Tips To Save Battery Life Of A Smartwatch

Tips To Save Battery Life Of A Smartwatch

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These days, we worry not only about our laptop battery or smartphone batteries we now worry over our smartwatch batteries. Although most smartwatch batteries can last for a very long time say 20days depending on the usage, but there are some that require constant charging just like we charge our phones and laptop.

If you are the type that doesn’t like carrying chargers around or you live in a zone where the power supply isn’t constant, then you’ll need this tips on how to save battery life on a smartwatch.

If you haven’t gotten a smartwatch, you probably should get one now as they offer a lot of great features to their users.

And if you already have one, then here are some tips to help you save battery life of a smartphone.

How to Save Battery Life on a Smartwatch

Block unnecessary notification

save battery life on a smartwatch

Overseeing or blocking APP warning will definitely help about the capacity issue and increase your battery life. Albeit some are basic for day by day life, APP may over-burden your smartwatch and may take some space. Also, in the event that you don’t shut or sift through APP, it very well may be a genuine irritation. Every notice got on your smartwatch may expend power and light up the screen whenever.

Adjust the brightness level

save battery life on a smartwatch

Depending on your environment, you can easily adjust the brightness level of your smartwatch. A low brightness can save battery power and even protect your eyes from the screen. It will bring a noticeable change in battery life and ensure optimal performance. Find a good balance and adjust brightness level if you head outside so that you can use it longer and avoid battery drain. You can also set the smartwatch to automatically adjust its brightness.

Turn off Wi-Fi syncing

Turning off your smartwatch WiFi, NFC or location services, can extend the battery life. However, these functions are useful but nevertheless, by disabling it, notifications will be received on the smartwatch though it is not connected over Bluetooth. If you are not using the connectivity, your battery won’t be overheated and discharged. To disable the connectivity, please follow the steps:

  •  Open the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings
    opening the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings
  • After you click on Wi-Fi, turn it off

Disable wrist gestures

In the event that you don’t need any signals when you lift your arm, debilitating wrist motions is the best option. For sure, worked by Google as a component, it naturally lights up the screen when you lift your arm and turn the screen towards you. On the off chance that you impair this element, it will boost your battery life. To disable this option, please follow the steps:

  • Open the smartwatch menu and slide over to settings
  •  Click on gestures and turn it off

Use the theater mode

On the off chance that you have a dire gathering or private supper, for instance, the theater mode will accommodate your gadget. The smartwatch goes into a semi-hibernation mode that turns the screen off and it tends to be just exchanged on again by utilizing the power catch. Utilizing this component will help the smartwatch to expand its life expectancy. In addition, it will chop down the power utilization and maintain a strategic distance from the battery channel. To activate the theater mode, please follow steps:

  • Pull the panel from the top down
  • Click on the watch icon

Use the snooze

If you want your battery to last longer, using the snooze is a good way. The smartwatch will automatically buzz for each notification received. Indeed, you can turn notifications off by pulling down the main screen. The screen won’t illuminate and the small vibration motor isn’t running, so that you will save battery power and won’t get any disturbance.

 Monitor your battery

Another important thing to do is to monitor your battery. Monitoring a battery can save you battery power. The Android smartwatch has a built-in tool that tells you what applications are draining the battery the most. It will allow you to see how long the smartwatch has been away from the charger, and give you an estimate of how much time until the battery runs out.

This can also help you save your battery in the long run because allowing your battery to run out before charging it is dangerous to your battery’s health.

Best Smartwatches with Long Battery Life
  • Fitbit Blaze.
  • Pebble Time Round.
  • ASUS ZenWatch 2.
  • Garmin vivoactive HR.
  • Pebble Smartwatch Black.
  • Vector Luna Smartwatch.
  • Fitbit Versa.
  • Suunto Traverse.
Quick Tips:
  • Don’t buy a smartwatch without confirming that it will work with your android smartphone.
  • Pick a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS (to track your runs) if you’re a fitness buff.
  • Pay attention to rated battery life when shopping. a good smartwatch should last for at least 10 days.
  • Check that the watch band’s clasp or buckle is easy to use and easy to swap
  • The selection of apps is a factor, but it’s not as important as compatibility, design and other features



7 tips to save battery life on a smartwatch
  • Block unnecessary notification.
  • Adjust the brightness level.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi syncing.
  • Disable wrist gestures.
  • Use the theater mode.
  • Use the snooze.
  • Monitor your battery.

Hope you found these tips useful. However, improving and extending battery life on smartwatch requires attention and special care. By following the instructions above, you can maximize your smartwatch‘s battery life and protect the battery from damages. Depending on the environment or situation you are, a perfect balance is a key for optimizing a battery. In this way, you can use your device longer and won’t get any nuisance.