APC BE600M1 600VA Power Backup Review

APC BE600M1 600VA Power Backup Review

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The APC Back-UPS 600VA BE600M1 is a genuinely mini uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that gives a restricted measure of backup battery power for short blackouts or irregular brownouts. It needs more squeeze to keep a powerful personal computer running in the delayed shortfall of power, yet that isn’t what it’s intended for. I’ve had an APC Back-UPS BGE90M controlling the modem and switch in my office for quite a long time, so I had the option to space the more impressive BE600M1 in its place for testing purposes. Half a month, I tried how well it handles day-by-day use, recreated brownouts and blackouts, and stress-tried the unit by connecting my incredible personal computer.


APC Back-UPS 600VA BE600M1

The APC Back-UPS BE600M1 has a similar toaster oven-like structure as the more seasoned BGE90M that I’ve been utilizing for quite a long time and a matte dark completion not at all like the semi-gleam white completion of the more established unit. It’s taller than it is wide, and more than it is tall, with all the electrical plugs organized in succession on top. The power button and single USB port are likewise on top, though on a somewhat lower level than the power source. This unit remembers an extra association for the type of a USB Type B port, which is situated on a similar side as the power link and electrical switch, and implied for interfacing with a PC.

With the included software, and an association utilizing the USB-B port, you can screen power levels and change settings like how and why the caution will go off. For more modest UPS gadgets like this one, this is my favored structure. The power source is on the whole simple to reach, and the unit can fit pleasantly on a nightstand or shelf in the event that you’re not utilizing it at your PC work area. I utilize the more established BGE90M to control organizing hardware, and I tracked down that the marginally bigger BE600M1 fit pleasantly into a similar space during the time I spent testing it.

Initial Setup

The BE600M1 accompanies the battery detached for what I accept are safety reasons, despite the fact that I’ve utilized a lot of UPS units that come previously connected and all set. It’s a minor burden, yet your mileage will differ depending upon how much difficulty you have fished out the positive battery lead. The battery compartment cover slides off effectively, and the actual battery likewise jumps out without issue. The potential issue comes from the positive battery link, which was concealed somewhere inside my test unit.

I had the option to jar it free by tapping the whole unit around my work area, yet it’s not difficult to see a circumstance where needle nose pincers may be needed to persuade the link out. When the battery is connected and the unit is charged, it’s actually all set. You can utilize the UPS as it remains without associating it with a PC, despite the fact that there is some more setup work included in the event that you choose to introduce the PowerChute programming.


The BE600M1 doesn’t have a display screen, and the LED markers are restricted to a genuinely splendid light that demonstrates the unit is fueled on. On the off chance that you need any extra data about the condition of the UPS or extra authority over its usefulness, you need to introduce the PowerChute software and interface the unit to a PC by means of USB. With PowerChute introduced, you can check the situation with the battery, survey a record of previous issues like power outages and electrical noise, decide to quit the power caution around evening time, and the sky is the limit from there.

Sockets and Ports

APC Back-UPS 600VA BE600M1

The APC Back-UPS BE600M1 highlights an aggregate of seven three-pronged electrical plugs, which is a critical improvement over the more established BGE90M. Five of the power source are both surges ensured and battery supported, while two just give surge security. That is a great blend, as a ton of UPS units give battery reinforcement on half or considerably less of their outlets. Dispersing of the power source is somewhat less fulfilling, as some of them are very near one another, and others are very far separated.

The ones that are firmly dispersed are dreadfully near one another to oblige anything other than a standard power plug, while the ones that are divided better are equipped for tolerating most divider mole type power connectors. For extra charging ports, the BE600M1 gives a solitary USB-A port. It’s a decent touch, however, I’d prefer to see in any event two USB charging ports on a UPS this size, particularly considering the way that the more modest BGE90M had the option to oblige two USB ports.


This is a 330 watt/600VA UPS, yet those numbers allude to the capacity of the UPS to put out power, not the capacity limit when the power goes out. The genuine battery in this gadget is evaluated at 66 Volt-Amp-Hours, and you can get a substitution from APC that is appraised at a somewhat higher 78 Volt-Amp-Hours. In my office arrangement, I had been utilizing the BGE90M to run my Netgear CM1000 gigabit cable modem, Eero Pro Mesh switch, and an Amazon Echo, and I traded it out for the BE600M1 for testing purposes. That stuff draws around 40 watts all set up, and it’s all beautiful strategic, as a dropped web association can cause a wide range of issues.

While I didn’t encounter any characteristic brownouts or full blackouts during my experience with the BE600M1, I reproduced brownouts by incidentally unplugging the unit and expanded blackouts by flipping the important electrical switch and simply leaving it off. The BE600M1 changes to battery backup so quickly that I never lost my web association, and it had the option to hold up very nearly an entire hour while keeping my modem, switch, and Echo going the entire time.

Charging Speed

Some UPS battery backups don’t accompany USB ports by any means, so it’s unquestionably an or more that the BE600M1 has one. Notwithstanding, it isn’t actually anything to be amped up for. It’s simply a standard USB A port that is just equipped for putting out 1.5A, so it’s quite drowsy with regards to charging gadgets. A few gadgets may even neglect to charge at all when controlled up, because of devouring power at a quicker rate than the port can supply, in spite of the fact that I didn’t run into that specific issue myself.

Since the BE600M1 incorporates an enormous number of outlets, including two that aren’t associated with the battery, simply utilizing the charger that accompanied your gadget will quite often give predominant outcomes. The actual battery isn’t adequately large to give a ton of charge when the force is out, yet the UPS itself is fit for giving sufficient wattage to fulfill even the most requesting of high-wattage USB chargers.


  • Product Name600VA UPS BE600M1 Battery Backup
  • Product BrandAPC
  • SKUBE600M1
  • Price$74.99
  • Product Dimensions5.47 x 10.79 x 4.13 in.
  • Warranty3 year
  • Output600 VA / 330 Watts
  • Outlets7 (2 surge, 5 surge + battery backup)
  • Outlet typeNEMA 5-15R
  • Runtime11.8 minutes (half load), 3.2 minutes (full load)
  • Cord5 feet
  • BatteryUser replaceable
  • Average charge time10 hours
  • WaveformStepped approximation to sine wave
  • Connected equipment guarantee$75,000
  • PortsUSB (charger only)

Where to Buy


The APC BE600M1 is a fine UPS in case you’re hoping to control low wattage hardware like systems administration gear or television or to give exceptionally concise backup capacity to a low-fueled work area system. Try not to anticipate that it should run a very good quality desktop framework, and don’t anticipate continuing to work through a blackout even on a top-of-the-line system, and you will not be baffled. For keeping organizing gear ready for action through brief blackouts, or some other comparative use, it’s incredible.