How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV

How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV

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How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV.

I just bought a Sonos Beam a couple of days ago and I am very excited about this new device. I was looking at how to connect the Sonos Beam to my TV and I am happy to say that there is a very simple way to connect the Sonos Beam to the TV.

Here is a quick guide that shows you how to connect the Sonos beam to a television.

How to Hook Up a Sonos Beam to a Television

How to Connect Sonos Beam to TV

  • Normally, Sonos devices are set up using the app to enable a wireless connection, but the Sonos Beam TV speaker requires a more traditional setup: wires from your Beam to your TV must be connected to get it up and running.
  • Check to see if your TV is powered up and has an HDMI-ARC or optical connection.

Note: Because HDMI-ARC allows you to control your Sonos Beam with your tv remote, it is the ideal method of connection. You may also control your TV over HDMI-ARC using Beam’s built-in Alexa capabilities. You’ll have to control the Beam directly over an optical connection.

  • Make sure your Sonos Beam is powered up and ready to go, as well as your HDMI or HDMI-to-optical cable.
  • Use your preferred connection to connect your Sonos Beam to your TV.
  • The sound from most TVs is automatically sent to a connected audio device, such as the Sonos Beam. You may need to go into your TV’s settings and make sure your Sonos Beam is set as your audio output device, depending on your TV and its arrangement.
  • You may control your beam using the same remote you use to control your TV when connected by HDMI-ARC. When connected to a TV, you can also adjust the volume on the Beam itself.

Tips for Connecting Sonos Beam to TV

  • If you’re looking for HDMI-ARC connectivity, it’ll be branded HDMI-ARC on or near the HDMI port itself on your television. You may also lookup your television’s support for HDMI-ARC on the internet.
  • You can still use your Beam as your TV’s speaker if you don’t have an HDMI-ARC connection because your TV has an optical connection. Almost all TVs come with an optical connection, so if yours doesn’t support HDMI-ARC, you’ll almost certainly have one.
  • Using HDMI-ARC, on top of being able to manage your Beam with your TV’s remote, you can utilize Beam’s Alexa capabilities to turn off, switch on, mute, and modify the volume of your TV.

Is it possible to connect a Sonos Beam wirelessly to a television?

To interact with your TV, the Sonos Beam requires a physical connection.

Using the instructions above, you can connect the Sonos Beam to your TV through HDMI-ARC or an optical connection using the provided adaptor.