What Is a WiFi Printer?

What Is a WiFi Printer?

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While printers do exist that can print photographs and archives straightforwardly from memory cards, most printers should be associated with a PC to work. Ordinarily, current printers utilize a USB cable to associate with a PC or network area. A few printers do permit wireless associations, be that as it may, permitting them to print for PCs as well as for other Wi-Fi-empowered gadgets.

Wi-Fi Printing

What Is a WiFi Printer

Wi-Fi printers don’t interface straightforwardly to a PC in the manner that USB or other wired printers do. All things being equal, these printers interface with nearby wireless organize and turn into an organizational resource that is accessible to any PC or other wireless gadget associated with the network.

Wi-Fi printers do have the alternative of being associated with a solitary PC by means of a USB cable, however, doing so normally limits the accessibility of the printer as a network resource.


Associating a printer to a Wi-Fi network offers a few benefits. You’re not restricted by the length of a USB cable while picking where to put the printer and furthermore have one less cable associated with your PC.

Since Wi-Fi printers are network gadgets, numerous PCs can utilize a similar printer without setting up printer sharing on a particular PC.

It additionally permits you to print from any place inside the scope of the wireless network, permitting you to move around with a PC or cell phone rather than just having the option to print from a fixed workstation.

Installing a Wi-Fi Printer

Introducing a Wi-Fi printer for the most part requires two separate advances. The initial step is associating the printer to the network, a cycle that includes choosing or entering the organization’s transmission name on the printer’s LCD screen and entering the network’s secret key on the off chance that one exists.

When the printer interfaces with the network, drivers for the printer should be introduced on each PC that will utilize the printer. Depending on the printer, the drivers might be given on a circle or may be downloaded from the producer’s site.

Bluetooth Printers

Despite the fact that Wi-Fi printers are regularly gathered with Bluetooth printers as “wireless” printers, the innovations behind these two printer types are not the equivalent.

Wi-Fi printers interface with a focal wireless network, while Bluetooth printers associate straightforwardly to a PC or gadget through a Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth connectors are additionally accessible that permit standard printers to associate remotely to a PC or other Bluetooth-empowered gadget.

Since Bluetooth printers associate straightforwardly to PCs or gadgets rather than to a network organization, they don’t open up as organization resources, however, they might be imparted to an organization similarly that a wired printer would be.

Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage of a wireless printer?

With regards to proficiency and quality in the printing scene, wireless innovation is driving the way. With the capacity to interface with various gadgets – including mPOS installment frameworks, tablets, and cell phones – remote small-scale printers can help set aside your time and cash while additionally permitting you to chip away at the move.

Are wireless printers better?

Wireless printers give you the advantages of a wired network printer alongside the capacity to put the gadget anyplace it can distinguish a strong Wi-Fi signal, giving you the most adaptability with regards to setting up your office gadgets yet additionally the most un-dependable of the three association strategies

Which is better wired or wireless printer?

The principal advantage of a wired printer is that print occupations can be sent rapidly without agonizing over the obstruction or sign misfortune that may influence wireless printers. Wired printers are likewise safer, as they can’t be gotten to except if you are signed in to the PC.