Benefits Of 3D Screen Magnifiers

Benefits Of 3D Screen Magnifiers

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You might have heard of 3D screen magnifiers, or not. They have a lot of advantages in them. Do well to read through this guide to find out all the advantages in them.

What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum — what the human eye can see. Vibrating within the 380 to 500-nanometer range, it has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. About one-third of all visible light is considered high-energy visible, or “blue,” light. Sunlight is the most significant source of blue light. Artificial sources of blue light include fluorescent light, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, LEDs, flat-screen LED televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablet screens.

What Are Screen Magnifiers?

A screen magnifier is a software application that increases the size of text and graphics on your computer screen. When installed on your computer, a screen magnifier is like having a magnifying glass hovering over your screen, enlarging everything around your cursor for easy reading.

You can use the mouse or keyboard shortcuts to position your cursor where you want to increase the text or image size for better visibility. Or you can set a preset speed for the screen magnifier to move the cursor automatically across and down a page.

A basic screen magnifier can enlarge text, icons, and graphics up to 20 times their original size. Let’s say you’re typing an email to a customer or business associate. A screen magnifier enlarges the words as you type them to make them easier to read.

Whether you’re typing characters, using keyboard shortcuts, or moving your cursor, the screen magnifier switches views to keep up with what you’re doing and where on the screen you’re focused.

It can be difficult to find the cursor on a busy computer screen. A screen magnifier can enlarge and enhance your cursor so you can more easily track where you are on the page.


The simplest form of magnification presents an enlarged portion of the original screen content, the ‘focus’ so that it covers some or all of the full screen. This enlarged portion should include the content of interest to the user and the pointer or cursor, also suitably enlarged. As the user moves the pointer or cursor the screen magnifier should track with it and show the new enlarged portion. If this tracking is jerky or flickers it is likely to disturb the user.

Also, the pointer or cursor may not be the content of interest: for example, if the user presses a keyboard shortcut that opens a menu, the magnified portion should jump to that menu. Pop-up windows and changes in system status can also trigger this rapid shifting.

Screen magnifiers can be especially helpful for people suffering from low vision, including elderly users. However, in a 2001 paper, Vicki Hanson noted that people with low vision often also suffer from additional disabilities such as tremors.

Mac and Windows Compatibility

Both Mac and Windows operating systems have built-in screen magnifiers. The Windows system includes the “Magnifier” app that integrates with your mouse button to make it easy to enlarge. Mac’s built-in screen magnifying system is accessible by keyboard shortcuts or scrolling with a mouse or trackpad. Apple’s iOS devices have screen magnification built-in as well.

Screen Magnifier Features

Ranges of 1- to 16-times magnification are common. The greater the magnification the smaller the proportion of the original screen content that can be viewed, so users will tend to use the lowest magnification they can manage.

In addition to enlarging areas of your display, screen magnifiers can also emphasize an area on your screen with color and shading for those who easily lose their place. You can also customize your cursor to make it easier to locate on your screen, such as circling it to make it more visible.

Text can appear blocky and hard to read when enlarged, but a screen magnifier application smooths the edges and makes it readable. A screen magnifier application offers the ability to invert the colors on your screen from black-on-white to white-on-black, which can reduce glare and is helpful for those suffering from macular degeneration.

You can also choose from different magnification modes. For example, you can magnify the entire screen, or use a fixed position that enlarges sections as you scroll through. Or you can use the standard magnifying lens that follows your cursor around the page.

Screen magnifiers commonly provide several other features for people with particular sight difficulties:

  • Color inversion. Many people with visual impairments prefer to invert the colors, typically turning text from black-on-white to white-on-black. This can reduce screen glare and is useful for elderly people suffering from age-related macular degeneration.
  • Text can become blocky and harder to recognize when enlarged. Some screen magnifiers use interpolation to smooth the text to compensate.
  • Cursor customization. The mouse and text cursors can often be modified in several ways, such as circling it to help the user locate it on the screen.
  • Different magnification modes. Screen magnifiers can alter how they present the enlarged portion: covering the full screen, providing a lens that is moved around the un-magnified screen, or using a fixed magnified portion.
  • Even with magnification, some users can find the mouse pointer hard to see. Crosshairs – especially when their size, color, and opacity are customizable – can make the use of a pointing device easier.
  • Screen reader. Some magnifiers come packaged with a basic screen reader, allowing whatever the user is pointing at to be readout.

