Best Phablets of 2024

Best Phablets of 2024

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Welcome to our review of the best phablets. Phablet also called big phones has all the qualities and features of the best phones in the market.

The difference between a phablet and a phone is basically the screen size. A phablet screen size starts at 6.5 to 10 inches. Anything lower or higher is considered as a phone or a tablet.

So, if you’re looking for the best phablet to buy, you just found the right place.

Features That Were Rigorously Tested In Each Phablet

RAM: The RAM is an imperative pointer to ensure incredible execution. At whatever point you open applications, your phone will copy the substance from storage to RAM, before being dealt with by the processor. In case your PDA has too little RAM, it will delay the handling speed.

Internal Storage: Something else to consider is the internal stockpiling and it impacts the number of uses and records that you can have on your phone. While picking phones with 32GB of internal accumulating or lower, you ought to understand that a piece of it is included by the working structure and understood applications. Thusly, it is reasonable to get on any occasion 64GB of limit. If you have compelled spending plan, it’s acceptable to pick a model with 16GB or 32GB storage, yet guarantee it has microSD card opening, so you can update the limit later.

Battery life: On the remote possibility that you travel consistently, by then you should pick the kind of Android phone with reasonably long battery life. You shouldn’t be deceived by the mAh number of the battery since it doesn’t for the most part show actual battery life. Whether or not the battery has higher mAh regard, the battery life may not be such a lot of assortment with various models, if the wireless has an earth-shattering processor and high-resolution display. If your phone has quick charging development and Doze mode, you may extend the battery life further. It’s optimal to check customer reviews to guarantee that your contraption could perform well.

Camera: Only a few individuals on occasion use cameras on their devices. In any case, if you snap photos and record videos routinely, then you should focus on the camera quality. The amount of megapixels is never again an essential factor. You should in like manner check various features, for instance, optical change, crossover self-adjust, improvements, selfie features, and manual settings. Mobile phones are moving closer to the idea of master cameras. In any case, instead of pestering the specific sheet, you can in like manner check reviews from photography experts about the model you have to buy.

Cost: At last, this could be the most fundamental factor for certain people. Despite your prerequisites and requirements, and extreme end depends upon your money-related breaking point. Whether or not you have a significant spending plan, you shouldn’t buy an overpowered contraption, if you use your mobile phone only for voice calls, email, and online media. An average methodology is to make a once-over of Android models inside your worth expand and pick the best one, contingent on the components that you arrange.

Best Phablets That We Tested

Name Features Where to Buy
iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches)

iphone 11

CPU: A13 Bionic | RAM: 4GB Get it Now
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (6.8 inches)

samsung glaxi note phablets

CPU: Snapdragon 855 (US) / Exynos 9825 (WW) | RAM: 12GB Get it Now
iPhone 11 (6.1 inches)

iphone 11

CPU: A13 Bionic | RAM: 4GB Get it Now
Google Pixel 4 XL (6.4 inches)

google pixel phablets

CPU: Snapdragon 855 | RAM: 6GB Get it Now
OnePlus 7T (6.55 inches)

oneplus phablets

CPU: Snapdragon 855+ | RAM: 8GB Get it Now
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (6.4 inches)


CPU: Snapdragon 855 (US) / Exynos 9820 (WW) | RAM: 8GB, 12GB Get it Now
Google Pixel 3a XL (6 inches)

google pixel

RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB / No Get it Now
iPhone XR (6.1 inches)

iphone xr phablets

CPU: A12 Bionic | RAM: 4GB Get it Now
Samsung Galaxy A50 (6.4 inches)


CPU: Exynos 9610 | RAM: 4GB Get it Now
Moto G7 Power (6.2 inches)

moto g7 phablet

CPU: Snapdragon 632 | RAM: 3GB Get it Now

Best Phablets in Camera

iPhone 11 Pro Max


Display (Pixels): 6.5-inch OLED (2688×1242) | CPU: A13 Bionic | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): Triple 12MP / 12 MP | Weight: 7.97 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 11:44

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a recognizable-looking telephone that happens to pack a ton of enhancements under the surface. Boss among them is the camera framework. Presently moved up to three focal points, including wide, ultra-wide and fax optics, the most recent range-besting iPhone has the flexibility to catch dazzling photographs in any situation. However, it’s not simply equipment that makes the gadget ideal for catching minutes.

