How To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone

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When your phone gets wet, the next question in your mind would be how to fix your water damaged phone. Although there are serval water resistant phones today, the same way there are also serval non-water resistant phone. If you accidentally dropped your phone in water or it probably got socked due to heavy rain (except if you have a water-resistant phone) it could get damaged if not fixed quickly and properly.
To fix your water damaged phone, there are serval steps you can take to quickly dry up and restore your phone.  Some of these steps are very common like putting your phone in rice and using a hair-dryer. Apart from that, here are a few steps to fix your water damaged phone.
One of the most popular ways to fix water damaged phone is to put it in a container of dry uncooked rice. The technology behind this is that the rice will absorb the water completely from the phone and it does so faster than other methods. So irrespective of the liquid your phone fell into, putting it into a container of dry uncooked rice will fix it.
If the water damaged phone is more extensive, you can disassemble the phone and use a vacuum to carefully suck out water stuck in the cracks that are harder to get to. Make sure any small parts, such as the microSD card, SIM card, and battery, are out of the way before attempting this.

Tips On How To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone

The tips below will help you get your phone back to its perfect working condition if you accidentally drop it in water. Although, most smartphones are equipped with circuits which can resist water when it is not connected to power. Therefore to avoid damage to your phone, follow these tips to dry your phone before plugging it to power.


  •  Once you notice your phone is wet or fell in the water, quickly remove it and turn it off.
  • If you are fast enough, your phone may still be saved as. Because the liquid might not have gotten into the phone.
  • Next, after removing the phone from the water, place the phone on a paper towel or towel and remove the back cover and battery.
  • Take the SIM card out and make sure it dry so your contacts are protected.
  • Remove other accessories such as earbuds, memory cards, phone cases and more.
  • Clean thoroughly and wipe the phone with a towel. Every drop matters.
  • Make use of a vacuum cleaner to dry up your phone completely under 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Avoid using a hair dryer to dry the phone directly (even in “cold air” mode). Direct blowing with a hair dryer will cause water vapor to enter the center of the device and be into contact with internal electronics and parts.
  • The most common and affordable way to dry your phone is to put it in a bag with dry uncooked rice. This method will absorb the remaining water and dry out your phone.
  • Again, put the phone on a towel or paper towel.
  • Wait at least 24 hours until your phone looks dry in every corner. Take off the dust and specks of dirt on your phone and put the battery back. Turn it on, pay attention to whether there are strange sounds and see if the functions of the mobile phone are working properly.
  • Finally, if your phone is functioning properly, put back the accessories ( sim card, memory card, etc ) and continue having fun with your phone.

Note, if the phone is in the water while it is charging, the first step to take is to cut off the phones power supply. Do not rush to remove the phone from the water. Indeed, water in the power equipment can easily cause electric shock for humans and an explosion can occur by a heat temperature.

Do’s and Don’t on How to Fix Water Damage Your Phone

In other to prevent further damage to your phone, there are some precautions to take that will help protect you and the phone as well.

  • Do not heat the battery as it may cause a leak or explosion. Lithium-ion batteries are more sensitive. If you intend using a hair dryer to dry your phone, always take out the battery. In addition, pay attention to the fact that the phone should not be exposed to high temperatures.
  • Never use a stove or microwave to dry your phone. It’s very dangerous and can cause an explosion
  • If your phone doesn’t work, seek professional assistance. Most of mobiles phones do have a “water inlet label” built-in. This will help the technician know if your phone has been in the water.

On the other hand, your telephone may not work if unexpected harms happen. Broken up minerals in the water may even now be defiled on the patch joints or metal pins, causing rust or short circuit in the cellphone and unrepairable harm. In this manner, safety measures must be because of guarding your telephone.

Although using uncooked rice is the most popular means to fix water damaged phone, another drying agent that works better than uncooked rice is silica gel. According to experiments, silica gel works the best out of all drying agents that we tested. If it takes a bole of uncooked rice 5 hours to dry a phone, the silica gel will dry it better in lesser time
According to our experiment, stuffing your phone in a bag of dry rice and letting it sit for 24 to 36 hours or more will do the magic. This is a cheap, easy way to fix your water damaged phone. Although, this method could have some negatives: If the rice absorbs the water well, you may be left with a mushy rice mess stuck in its creases and I/O ports which can lead to other mess.


To fix your water damaged phone, it is important to keep it dry for at least two-day maximum. In the event that you don’t know how to fix this issue, quickly contact a professional. In addition, if the damage is extensive and your phone is still under warranty, you can contact the phone vendor. They might be glad to help you fix it or probably change it for you.