Benefits of Battery Powered Fans

Benefits of Battery Powered Fans

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Battery-powered fans are of great advantage to its users. If you’re considering getting a battery-powered fan, then you should read through this review. When you need a source of cool breeze, no matter how small, then you’ll be pleased you had a battery-powered fan handy.

What is a small battery-operated fan and how does it work?

These are handheld fans that are powered by batteries. They vary in size but are often not bigger than 10 inches. Some areas small as your smartphone, while others are only just 3 inches.

This makes it easier for these fans to be carried and used almost anywhere. The convenience they offer is what makes them so popular.

A small battery fan works basically like any other fan. It has a motor that rotates the blades which redirects the air around towards you, hence cooling you.

Some of these small battery fans are designed in different ways, but this is basically the way they work.

What are some of the features?

There are different features you will find on different brands of handheld battery fans. The new versions keep coming with newer features.

Some fans have up to 4 different speed levels which let you choose how fast the blades will spin which in turn determines the airflow it outputs.

Some of these fans can rotate to create a directional airflow while others can just tilt on their base. Yet others are just stationary.

Some other features you might find in a small battery-operated fan are:

  • LED lights
  • Fan heads that can rotate
  • Timing functionality
  • USB rechargeable
  • Doubles as a power bank
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Misting fan
  • Variety of colors, etc.

Benefits of Battery-powered Fan

  • Battery-powered fans offer you the luxury of being able to provide cooling airflow to small areas or tight spaces. They come in a wide array of small sizes to be able to fit any space requirement.
  • Battery-powered. Of course, the benefit of a battery-powered fan is that it’s battery-powered. You can move it wherever you need it, taking it with you to each room in your home or office as you go.
  • Energy-efficient. Battery-powered fans use much less energy than air conditioners or large permanently placed fans, like ceiling fans. If you have a spot in your home that your AC unit struggles to get cool air to, a battery-powered fan can help push that cool air where you need it.
  • Not just for people. Battery-powered fans are also great options if you have a cabinet or small space that contains computer equipment or small motors or compressors that run often and can easily overheat. A battery-powered fan is great to put in these small spaces to help dissipate heat build-up and improve the lifespan of your hot-running equipment.

Key Features To Look For In Battery Powered Fans

  • SIZE

One of the most important features of a battery-powered fan is its size. The space you’re planning to use the fan will likely dictate how large or small of a fan you choose. Do you need something with small blade size, like 5 to 10 inches, or can your space accommodate a larger 12-to-20-inch blade size that produces more airflow and a greater cooling capacity?


You want to select a battery-powered fan that’s easy and intuitive to use. It shouldn’t be overly complicated and having a remote control option is a nice touch, although not always a necessity unless the fan is mounted out of reach. Various speed settings, timers, and cooling options are all great features, but only if you know how to use them.

  • Battery Life

This is an important factor to consider before buying a battery-powered fan. If you are buying a battery-powered fan to get a more comfortable experience because of hot weather, choose one with greater battery life.

Your battery-powered fan should also have a recharging option to make it truly practical. There is no point in carrying around a fan that runs out of battery in just a few hours.

Choose a fan that supports more than one power supply. USB-supported fans will work with multiple devices. With these kinds of fans, you will be able to recharge them conveniently. The running time of a battery-powered fan can be anywhere between 2-50 hours.

The battery life also depends on the speed of the fan. If you use the fan at high speed only, it will lose battery faster and vice versa. Choose a fan that allows you the option of controlling the speed of the fan.

The battery life of a battery-powered fan also depends on the type of battery you put in it. Do not compromise on the quality of the batteries and the fan will work just fine.


How much cooling power or airflow do you need for your particular space? Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CPMs, which track the volume of air flowing past a certain point every 60 seconds. Also in this area is the power consumption of the fan. If you’re looking to save on home cooling costs, it’s helpful to know how much power your fan is going to draw and what that will cost you over time.

  • Noise

Your battery-powered fan should work silently enough not to disturb you while sleeping or talking. Some fans work so loudly; they create more disturbance than comfort. Look for a fan that has a noise level of or below 50 decibels. Anything more than that will interfere with your peace of mind.

  • Maneuverability

Considering the purpose of your fan, do you need one that will rotate or tilt up or down to spread cool air over a larger area, or do you want a stationary fan that will deliver consistent cooling to the same area?  A good fan might have options for both, to either rotate on its axis or set a lock so that it remains stationary in the orientation you decide.

  • Space

Whether you’re going to be using your fan in your living room, your office, or your workshop or basement can greatly determine the fan that’s best suited to you. If it’s going to be on display in your living room or kitchen, you might opt for a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing fan, versus a more industrial and utilitarian type of fan for a workshop, garage, or basement.

  • Budget.

How much you’re hoping to spend on a fan can also greatly determine what you choose. Some of the nicer, more technologically advanced tower fans can cost upwards of $75. You may not want to invest that much in a fan if you only plan to use it sporadically or if you’re on a tighter budget and can’t really justify that amount of expense to yourself.

  • Reverse charging

Some of these small fans can double as a power bank. This means you can also use them to charge your USB devices. Those times you are not feeling hot, and you don’t need the fan, but your phone battery is down; you can juice it up. If this sounds like an interesting feature, you can look out for it.

  • Dual power source

Yes, we know, they are called battery operated. That does not mean they can’t be powered by other means. Some battery-operated fans can also be run via USB. The regular 5V USB port will often power these dual power source fans. That means your car charger, laptop USB ports, power bank, etc. can power the fan so you can enjoy it while saving battery.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most obvious advantage of the small battery-powered fan is its size. This makes it usable just about anywhere. You can always pack it in your bag as a travel companion. You can take it with you on your battery-powered trip, a fishing expedition, cycling, etc.

The fact that they run on battery too adds to their mobility and versatility. The dual power source variants can be used anywhere from your car to the library, office, at the beach, etc. Just plug it in a USB port and you are good to go.

Ironically, the feature that is the most advantageous is also related to its disadvantage. The main disadvantage of battery-powered fans is that they are only effective for one person at a time. The smaller variants are not even effective for one person as a whole, they are meant to cool the face which seems to have a chain reaction to the rest of the body.

Another disadvantage could be how often you will need to change batteries if it is not also powered by USB. To counter that, you might go for those fans that use rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to spend so much on batteries.

How Long Can Battery Operate Fans Last?

When it comes to the run time of a battery-operated fan then this factor can vary from one fan to another hence when you are choosing a perfect battery-operated fan then you must choose depending on the battery capacity and battery output.

If the battery capacity is more and consumes less energy then that fan can run for a long time. But again this is the exception in such a category hence the standard of the runtime of these fams is 2 to 8 hours.

As I said, that it can vary from one Fan to another, now the ideal option for you would be a long-lasting battery that can withhold your every use. This factor also depends on the battery and the type of battery, some companies use low-quality batteries and some use high and premium quality batteries which can affect the runtime of the fan.

So, when it comes down to how long can a battery-operated fan can run well, this can depend on various possibilities and factors that I mentioned above.

Now all done with the battery quality the speed of the fan does also matter. A standard battery can run for up to 2 to 8 hours or a time period depending on the speed of the fan if you are using it at high speed then it will consume more battery and at low speed, it will consume less battery.


Battery-operated fans are a popular pick especially for the ones that are looking for a mobile and simple solution to deal with the summer heat.

Their practicality makes them an ideal choice for office or outdoor activities and depending on their size, they will prove to be more or less efficient.