Apple’s leaps forward in computational photography become the overwhelming focus on the iPhone 11 arrangement, on account of enhancements to Smart HDR, the all-new Night Mode, and another new component coming before long called Deep Fusion.

These product upgrades naturally balance lighting and detail dependent on relevant mindfulness gathered through AI, so the new iPhones are as smart as they are amazing. Also, with a fabulously splendid 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR OLED show available to you, you’ll have all the room on the planet to see each photograph and video you take — in shocking HDR, no less.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
The longest battery life of any iPhone A bit heavier than its predecessor
Gorgeous OLED display is now brighter

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus


Display size (Pixels): 6.8-inch AMOLED (3040×1440) | CPU: Snapdragon 855 (US) / Exynos 9825 (WW) | RAM: 12GB | Storage/Expandable: 256GB, 512GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): 12 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP and time-of-flight / 10 MP | Weight: 6.91 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 10:47

Samsung phenomenally figured out how to shoehorn a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus without making the gadget’s impression essentially bigger. It’s a significant noteworthy accomplishment, particularly considering the Note 10 Plus likewise packs a major 4,300-mAh battery with superfast 45-watt charging, a microSD card opening and an S Pen stylus that can be utilized as wireless control, with motions for alternate routes.

At the point when it’s a great opportunity to snap some photographs, a group of four camera focal points on the back is worked to deal with everything from shallow profundity of-field representations to ultrawide-viewpoint scenes, and you can switch between every shooter with the tap of a catch.

It’s not exactly our preferred lead portable camera around, however it is massively flexible and takes care of the Note arrangement’s notoriety for being the handyman among present-day cell phones.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Strong performance Air gestures can be finicky
Long battery life

Google Pixel 4 XL

pixel 4 phablet

Display size: 6.4 inches (3040×1440) | CPU: Snapdragon 855 | RAM: 6GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB, 128GB / Yes | Cameras (Back/Front): 12 MP, 16 MP / 8 MP | Weight: 6.81 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 9:42

Google’s most recent big-screen telephone holds a similar screen size as a year ago’s Pixel 3 XL, however that is pretty much all that the Pixel 4 XL shares for all intents and purpose with its antecedent. The disruptive score is gone, with Google going rather to a bigger top bezel to house the front camera and sensors that help the Pixel 4 XL’s face opening highlights and air motion controls.

Flip the telephone around, and you’ll locate a second back camera — a zooming focal point that gives the Pixel 4 XL a 2x optical zoom. Google improved the camera’s product, as well, with a double introduction include lets you change splendor and shadows on the fly and an improved Night Sight mode that can catch starry skies.

In case you’re thinking that its difficult to settle on the 5.7-inch Pixel 4 and the bigger XL, consider that this model packs a greater battery, helping it keep going extensively longer on a charge.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Cool Motion Sense feature The screen is a bit dim
Excellent camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

samsung phablets

Display size (Pixels): 6.4-inch OLED (3040×1440) | CPU: Snapdragon 855 (US) / Exynos 9820 (WW) | RAM: 8GB, 12GB | Storage/Expandable: 128GB, 512GB, 1TB / Yes | Cameras (Back/Front): 16-MP, 12-MP, 12-MP / 10-MP, 8-MP depth sensor | Weight: 6.2 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 12:35

At 6.4 inches, the Galaxy S10 Plus has a display that is a similar size as the one in a year ago’s Galaxy Note 9. All things considered, the S10 Plus is a marginally progressively pocketable telephone, on account of its Infinity-O plan that holds up the telephone’s double focal point, forward-looking camera inside the upper right corner of the screen, just as its super-thin bezels and inclining Infinity board that follows the ebb and flow of the telephone’s sides.

