Benefits Of Wine Coolers

Benefits Of Wine Coolers

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Wine coolers are great appliances. If you always need to store wines, then it’s evident that you need wine coolers. In this guide, we’ll be discussing what wine coolers are. Read through for a better understanding of what these appliances actually do.

What’s a Wine Cooler?

The wine cooler has different meanings in different dialects. That’s why the Collins Dictionary makes a clear distinction between the British and the American English meaning of the phrase.

According to the dictionary, Americans call wine cooler a refreshing beverage obtained from wine and fruit juice. A carbonated drink, usually soda or carbonated water, adds fizz to the wine cooler. The beverage is chilled and usually served with ice during the hotter months.

Because the fruit juice prevails overs the wine, wine coolers are typically made with poor quality wine or even with other alcoholic beverages, despite their name.

Some famous wine coolers which are exquisite when made with high-quality ingredients include Kir and Sangria.

The British, on the other hand, use the term wine cooler to define a bucket-like vessel that is filled with ice and used to chill a bottle of wine before serving.

In the hospitality sector, this vessel is usually called a wine bucket to make a distinction between the vessel and a refrigerator.

In fact, the last definition of the wine cooler comes from the hospitality sector. Needing to make a clear difference between a container filled with ice and a refrigerator built specifically to preserve and chill wines, the restaurateurs often call the wine refrigerator a wine cooler.

The definitions given by the restaurateurs are what we’ll concern ourselves with within this guide.

Understanding the Wine Cooler

Since restaurateurs and maîtres d’ started to use “wine cooler” to describe those appliances built specifically to preserve and chill wine, enthusiasts all over the world adopted the term and started to use it in the same way.

The wine coolers – the appliances – can be either single or dual zone and can use either a thermoelectric element or a standard compressor system to chill the wine. Advanced models come with complementary features, such as the possibility to regulate the humidity.

In broad terms, all wine coolers have the following features in common:

  • Adjustable temperature: whether it’s a single or a dual-zone cooler, the temperature can be adjusted and it usually varies between 42 and 65°F.
  • Removable racks: wine coolers are designed to keep your bottles in a cellar-like position, namely horizontally, and are equipped with either wire or wooden racks. The distance between the racks is calculated based on the standard size of a Bordeaux wine bottle, but the racks are usually removable, giving you the possibility to store larger bottles. This will affect the capacity of the appliance.
  • Glassdoor: wine coolers are more than a refrigerator. They act as a showcase that preserves and displays your precious wines. Almost all wine coolers available on the market have a door made of tempered glass which protects the bottles from the UV rays while letting you see the content of the refrigerator.

Types of Wine Coolers That You Can Choose

How to choose the right wine cooler? Choosing the right wine cooler might sound tricky as there are so many options available out there.

Storing your wine in the right environment and serving it up at the correct temperature is essential to get the most out of every bottle. You need to consider the following factors while choosing wine coolers.

  • Placement
  • Capacity
  • Temperature settings
  • Features

Depending on different storage purposes, you can choose a different compressor or thermoelectric-based cooling mechanism. Champagne, sweet wine, white wine, sparkling wine can be stored in one zone and you can have another zone for storing red wines.

  • Compressor Wine Cooler

This type of cooler uses a motor to cool down the interior. It is more powerful and works on the mechanism of compressing and releasing air and takes less time to cool down.

The compressor in the refrigerator chamber electronically compresses the refrigerant molecules which increases the temperature of the molecules. Afterward, a sudden release of the particles decreases the temperature again.

Due to this mechanism, cold air flows inside the cooler with the help of a fan, and heat escapes through the back of the cooler and maintains an optimum temperature.

They can keep up with the surrounding high temperature. Consumers need to keep in mind that the compressor does kick on and off just like the fridge producing a bit of sound which might not always make the compressor wine cooler suitable for placing in bedrooms.

  • Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Another type of wine cooler is the thermoelectric wine cooler which uses an electric current to cool down the interior. To create a temperature difference, a metal rod is electrolyzed. The interior and exterior of the cooler get to face the cool and heated side of the electrolyzed rod respectively.

Cold air is circulated in the interior of the cooler through a fan. There is a ventilation system on all sides including one in the back for ventilating out the heat. There are no vibrating sounds in these types of wine coolers.

Consumers need to keep in mind that this type of cooler cannot be used where the surrounding temperature is very high. This is due to the absence of the compressor.


  • Single Zone Wine Cooler

This type of cooler comes with a single storage unit with a single temperature that cools all the bottles. The body and frame of the cooler are made of stainless steel with carbon filter air filtration fitted with a glass door.

