How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on an HP Laptop

How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on an HP Laptop

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This guide will disclose how to turn on the keyboard backlighting on an HP PC. It might shift marginally for a few, especially more established models, yet most HP workstations utilize a similar technique and have the key in a similar spot.

How to Turn on Keyboard Backlighting on HP Laptops

How to Turn on the Keyboard Light

HP has made the interaction of turning on its keyboard backlighting extremely simple. Most present-day HP laptops just necessitate that you press a solitary key to flip the keyboard lighting on and off.

  • Turn your HP PC on utilizing its power button.
  • Find the keyboard backdrop illumination key on your keyboard. It will be situated in the column of Function F keys along with the highest point of the keyboard and appears as though three squares with three lines blazing out from the left-hand square.
  • Press it. The keyboard lighting should then turn on. You can flip it off again by pressing a similar key.

A few models may necessitate that you press the FN key simultaneously. It’s regularly situated in the base column of the keyboard, frequently between the left-hand Ctrl and Windows keys.


You can change the brilliance of your keyboard backdrop illumination utilizing the different luminance keys. They are likewise situated in the top line of FN keys and are indicated by huge and more modest glimmering light images. On the off chance that you followed these means and your backlighting doesn’t turn on or just turns on for a brief period prior to turning it off once more, there are some fixes you can attempt.

  • Affirm that your PC has keyboard backdrop illumination on HP’s help website or in your PC manual.
  • Access your HP PC’s BIOS and search for a setting called Action Keys. Ensure it’s empowered.
  • In your HP PC’s BIOS, explore Advanced > Built-in Device Options and look for a Backlit keyboard break. Set it to any way long you need to empower backdrop illumination.

Do HP Laptops Have Light Up Keyboards?

Numerous HP workstations have illuminated keyboards, some a solitary color, others with what’s known as RGB lighting, that can be altered to show various tones. It relies upon your PC model.

How Do I Turn on The Keyboard Light on My HP Laptops In Windows 10?

Although most HP workstations run Windows 10, it doesn’t make any difference what working system your HP PC has. You can turn on the keyboard light utilizing the committed keyboard lighting key, as in the guidelines above.

How Do I Make My Laptop Keyboard Light Up?

HP PCs incorporate a devoted key to switch the keyboard lighting on and off and separate ones to change the splendor. A few workstations have a comparable command key, while others have committed applications to empower and change the lighting. It relies upon your PC’s make and model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all laptops have a light-up keyboard?

While it is anything but a standard element on all consoles, a few PC models come furnished with illuminated keys. Various makers utilize various strategies for making the console light up, however, most do it with one of the capacity keys.

Do HP laptops have a light-up keyboard?

In the event that your HP journal PC has an illuminated keyboard, investigate the top bar of your console and find the F5 button. This button may even be marked with a backdrop illumination symbol. It very well might be a basic on/off or, on certain models, you can change the splendor of the backdrop illumination.

Where is the Fn key?

The Fn key is situated in the base column close to the Ctrl key. The specific area of the key may differ contingent upon the maker and model of the keyboard. The Fn key is situated in the base column of a console, by and large, close to the Ctrl key.