Here we listed some benefits you will get from a screen magnifier, one of the low vision assistive technologies. Hope these benefits, more or less, can guide the confusing low vision consumers.

  • Self-Confidence

The stylish cellphone/TV-like appearance enables low vision users to feel confident especially in public

  • Clear View

Most video magnifiers are equipped with high-contrast color viewing modes, which facilitate the reading of low vision people greatly.

  • Use Laptop

Designed for school and office use, some video magnifier can show real-time images on laptops or other screens.

  • Look Ahead

When a video magnifier has close-up and distance magnification, it can help you both read price tag and traffic light, and something further.

  • See In The Dark

The LED light on a video magnifier is designed to illuminate reading materials. Typically brightness of the screen is also adjustable.

  • No Distortion

A video magnifier can deliver better image quality without distortion thanks to advanced camera and graphics processing software installed.

  • No Glare

Proper high-contrast viewing modes and anti-glare screens reduce risks of degeneration of eye condition.

  • Relax Your Eyes

A video magnifier with OCR and Text-to-Speech function can enable low vision people to listen to the reading materials without staring at them.

  • Capture Image

The image capture function is widely applied to video magnifiers. Basically, the frozen images can be viewed closer.

  • Enjoyable Writing

Writing stand, working surface, and other equipment are particularly effective for comfortable handwriting.


Does shopping for the best 3d magnifier for mobile get stressful for you? Are doubts rolling over your head and confusing you?

We know how it is; we have been through the entire journey of 3d magnifiers for mobile research as we have put forward an entire list of the best 3d magnifier for mobile available in the market these days. We have brainstormed a few questions that most of you might have in mind.

Although there may be more than what we are suggesting here, it is significant for you to ensure that you conduct exclusive research for this product before buying it for yourself. The questions may include:

  • Is a 3d magnifier for mobile worth the purchase?
  • What are the advantages of buying a 3d magnifier for mobile?
  • What factors should you consider before shopping for the best 3d magnifier for mobile?
  • Why is it important to invest in a 3d magnifier for mobile, especially the best one?
  • What is the good 3d magnifier for mobile available in today’s market?

You can identify the best phone screen magnifier based on three criteria; its durability, design, and zooming quality. Most screen magnifiers cannot provide you with a real HD experience yet. Usually, it is recommended that you use it in a less light place to get a good quality picture projected from your phone screen.

For instance, some customers provided good feedback on the products as they enjoy it, while some others are disappointed with it for their higher expectation. Therefore, please consider the one that fits your expectation to avoid any disappointment after the purchase.

  • Compatibility:

When shopping for a screen magnifier for your phone, consider a magnifier that fits comfortably with your phone. Purchasing a magnifier that does not fit well will cost you money and time.

Luckily, most of the screen magnifiers in the market are designed to fit with 99% of smartphones in the market. Whether it is an Android or iPhone model, make sure it fits comfortably to give you the best viewing experience.

  • Durability:

Before you purchase a screen magnifier, you have to look at how long it can serve you. Because a screen magnifier is probably used every day for movie lovers, the one you purchase should withstand everyday use to increase durability and save you money.

Find a screen with a corrosion-free and heavy-duty screen that can withstand drops and everyday use.

  • Portability:

This is another key consideration that you should keep in mind. Most magnifiers, are built to be lightweight and portable to make carrying simple and use it wherever you go. Avoid a bulky magnifier because you will always feel the extra weight when watching in case it doesn’t have a stand.

  • Features:

Screen Magnifiers for Smartphone comes with different features. This means that you need to know the features that work best for you. With that, you will be considerate to select the best one.

  • Design:

Most screen magnifying projectors come with different functionalities and designs. Some are operated with electricity while others are not. Therefore, choose the one that will fulfill your needs.


Because vision ability differs widely from one person to the next, a screen magnifier gives you options. You can customize what to magnify, highlight, and sharpen on your computer screen. When you install a screen magnifier application on your phone, spend some time optimizing the various settings to get the right screen size and clarity for your needs