Samsung is additionally making the most out of the new gadget’s bigger casing by filling however much of it with the battery as could be expected. The S10 Plus’ 4,100-mAh battery conveyed amazing 12-and-a-half long stretches of life span in our battery test and has enough squeeze to save that it can really work as a remote charger for other Qi-empowered gadgets, because of Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare include.

Hurl in a Snapdragon 855 processor, at least 8GB of RAM, triple-focal point back cameras, an ultrasonic in-show unique mark sensor, and — last yet surely not least — an earphone jack, and the S10 Plus is all the telephone you might require.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Excellent cameras Confusing gesture controls
Superb battery life

Best Phablets in Battery

iPhone 11


Display size (Pixels): 6.1-inch LCD (1792×828) | CPU: A13 Bionic | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): Dual 12MP / 12MP | Weight: 6.84 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 11:20

Think about the iPhone 11 as involving kind of a center ground for show size on Apple’s most recent iPhones — not as enormous as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however not as reduced as the iPhone 11 Pro. At 6.1 inches, the iPhone 11 gives you a lot of screen space to work with.

The best part is that there’s nothing center ground about its cost — at $699, it’s the most economical of the new iPhone models Apple presented in 2020. You don’t need to make numerous tradeoffs at that lower cost tag either.

The iPhone 11 has a similar first-class A13 Bionic processor found in the pricier Pro models, and however it just has two cameras to the three focal points on the rear of the iPhone 11 Pro, it offers huge numbers of the equivalent photographic abilities. This is the iPhone to get in case you’re overpowered by both the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s size and cost.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Fast charger not included Just 64GB of storage to start
Long battery life

iPhone XR


Display size (Pixels): 6.1-inch LCD (1792×828) | CPU: A12 Bionic | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): 12 MP / 7 MP | Weight: 6.8 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 11:26

The iPhone XR may never again be the new 6.1-inch kid on the iPhone square — that’d be the iPhone 11. Be that as it may, there’s still bounty to like about this year-old telephone, beginning with its sticker price. With the arrival of the iPhone 11 family, Apple kept the iPhone XR around and slice its cost to $599.

That implies you despite everything get a great iPhone for under $600. Furthermore, despite the fact that Apple’s more current telephones highlight a quicker processor and huge camera upgrades, the A12 chip inside the XR despite everything beats Android gadgets fueled by the later Snapdragon 855 chipset.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Very long battery life The single rear camera lacks 2x optical zoom
Excellent camera performance

Moto G7 Power

g7 phablets

Display size (Pixels): 6.2-inch LCD (1512×720) | CPU: Snapdragon 632 | RAM: 3GB | Storage/Expandable: 32GB / Yes | Cameras (Back/Front): 12 MP / 8MP | Weight: 6.9 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 15:35

Searching for a major telephone that is additionally a modest one? The $249 Moto G7 Power includes an extensive 6.2-inch show with a score up top and moderately thin bezels all around to boost screenland. In any case, its most great element would without a doubt be its battery life, which conveyed more than 15-and-a-half long stretches of site gushing over LTE in our testing.

The remainder of the G7 Power is really strong as well, on account of an unadulterated Android way to deal with the product experience, Snapdragon 632 force with 3GB of RAM on tap and good — if not amazing — double cameras. On the off chance that battery life is need number one for you, there’s no better value for your money available at this moment.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Incredible battery life Low-res display
Works on all networks Not great for gaming

Best Phablets in Price

OnePlus 7T


Display size: 6.55 inches (2400×1080) | CPU: Snapdragon 855+ | RAM: 8GB | Storage/Expandable: 128GB, 256GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): 48 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP / 16 MP | Weight: 6.7 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 8:47

At $599, the OnePlus 7T just appears to be unrealistic. There are cell phones that cost hundreds more that can’t coordinate the 7T’s ultra-smooth 90Hz Fluid AMOLED board. It helps too that this showcase is very enormous, estimating 6.55 crawls from corner t-o corner. The experience of utilizing Android, watching content, and playing games at 90Hz feels progressive the absolute first time you do it, and when you get acclimated with it, you’ll think that its difficult to return.