They can run either on the compressor or thermoelectric-based cooling systems. They are comparatively less expensive than other coolers. Due to their single temperature feature, this type of wine coolers can be used for consumers who have a taste for a particular or single type of wine or are new-bee wine collectors.

  • Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This type of cooler comes with two storage units with varying temperatures. The cooling system can be either compressor or thermoelectric-based.

The racks are designed to hold each bottle separately and thus allowing them to cool down more precisely. They are more expensive compared to single-zone wine coolers.

Due to the two separate storage systems, this type of wine cooler is suitable for those consumers who have a collection of different kinds of wines that need to be stored at different temperatures.

Benefits of a Good Wine Cooler

here are just a few of the benefits of having a wine cooler handy at your dinner party or social function.

  • Ideal Temperature

While keeping your bottle of wine in a refrigerator will definitely keep it cool, unless you have a dedicated wine fridge you will find that the temperature the bottle is kept at is not always the ideal temperature for the wine. This is because you have to consider the other items in the fridge as well, meaning you can’t adjust it just to suit one item.

A wine cooler, on the other hand, is dedicated to not only keeping your bottle of wine cool but also maintaining it at the ideal temperature for consumption. This means that you can enjoy the drink even more.

  • Low Maintenance

Wine coolers are not particularly complex objects and they don’t have a lot of mechanical or electrical parts, like a fridge or other cooling devices. This means that you aren’t going to have to spend a lot of time maintaining them or worrying about whether or not they will break down.

As such, they are a more cost-effective purchase for many people, plus their ease of use makes them particularly appealing. Once you have a good wine cooler you can simply have it ready and waiting for use whenever you need it.

  • Cost-Effective

While a dedicated wine fridge is the ultimate in wine cooling, it is also a much more expensive option than a wine cooler, which can put it out of the price range of many people. Besides that, not everybody has the floor space required to keep and maintain a dedicated wine fridge.

A wine cooler is a much more cost-effective option, meaning that you get to spend less money for practically the same effect. The only difference is that you will only be able to store one bottle of wine in your cooler, but for the sake of keeping a recently opened bottle cool during a party that is all you’re going to need.

  • Greener Than Other Options

The environment has been a hot-button topic for quite some time now, which means that a good wine cooler is a much better option for people who are concerned about the welfare of the planet.

Many wine coolers use what is known as the thermoelectric medium of cooling, which differs from the compressor-based variants in that it takes a lot less energy to achieve the same effects. Furthermore, a cooler will not release any emissions and does not make use of any dangerous chemicals that could escape into the atmosphere and cause harm.

All of this combines to make wine coolers the greenest option on the market today and an easy choice for those who want to be able to enjoy their wine and also have a social conscience as well.

  • They Are Portable

We touched upon the issues of owning a wine fridge a little earlier in the article, paying special mention to the need to have dedicated floor space available to keep the fridge. This can be a problem for those living in a home that had limited space to dedicate to such things, or for those who simply don’t want to have the accessory lying around their house.

Wine coolers, on the other hand, are a much more portable option. Not only does this mean that you can move them around the house and store them really easily, but it also means that you can take them along with you whenever you head out somewhere. Keeping your wine cool at home is a great thing, but being able to take a cooled bottle of wine to a friend’s party or on a picnic is even better.

  • Protection

Wine can react badly to the sun’s rays, which is the reason why many people keep the wine in a cellar to ensure that it is not exposed, thus ensuring the taste remains at its best when the bottle is finally opened.

While it can’t be claimed that a wine cooler offers the same levels of protection, they still act to protect the bottle from harmful rays, particularly if the cooler is not made from a translucent or transparent material. This can be a great help for those who don’t have the space to dedicate to a cellar.

  • Versatility

Wine coolers are great for wine, but they can also be used for several other beverages as well. Because of the way they are designed, a good cooler will simply keep whatever is stored in it at its optimum temperature, meaning you can enjoy everything from good wine to a nice beer at the right level of coolness.

It’s also not something that is for white wines only. While reds are traditionally not cooled, a cooler will still be able to maintain an ideal temperature for red wine, meaning you can keep it at the table without having to worry about any increases in temperature affecting it.


All in all, a good wine cooler is an essential accessory to have in your collection if you are a wine lover. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also extremely useful items that will help you and your guests to enjoy their wine more. After all, the best way to enjoy wine is to ensure it is kept at an optimal condition before serving, so why not go that extra mile and grab a cooler.