How to Fix Chrome OS Is Missing or Damaged

How to Fix Chrome OS Is Missing or Damaged

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Welcome to our page on how to fix chrome OS is missing or damaged. If you are a chrome user, perhaps you might have encountered this error on your Chromebook device. If not, then this is a good time to prepare for the rainy day.

Chrome OS is missing or damaged can b a serious problem for Chromebook users as this error cripples your system making it impossible for you to use your system until it’s fixed. Talking about fixing, we’ll be showing you how to fix chrome OS is missing or damaged with few easy steps.

So, if you ready to know how to fix chrome OS mission or damaged error, just follow the steps below.

Powering Your Chromebook off and On

Indeed, this is an exceptionally basic and clear advance, yet you’d be astounded what number of people try not to endeavor it when they first experience the feared error message. You may likewise be astonished how regularly it really attempts to fix this specific issue. Before proceeding onward to the following investigating technique, have a go at driving your Chromebook off and afterward back on. You may luck out!

Reset Chromebook to Factory Settings

In the event that closing your Chromebook now and again didn’t work, the following prescribed advance is to attempt to processing plant reset the Chromebook to its unique state. So as to do as such, be that as it may, you’ll almost certainly sign in to your Chromebook.

Numerous clients experience the “Chrome OS is absent or harmed” error promptly and don’t have the choice to sign in. In case you’re one of those unfortunate people, you’ll need to skirt this area of the article. On the off chance that you can sign in, in any case, use our well ordered instructional exercise to power-wash Chrome OS.

Reinstalling Your Chromebook Operating System

On the off chance that you’ve arrived at this purpose of the article are as yet managing the “Chrome OS is absent or harmed” mistake, it might be a great opportunity to think about entering recuperation mode and reinstalling your Chromebook’s working framework.

Lamentably, you won’t most likely do this without another working PC running Chrome OS, macOS, or Windows, just as a USB flash drive with at least 4 GB of room. The glimmer drive can be substituted with an SD card with a comparative limit if your specific Chromebook model contains an SD card space.

Similarly as resetting your Chromebook back to industrial facility settings eradicates your downloaded documents and other individual substance on your hard drive, reinstalling Chrome OS in recuperation mode likewise wipes everything

  1. In the event that your working PC is running macOS or Windows, you’ll first need to download the Google Chrome web browser if it isn’t introduced as of now. Next, dispatch Chrome and install the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension.
  2. Open Chrome Recover Utility. On macOS or Windows, select the LAUNCH APP button now present on the extension page. On Chrome OS, search your introduced applications and select the one labeled Recovery.
  3. The Chromebook Recovery Utility interface should now be obvious, overlaying your program window or work area. Select Get began.
  4. Next, enter the model number of the Chromebook you’re recouping or pick it from the rundown gave.
  5. Significant: If you’re utilizing another Chromebook to run the recuperation device, it signifies you don’t utilize the model number of that gadget unintentionally, as the recuperation device may display that as a matter of course.
  6. Supplement your USB drive or SD card when provoked and select it starting from the drop menu that shows up once your outside capacity gadget is perceived.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. You will presently observe a notification message telling all of your information and parcels on your USB drive or SD card will be erased. Select Create now.

The Chrome OS download procedure will start. An advancement bar ought to show up itemizing the fruition rate and the assessed time remaining.

Note: Windows clients might be approached to allow authorization to Google Chrome to compose the downloaded records to your recuperation media. Whenever incited, award Windows consent to make changes to your USB drive or SD card.

  • When complete, an affirmation screen ought to show up. Evacuate the USB drive or SD card and select Done.
  • Come back to the Chromebook you’re having issues with and separate any gadgets, for example, a USB mouse or outer hard drive.

You’ll now need to enter recovery mode on your Chromebook.

  1. With your Chromebook fueled on, hold Esc + Refresh and tap your gadget’s power button. A constrained reboot should start, so, all in all, you can relinquish the keys.
  2. After the reboot is finished, a screen with a yellow shout point and a message expressing “Chrome OS is absent or harmed” ought to show up. Supplement the recently configured memory card or USB drive.
  3. Now, you’ll be taken through the working framework’s establishment procedure. When complete, your Chromebook should work as it did when you previously acquired it. If not, you may have an equipment issue and should contact Google for further help.

What does it mean when your Chrome OS is missing or damaged?

At the point when your Chrome gadget operating system (OS) isn’t working appropriately and you’re seeing this mistake message: “Chrome OS is absent or damaged”, you can recover it. Recovering means evacuating and reinstalling the OS.

How would you restart a frozen Chromebook?

To do this, simply turn the Chromebook off, hold down the Refresh button (the round bolt at top of the keyboard) and the Power catch at the same time for around 5 seconds. Discharge the button and the PC ought to restart. The battery or charger might be the issue.

Is developer mode safe Chromebook?

Google does not formally support Developer Mode. As the name proposes, the reason it exists is for Chromebook engineers to tinker. Thus, on the off chance that you accomplish something that blocks your machine while Developer Mode is empowered, Google is well inside its privileges not to respect the gadget’s guarantee.