You’ll additionally become accustomed to the 7T’s amazing exhibition, because of the telephone’s 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset. The 855 Plus is somewhat more remarkable than the more seasoned 855 silicon inside most of a year ago’s Android leads, giving the 7T a slight edge over any semblance of the Galaxy S10 and even OnePlus’ own 7 Pro.

A trio of cameras on the back offers an assortment of vantage focuses, from ultrawide points of view to 2x optical zoom, and the 3,800 mAh battery locally available — while not the longest enduring — does, in any event, revive rapidly on account of OnePlus’ new Warp Charge 30T innovation.

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Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Speedy charging Battery life is just average
Great software

Google Pixel 3a XL


Display size (Pixels): 6-inch OLED (2280×1080) | CPU: Snapdragon 670 | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB / No | Cameras (Back/Front): 12 MP / 8 MP | Weight: 5.9 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 11:44

The Pixel 3a XL takes the sensational 12.2-megapixel camera on the rear of the Pixel 3 XL and fuses it in a $479, 6-inch handset. While the 3a XL includes a more slow Snapdragon 670 processor contrasted with the leader model’s Snapdragon 845, the remainder of the gadget is shockingly comparable.

You despite everything get three years of ensured programming refreshes from Google and the entirety of the Pixel line’s best AI-helped highlights, similar to Call Screen and Night Sight, for snapping photographs in obscurity. In any case, one territory where the new midrange Pixel really bests its pricier kin is battery life, because of that effective silicon and a 3,700-mAh battery — the biggest ever in a Pixel gadget.

What’s more, on the off chance that you need everything this telephone offers in a much less expensive and marginally littler bundle, the $399, 5.6-inch Pixel 3a is a phenomenal alternative, as well.

Read the review: Google Pixel 3a XL

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Excellent battery life The display could be brighter
Low price Not water resistance

Samsung Galaxy A50

Display size (Pixels): 6.4-inch LCD (2340×1080) | CPU: Exynos 9610 | RAM: 4GB | Storage/Expandable: 64GB / Yes | Cameras (Back/Front): 25 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP / 25 MP | Weight: 5.86 ounces | Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 9:37

The Samsung Galaxy A50 may have an about without bezel, AMOLED Infinity-U show, a trio of cameras on the back, a burly 4,000-mAh battery and 4 GB of RAM — however, it just expenses $349. That is mind-boggling esteem, even contrasted with Google’s excellent $479 Pixel 3a, which packs a superior camera but costs $50 more.

The Galaxy A50 is the sort of telephone your companions will take a gander at and accept you paid twice as much for; one that pushes the limits for spending telephones. At first, the A50 was just offered through Verizon and Sprint, however, it’s since available opened also, making it a much all the more convincing worth.

Read the review: Samsung Galaxy A50

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Solid performance Battery life is underwhelming
Affordable The camera falls short of Pixel 3a

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Battery, Camera, and Price.

More facts and data about these phablets were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each phablet has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the phablets that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a telephone phablet?

A phablet is a little pocket-sized cell phone that is somewhat bigger than the size of an average smartphone, with a touch screen going in size from 5 inches (for example the Sony Xperia Z) to 6.1 inches (for example the Huawei Ascend Mate gadget).

Is phablet better than a cell phone?

Phablet usually larger than a smartphone, yet smaller than a tablet. In spite of the fact that larger than a smartphone, phablet tends to be littler and thinner than the tablet, making it advantageous to carry or bagged users. Phablet usually utilized for portable web access and sight and sound, including exercises that require an enormous screen.

What is the difference between phablet and cell phones?

Phablet is a term generally used to depict a contraption that joins the abilities of smartphones and tablets. Phablet is usually bigger than a smartphone, however, littler than a tablet. Albeit bigger than a smartphone, phablet tends to be littler and more slender than the tablet, making it helpful to convey or packed away clients.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best phablets to buy and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.