2, however, those penances convert into a lot less expensive cost.

Furthermore, however, the processor assumes an imperative job in the image quality condition, it’s hard to observe any perceptible contrast between the two.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Rich picture quality Last-gen processor
Full webOS TV experience

LG C9 77-inch

lg c9


The LG C9 is the best OLED TV available as far as information slack and movement obscure, two significant characteristics for aggressive gamers. It can’t inside and out beat most LCD sets in such a manner, yet it approaches enough, and it merits relinquishing those additional milliseconds for OLED’s grand picture quality. You’ll additionally be future-sealed, as its four HDMI 2.1 ports will prove to be useful when variable invigorate rate turns into a staple of the following console age.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Great 4K HDR picture Burn-in potential

LG B8 49-inch

LG B8 49-inch


The LG B8 utilizes the Alpha7 processor for AI-upgraded post-handling, giving you improved sharpness, shading, brilliance, and difference improvements applied on a scene-by-scene premise. And keeping in mind that the Alpha7 Gen 2 processor is far superior at those errands and has the special reward of inclination smoothing calculations, the Alpha7 still stands its ground. What’s more, you get a large portion of similar highlights that more current LG OLED proprietors are getting a charge out of, incorporating worked in Google Assistant and Alexa combination with good gadgets. We additionally can’t disregard the excellencies of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for genuine true to life energy.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Relatively affordable Aging processor
Robust feature set

How We Picked

We depended on the assessment of TV experts and feedback from clients dependent on three main considerations: Performance, Picture Quality, and Price.

More facts and information about these TVs were gotten from profound research and online surveys (both positive and negative). With the outcome and criticism, we got, we had the option to rank each TV as indicated by the standard we set.

Taking a look at our survey, each TV has been deliberately sorted by our research result. Additionally, observe that the TV that didn’t satisfy our guideline were excluded from this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OLED Superior to 4k?

In view of our tests, OLED TVs produce more extravagant, more profound, and more sensible color than 4K LED TVs. With regards to screen splendor, LED TVs have an extensive favorable position. LED backdrop illumination can deliver splendid whites and practically boundless splendor.

Is 4k Truly Superior to 1080p?

As their names suggest, 4K UHD has an impressively higher resolution than 1080P HD video. 4K resolution is actually 3840 x 2160 pixels, while 1080P comprises of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This gigantic contrast achieves some significant focal points for 4K when one looks at it to the nature of a 1080P video.

Is 8k superior to 4k?

8K is a higher resolution standard than 4K, quadrupling the absolute number of pixels simply like 4K did with 1080p. 8K is 7,680 by 4,320 resolution, or around 8,000 level pixels. 4K is likewise alluded to as ultra-top quality or UHD, so 8K may, in the long run, get its very own descriptor sooner or later.


The best TVs from top brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, and others have been reviewed and if you’ve gone through this review carefully, you’ll observe how we’ve categorized these TVs according to their specific characteristics. We also when further in categorizing each TV by its brand or manufacturer.

So having read to this point, it implies that you are searching for the best TV and perhaps you’re ready to buy. We suggest that you take as much time as is needed to go through each product, paying closer attention to its configurations, advantages, disadvantages and also check for the price before settling on your choice.