How to Turn off Notifications on Android

How to Turn off Notifications on Android

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Although it important we get notified when ever a message drops on our device, but when it becomes too much, it become annoying and might even lead to other phone issues. For this reason, we’ll be showing you how to turn off notifications on android devices.

It’s a known fact that running too many apps on your Android device will defiantly cause notifications to pop-up all the time. To turn off notifications on Android devices is very easy, and can be done on a per-app basis. That means you can silence pesky apps without necessarily turning off notifications from more useful apps that you like.

All the tips on how to turn off notifications on Android app and even lock-screen notifications are almost the same and should have only minor differences on Android 7.0 Nougat, Android 8.0 Oreo, and Android 9.0 Pie.

So if you ready to know how to turn off notifications on your Android device. Here we go.

How to Turn off Notifications for Individual Apps on Android

On the off chance that you know precisely which applications you need to turn off warnings for, the procedure is direct, however, there are two courses to look over.

In case you’re uncertain which applications are sending you warnings in your notice conceal, we’ll give an approach to you to quiet those notices beneath.

To begin, distinguish the application you need to turn off notices for. The most immediate approach to start the procedure is by finding the application on your Android gadget’s home screen or in the application cabinet. When you’ve discovered the application, pursue this procedure:

Tap and hold the symbol of the application you need to obstruct a pop-menu shows up.

From the spring-up menu, tap App data or the data symbol (this may show up as a lower-case “I” within a circle). This will take you to another settings menu for the application.

Tap either Notifications or App Notifications. This will then present you with the last page for tweaking the applications warnings settings.

On the other hand, tap Settings > Apps and warnings, at that point tap the application you wish you turn off notices for.

On this last page, you’ll see the accessible warning alternatives for the application. Tap the Show notifications toggle at the highest point of the page to cripple all notices, or tap singular notices types to debilitate.

How to Stop Notifications From Apps You Can’t Identify

In case you’re as often as possible getting warnings from an application, yet are attempting to recognize which application is sending them, the above directions may not work for you.

This could be the situation if the application is showing notices as warnings that don’t draw a reasonable association between the application and the notice. To turn off warnings for this situation, you’ll have to hold up until one of the culpable notices springs up. At the point when a notice shows up, pursue these means:

Drawdown from the highest point of your screen to open the notice drop-down shade.

Tap and hold the notice you wish to handicap.

While proceeding to hold, swipe only somewhat to one side, however not far enough to expel the warning.

Tap the gear icon that shows up and you’ll be given a switch for that notice

Switch off the notice and you should never again observe notices of that type.

To guarantee all warnings types from the application are blocked, tap More Settings to see all the notice alternatives for the application.

From here, switch off all notices or flip off only the notice types you wish to quit accepting.

Step by step instructions to Disable Lock-Screen Notifications

On the off chance that you need to keep getting warnings from your applications, yet need to keep them from showing on the lock screen of your gadget, the procedure is genuinely like debilitating an application’s notices.

Go to Settings > Apps and warnings.

Look down and tap Notifications > On the lock screen.

To hinder all notices on the lock screen, tap Don’t show warnings by any stretch of the imagination. You can likewise tap Hide delicate notice content to conceal the substance of the warnings.

When you download certain Android apps from the Google Play application store, they in some cases push annoying ads to your smartphone. The primary method to recognize the issue is to download a free application called AirPush Detector. AirPush Detector filters your telephone to see which applications seem to utilize notification ad frameworks.

From that point, you can undoubtedly uninstall the advertisement upheld applications utilizing AirPush Detector.

The application can’t square promotions, yet it can at any rate alert you to which ones are indicating them to you.

Now for the stunt.

After you’ve recognized and erased the applications that are in charge of the advertisements, head to the Google Play Store.

  • Once inside the Play Store, tap on Settings.
  • Inside Settings, uncheck “Google AdMob Ads” and this will guarantee that you will never again get focused on advertisements from Google.

Why Does Android Randomly Restart?

A typical inquiry Android clients may pose is “Why does my Android haphazardly restart itself?” At some point, each Android gadget I’ve possessed has had this issue. There are a couple of regular reasons your Android may restart alone. We should investigate them and check whether we can fix it.

Cause #1 – Bad Apps

As a rule, arbitrary restarts are brought about by a low-quality application. Have a go at uninstalling applications you don’t utilize. Make certain the applications you do utilize are solid, particularly the applications that handle email or content informing. My significant other as of late found her Galaxy S5 would restart now and again when accepting an instant message. Changing from the Verizon Messaging application to Hangouts for content informing fixed that issue.

You may also have an application running out of sight that is making the Android haphazardly restart. At the point when a foundation application is the speculated reason, attempt the accompanying, ideally in the request recorded:

  • Uninstall applications you don’t really require. This goes particularly for any applications that control sound, ringtones, backdrop, have extravagant gadgets, or use GPS.
  • Guarantee all applications are on the most recent form. Update all that you have from the Play Store by going to “Menu” > “Settings” > “My Apps”.
  • Uninstall applications that keep running out of sight. From a new restart, go to “Settings” > “More… ” > “Applications” > “Running”. In the event that you see anything recorded, you can live without, uninstall it. In the event that you can’t uninstall it, freeze the app if conceivable.

Cause #2 – Overheating

Numerous Android gadgets are intended to close off naturally in the event that they become excessively hot. In the event that you have your gadget out on a 100-degree day while attempting to utilize 4G, GPS, and the screen is set to the most splendid setting, it may restart itself or shut down. Attempt to relax and perhaps impair highlights you needn’t bother with.

Overheating shutdowns shouldn’t be a customary issue, however. On the off chance that your gadget is overheating normally, contact the retailer or producer about it.