How to Extend Phone Battery Life

How to Extend Phone Battery Life

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Nowadays, a cell phone is probably one of the most important things to have as a human being. It’s hard to imagine life without one especially if you are a working class individual. It’s a communication device with news, work, books, movies, music, games, and the internet all in one gadget. And it helps us do a lot of stuff faster than before. But because we use them very often, the battery runs down so quickly.

However, we’ve found out the reasons why your phone battery decreases so quickly and how to make your phone battery last longer. So check if it is you who “influences” the battery level of your phone.

14 Tricks to How to Extend Phone Battery Life

Clean the charging port

how to extend phone battery life

Remember to always keep your mobile device clean. Not only should you wipe the phone’s screen but you should also clean the charging port. This might sound funny but sometimes dust and other debris from our pockets might get stuck here. This will then prevent the phone from charging which leads to an empty bar.

Occasionally, you should remove the pouch on your phone as well as the case and do a complete cleaning of the phone. Use a Q-tip with a sharpened end or a toothpick to clean the charging port.

Don’t use bright wallpaper

how to extend phone battery life

When you use a bright wallpaper it has the tendency to drain your battery faster than when you use a dull one. Also using live wallpaper on your phone’s main screen can really drain the battery. Hence, it’s better to use black-and-white or still wallpaper. This will help conserve your smartphone battery.

Always carry your phone in your pocket.

How to extend phone battery life

this might sound crazy but studies have shown that holding your phone in your hand all the time can actually make your phone run down fast. This is because as you hold on to your phone it builds up heat. And we all know the heat doesn’t react well with batteries especially during hot weather.

Try not to always carry your phone in your hands when the weather is hot. Instead, put it in your pocket or bag when not in use.


In addition, when you hold your phone in your hands, you’ll always be tempted to press it all the time.

Turn off the auto-rotate screen.

The more functions you enable on your smartphone, the more power it will require to operate. Except it is absolutely necessary, you should turn off the Auto-rotate function on your smartphone. A special sensor called “accelerometer” is responsible for this function, and it consumes more energy anytime it’s being operated.

Background programs are running

After using a series of apps on your phone like Instagram, messengers, or other applications, people very often simply wrap them up without closing. Hence, the programs keep running and consuming the battery while operating in the background. So remember to always close all windows from time to time. Or simply close the app after use.

Reduce the max screen brightness

This is probably one of the most reasons why our batteries drain too often. During the day when we’re out on the field, the phone screen might look dull so we increase the brightness. For most people, they increase it to the fullest and then leave it that way. When in a building, try to lower the brightness of your screen at least by 30-40%. This amount of light is usually more than enough to see all the information on the display. Moreover, it will help to extend the phone battery life dramatically. When outside, don’t use the max brightness level either this can reduce the battery life drastically. It’s better to use the auto-brightness function to help you see the phone screen even in the sun. Plus, it will turn off after 15 minutes or so depending on your phone settings.

Switch Off the vibration

how to extend phone battery life

Although vibration help to notify you of an incoming call or text message especially when in a noisy environment, but it consumes or drains your battery faster. Try to switch off the vibration function on your phone and use it only when necessary.

Set a “time out” for the screen.

Go to your phone settings and set a screen auto time out on your phone. using the shortest available time. This will help reduce the battery consumption rate, and even if you forget to lock the phone, the phone will do it itself when it reaches the time-out period.

Switch off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

like I said earlier, the more functions you enable on your phone, the more battery power it will consume. Therefore, switching on GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Hotspot make the battery run low very quickly. That is why you should turn them off if you are not using the function. And only turn them on when you want to make use of them.

To prolong the life of your battery, switch off your phone at night or when they are not in use. Although they are machines, they deserve some rest too. It will help the battery to cool down and avoid “glitches.”

Look for other apps that waste battery.

There is some app that runs automatically on startup examples is Whatsapp, facebook messenger, etc. Look through your battery settings for apps like this that use a disproportionate amount of energy and data and delete, disable, or restrict permissions where possible. For apps you want to keep using, you can restrict them. Although, there are ‘light’ versions of some popular apps that generally take up less space, use less data, and may use less power. Facebook Messenger Light is one example. you can install those instead of the full version.

Avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% 

Older types of rechargeable batteries had ‘battery memory’. If you didn’t charge them to full and discharge them to zero battery they ‘remembered’ and reduced their useful range. It was better for their lifespan if you always drained and charged the battery completely.

Newer phone batteries work in a different way. It stresses the battery to drain it completely or charge it completely. Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% capacity and below 90%. To be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50% capacity

Charge your phone to 50% for long-term storage

The healthiest charge for a lithium-ion battery seems to be about 50%. If you are going to store your phone for an extended period, charge it to 50% before turning it off and storing it. This is easier on the battery than charging it to 100% or letting it drain to 0% before storage.

The battery, by the way, continues to degrade and discharge if the phone is turned off and not being used at all. This generation of batteries was designed to be used. If you think of it, turn the phone on every several months and top the battery up to 50%.

Enable power-saving modes

Depending on your phone type, you may find the manufacturer has giving power-saving features that go beyond anything available in Android by default.

Enabling a battery-saving mode manages the phone’s various power-sapping features for you. It helps prevent apps from updating in the background, dim your screen, reduce the screen timeout setting, disable on-screen animations, and turn off vibration. Although this mode usually turns on when your battery level drops to 20 percent, you can set it to kick in at 30 percent instead. And the sooner the phone switches to this power-saving mode, the longer its battery will last.

Some smartphones have ultra power saving modes. This function turns everything off except those necessary for making phone calls and sending text messages (even turning the screen to black and white) and can add anything up to 24 hours of emergency use, even if your battery is down to 15 or 20 percent.