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Wireless mouse adds a new level of comfort and control to your computing experience. Most of the wireless mouse comes with the 3, 4 or more Buttons which gives you great precision level and flexibility. However, wireless mouse not working can be as a result of hardware failure or misconfiguration.

Wireless mice have become quite common today using either Bluetooth connectivity or a USB router to connect the mouse to a computer or a laptop.

It saves the user the hassles of a wired mouse and improves the life of your laptop’s trackpad greatly.

In this article, we’ll show you what to do when your wireless mouse not working. So irrespective of the issue you might be having with your mouse or might have in the feature, we have them all covered.

From experience, most wireless mouse is tired to any of these three problems which will be treated shortly.

  • Problems with the mouse or adapter
  • Problem with the operating system
  • Problems with the CPU/Laptop hardware

Here we list down a few tips to fix wireless mouse not working problem.


Check The Mouse

wireless mouse not working

One of the most common problems with a wireless mousse and most wireless devices is a dead or weak battery.

Check if your mouse has a dead battery and replace it with another one. In the event that the issue still continues to attempt any of the following fixes:

Use the mouse to check whether it works with some other laptop or computer

connect the mouse to your PC utilizing an alternate connection port

In the event that the mouse works in any of the previously mentioned situations, at that point you may have a defective USB port or a broken motherboard.

Depending on the issues you face there may be an assortment of reasons why your wireless mouse isn’t working. You may need to take a look at the side effects very cautiously to comprehend the issue better.

Attempt and recall whether you or any other individual coincidentally dropped the mouse or spilled something on it. In the event that the mouse has been harmed in such a way, at that point you should buy another mouse.

if by chance that there is an issue with a non-responsive pointer, at that point check the surface you are utilizing as a mouse pad. A finished wooden surface or a metallic surface isn’t the perfect one for a mouse to render smooth working. You can get mouse pad for a couple of bucks or essentially utilize the back of your scratch pad for the equivalent.

There may be some residue gathering on the stack of the mouse. You can utilize a cotton ear bud to clean the outside of the mouse and check whether you see any improvements. In the event that you live in a moist atmosphere, at that point it may be valuable to keep the mouse in direct daylight for an hour or two to dispose of any abundance dampness that may have developed inside the gadget.

Nonetheless, don’t overcompensate this as a consistent introduction to unnecessary heat may harm the mouse further to add on to your burden.

However, if the issue is in regards to the buttons not working unequivocally while the pointer is, at that point, it is prudent to purchase another mouse. After broadened use, most mice are exhausted and basically should be replaced with another one. They are very affordable and can be easily replaced.

Check Your Software

wireless mouse not working

Sometimes, the issues with your mouse can be because of drivers of the mouse too. Check for the most recent updates accessible on your mouse’s driver and introduce them to benefit bother free working. To do this, go to Control Panel >Devices Manager > Right click on mouse > Update Driver.

Restart your PC and reinsert the USB driver to check whether the issue is tackled.

Always Keep your laptop updated on the off chance that you are utilizing a form of Windows. Go to Windows Updates to check for any accessible updates and check whether the issue still continues.

Check Your Hardware

wireless mouse not working

In the event that everything else has failed, at that point, you may confront the issues with a defective mouse for the most exceedingly terrible reasons. The issues may be brought about by a defective motherboard in your CPU or broken USB ports in your PC.

Utilize all the access ports on your PC to check if different gadgets are working appropriately with these ports. The USB port for your remote mouse may have quit working demonstrating issues with your motherboard.

In such a situation take your PC to a professional quickly and get the motherboard replaced.


From the few tips above, we’re sure you will be able to tackle any wireless mouse not working issue that comes across your way. However, from experience, most issues with wireless mouse may require you to change the battery or tho restart your system.

In addition, if you are unable to fix any issue you may encounter with the wireless mouse, we recommend you seek help from a professional. And if the mouse is confirmed bad, you can always get a new and better wireless mouse here.