What Is A Wire Stripping Machine?

What Is A Wire Stripping Machine?

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Wire stripping machines have been in existence for a long time, because, these equipment are useful in so many ways. If you don’t have an idea what a wire stripping machine is, or probably you have just the faintest of ideas about wire stripping machines, then you might want to read through this review.

What Does Wire Stripper Mean?

A wire stripper is a portable handheld tool used by workers, especially electricians, for removing the protective coating of an electric wire to replace or repair the wire. It is also capable of stripping the end portions of an electric wire to connect them to other wires or terminals. A wire stripper is often considered an important tool for professional electricians and other related personnel.

Wire strippers can be categorized into two types: manual wire strippers and automatic wire strippers. A manual wire stripper is considered the most versatile; to use it, the user needs to manually rotate it while applying pressure around the insulation to cut or adjust the wires.

In the case of an automatic wire stripper, one side is held tight, and, simultaneously, the other side is cut and removed. An automatic wire stripper can help even a novice cut and strip most wires quickly. However, it only works for certain size ranges of wires. It could break small wires, and large wires may not fit into its jaws.

Wire strippers are available in various shapes and sizes and are usually made of steel. They usually have serrated teeth, which come in handy while stripping wires. The handles can be either straight or curved and, in most cases, are covered with rubber coating to provide a secure grip. Wire strippers often have a wire cutter as well.

It should be noted that the wire stripping machine is manufactured to be either manually or automatically operated. There are different methods of stripping wires and cables, they include;

  • Cutting: This is the easiest method of stripping a wire by simply cutting away the insulation.
  • Abrasive: This method involves the use of a rough wheel to strip off the wire and cleans the wire by polishing it
  • Thermal: This method uses heat to burn off the wire’s insulation
  • Mechanical: This involves the use of the combination of a mechanical power source and either the cutting or abrasive method
  • Chemical: This stripping method involves the use of chemicals that react with the insulation. The chemical usually causes the insulation to melt away.
  • Laser Method: This is an advanced tech method often employed for specific purposes. Using this method, the laser takes out the insulation without any interference with the conducting metal inside.

How are these manual and automatic wire strippers used to cut the wires and cables?

  • Manual Strippers

A typical portable wire stripper is made up of a wire cutter that has the shape of scissors. The wire cutter part of the tool has two blades faced against each other with a different sized notch arranged sequentially. To use a wire stripper, you place the wire to be stripped in the notch which fits with the wire diameter, and then cut to the wire via the insulating material.

You can then use your hand to strip off the insulation as the wire doesn’t stick to the insulating material. One peculiar advantage of using the manual stripper is that aside used as a cutting tool, it can also be used for bending the wire.

  • Automatic Stripping Machine

The performance of an automatic stripping machine is done in a single motion, the stripping machine both holds, cut and strip the wire simultaneously. The automatic wire stripping machine is mostly used when there is demand for huge units of wire rather than when different diameters of required, as the automatic stripping machine functionality is reduced when wires of varying lengths are required to be stripped. The use of a fully automatic wire crimping machine is not only more efficient but also a better quality of stripped wires.

In addition, the exterior wall and interior insulation system are also included in the fast connection terminals, which can meet the thermal insulation performance of buildings and greatly save heating costs. Hygienic and safety properties of nano-antimicrobial tubes conform to the national standards for food hygiene inspection, and have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; while latex paint with aesthetic angle protection improves practicability and durability, and more embodies the convenient and practical stone-jacking process.

The fast connection terminal, including an insulating base, is characterized in that a slot hole is arranged on the base, and a conductive part is arranged in the slot hole. The conductive part includes a clamping part located inside the slot hole and a welding part extending outside the slot hole, and the clamping part and the welding part are bendable joints. Compared with the prior art, the connection terminal of the utility model opens a slot hole on the insulating base, because there is no inclined structure on the base, and the slot hole opening is more convenient.

Other types of wire stripping machines listed above also have distinct ways in which they are used to strip wires or cables. They include;

  • Abrasive Wire Stripping Machine:

The way to use this type of stripping machine is quite straightforward. You simply place the wire or cable to be cut at the center of two abrasive wheels which are conventionally made of fiberglass or wire. It is important to note that the abrasive wheel must be manufactured with the appropriate material and specific texture that will be able to cut through the wire and strip it, as using the wrong material for the abrasive wheel can cause damage to the wire metal. You should also ensure that you apply the suitable force in order not to break the conducting material.

  • Chemical Wire Stripping:

The way to use chemicals to strip wires entails applying a chemical stripper to the insulating material. After that, then you also add a neutralizer and then alcohol. The combination of these fluids causes the wire strip to be removed by ‘melting’ away from the conducting metal. You then proceed to rinse and clean off the chemical from the metal.

To use the method for stripping wire, you need to endeavor to work under supervision and strict environmental regulations as the chemicals are toxic. This method is employed when minimal damage to the metal is expected.

  • Thermal Wire Stripping:

The use of this type of wire stripping machine involves the use of flames to take off the insulation. The way to use the machine is by heating the insulation using the hottest upper tip of the flame. Hot blade strippers are also used as another method of thermal wire stripping.

You can adjust the gauge of the flame depending on the diameter of the wire and also the type of insulating material. This method of wire stripping is majorly employed for wires such as coaxial wire, single strand wire, and shielded wire, with insulation which includes Teflon, neoprene, and Vinyl.

  • Laser Wire Stripping:

This method is the most expensive way of stripping a wire. The procedure of using this type of wire stripping machine involves using the laser to melt away the insulating material. This is to be done with extreme caution and accuracy so as not to burn the conducting metal. It is the recommended wire stripping machine to be used when fine gauge wires are to be worked on.

Buying Guides – Wire Stripping Machines

Need at Hand – Know the kind of work you intend it to do. If you handle large volumes, then an automatic machine is friendlier compared to a manual one. And if you handle hard wires then go for a heavy-duty piece. Automatic machines require lesser effort, and less-experienced people will appreciate them more.

Experience – How are your skills and experience like? Although wire strippers are simple to use, you may have a hard time determining the best setting for the wire in hand. The amount of material to be removed is determined by the application and also the desired connectivity. And as we all know, the wires can be expensive, and no one wants to waste them. It pays to familiarize yourself with the art before actually attempting it.

Price – You will notice that the prices of the machines are very diverse. The fundamental ones are the most affordable while the more complex ones cost way more. Nonetheless, a simple, affordable machine can give good service, especially if you know how to handle it. It is advised first to set a budget before you venture into the market to look for a product.

Reviews – Reading reviews is an important part of selecting and identifying a good product. This will give you a true picture of what consumers are saying. And as you will observe, the above products have many positive and 5-star reviews. You are thus certain of good performance and reliability.

Brand Reputation – We only went for products that have a good name in the market. Consumers and analysts will praise them for solid performance, simplicity, easy operation, durability, affordability, and much more. They are backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee in regards to quality workmanship and material.


There are several types of wire stripping machines, both manual and automatic, on the market today. Haven seen the different types of wire stripping machine, you have the ball to kick to whichever direction, depending on your needs for a wire stripping machine.