How to Change the Bluetooth Name on Android

How to Change the Bluetooth Name on Android

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This article discloses how to change the Bluetooth name on Android to change how different gadgets distinguish your smartphone. These instructions should chip away at present-day Android versions from most smartphone makers.

How Do I Change My Bluetooth Name?

Change the Bluetooth Name on Android

Changing the Bluetooth name takes care of the issue of now knowing which gadget you’re associating with over Bluetooth. On the off chance that you have various phones or tablets with a similar name, or you’re rarely certain in case you’re choosing the right gadget, renaming the Bluetooth association can help.

Utilizing a Samsung Galaxy gadget? These telephones don’t have a Bluetooth-explicit name alternative however, all things considered, depending on the gadget name. See the lower part of this page to figure out how to change that name.

  • Open the Settings application, or swipe down from the highest point of the screen twice to discover the settings/gear symbol.
  • Go to Connected Devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth.

On certain gadgets, go rather to Connected Devices > Bluetooth. Different gadgets list Bluetooth right away without being settled in another folder.

  • Select Device name. In the event that you don’t see it, empower Bluetooth first by choosing the button at the screen’s top.

Some Android telephones have you choose Pair new device before showing the Device name choice. Depending on your gadget, there may be a three-dab menu at the upper right. Select it to find Rename this gadget.

  • Change the Bluetooth name and afterward tap Rename, the checkmark, OK, or whatever “save” button your gadget employments
  • You would now be able to leave the settings totally. The new name will produce results right away.

Change Bluetooth Name on Samsung Galaxy

Most telephones let you utilize one name for Bluetooth and another for the actual gadget. At the point when you plug your phone into a PC, for instance, it’s the gadget name that is noticeable. In any case, utilizing Bluetooth to match your Android and PC (or vehicle, and so forth) will show your telephone’s Bluetooth name.

A few gadgets, like Samsung Galaxy telephones, do exclude the alternative to change the Bluetooth name. Since they utilize the Bluetooth gadget name, you can change that name to rename the Bluetooth association. Changing the gadget name doesn’t need as numerous means, however, it contrasts between gadgets.

Regardless of whether you have a Samsung Galaxy telephone or one from another producer, these are the different menu fastens that lead to the gadget name settings: Settings About phone (or About Tablet or About Device) > Device name (or Edit).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rename a Bluetooth device permanently?

Initially Answered: Is there an approach to forever change the name of a Bluetooth gadget? Indeed it is. Android now and then has “well-disposed names” where you can do a neighborhood rename of the gadget, so it’ll appear as “Weave’s Headset“, yet just on that gadget.

Why can’t I rename my Bluetooth device?

Ensure the gadget is turned on and associated. The gadget can’t be renamed. Not all Bluetooth gadgets permit you to rename them, so you need to keep the default name doled out by the producer.

How do I change my Bluetooth name on Windows 10?

Open Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers. Select the Bluetooth gadget that you need to rename, right-click it, and select Properties from the setting menu. On the Properties window, go to the Bluetooth tab. You will see the gadget’s default name close to its symbol.