14 Cool iPad Tips Every Owner Should Know

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Having an iPad is great, however, it’s best to know some really cool iPad tips that would make you fancy your iPad more.  On the article, we’ll be showing 14 cool iPad tips every iPad owner should know. These iPad tips are very easy to utilize and can be done within seconds.

In addition, using these iPad tips will make your iPad faster, minimize battery consumption and also gives it a new look.

So, here are the cool iPad tips you should know.

Skip the Apostrophe When Typing

The iPad’s auto-correct can in some cases drive you up the wall, however, on different occasions, it can truly be decent. On the off chance that you type a lot, you’ll no uncertainty need to utilize the punctuation consistently, particularly when you are typing words like “don’t” or “won’t.” But did you realize you can avoid the punctuation? Our most loved iPad composing tip is utilizing the auto-correct to change “dont” to “can’t” and “wont” to “won’t.”

Install a Custom Keyboard

Surprisingly better than avoiding the punctuation when composing is introducing a shiny new screen keyboard on your iPad. Now that widgets are upheld, you can install a custom keyboard. These keyboards can accompany a wide range of points of interest, including the capacity to draw words by keeping your finger squeezed against the presentation while moving from letter to letter, a method that sounds odd however spares a great deal of time. You can install another keyboard by downloading one from the App Store and turning it on in the iPad’s keyboard settings.

Quick Onscreen Music Controls

The iPad has buttons by the side for changing the volume, yet what about avoiding a song? You don’t have to dispatch the music application just to skirt a tune. The iPad’s control board will give you a chance to do things like changing the brightness of the screen, turn Bluetooth on, and even arrive at the clock. Basically slide your finger up from the exceptionally base edge of the screen. You can delay, play, or skip forward or backward.

Connect Your iPad to Your HDTV

You aren’t constrained to the iPad’s screen on the off chance that you are viewing a film or playing a game. You can likewise interface the iPad to an HDTV. The least demanding path is through Apple TV, which supports AirPlay and lets you remotely cast your iPad’s screen to your TV. However, regardless of whether you have no enthusiasm for Apple TV, you can purchase a connector to connect your iPad to your TV. The best arrangement is Apple’s Digital AV Adapter, but you can likewise get composite or component cable.

Split the Safari Web Browser in Two

You’ll require a more up to date iPad to utilize this tip. The iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro or more up to date tablets can use a split view highlight with the Safari program. This parts the program into two windows one next to the other, which enables you to see two sites simultaneously. Since the iPad needs a little space for this one, you should hold the iPad in scene mode

To enter split view in the Safari program, tap and hold the Pages button: the button in the upper-right corner of the Safari screen that resembles a square over another square. When you tap this button, you will see the majority of your open website pages, however when you hold your finger down on it, a menu creates the impression that offers you the decision of opening split view (if your iPad supports it), opening another tab, or shutting the majority of your Safari tabs.

When you are in part see, this menu shows up at the base of the presentation. To finish off of split view, do something very similar: hold down the Pages button to get the choice to consolidate all tabs.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg attempts to bring open space books to the computerized world for free. These books are accessible through the iBooks Store, however (tragically) Apple doesn’t make it so natural to discover them.

You can discover a rundown of all the free books by heading off to the store inside the iBooks Store, tapping Browse and then Free from the tabs at the top. Not every one of the books here is from Project Gutenberg; some are simply books that more up to date writers are giving ceaselessly for nothing, however, you’ll see bounty recorded on the off chance that you like to read.

Project Gutenberg incorporates a ton of extraordinary books like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” If you have a specific book as a primary concern, you can just look for it.

Find Apps Quickly

How would you locate a specific application you introduced on your iPad when you have parts, and some gathered under gatherings? Try not to sit around idly flipping through the screens; rather, use the iPad’s Spotlight search, which can be gotten to by swiping down on the screen.

When you become accustomed to looking through the iPad, you won’t know how you had the persistence to do it some other way. You can likewise utilize this technique to look through your contacts or even your email.

Add Apps to the Home Screen Bottom Tray

The iPad accompanies four applications on the base plate of the home screen, yet did you realize you can make it up to six applications? You can even evacuate the ones that are there as a matter of course and include your own.

Just tap and hold an application symbol until all the applications start shaking. This permits you to move applications around by hauling them with your finger. To get an application into the base plate, simply drag it down and drop it on the plate. You’ll see the different applications move over to prepare for it, and that tells you it is alright to drop it.

You can drop whole a folder into the base plate, as well. So on the off chance that you have a lot of games you generally need fast access to, just put them all in an envelope and after that drop the folder on this plate.

Organize Your Apps With Folders

While utilizing Spotlight to look for applications is extraordinary, typing in an application name each time you need to get to it may not be for you. Folders let you get to applications with a few taps or swipes. You can utilize folders to effortlessly sort out your iPad and separate applications into customized classifications. The iPad will make a default organizer name that is regularly a truly decent depiction of the applications it contains, yet you can rename the class title to anything you need.

To make an organizer, simply hold your finger down on an application’s symbol until the majority of the applications start to shake. Next, drag the application over another application, and the iPad will create an organizer containing the applications. To add more applications to the organizer, just drag them over and drop them on the recently made folder.

As referenced before, you can drag organizers to the base plate. You can utilize this to make a menu-arrangement of sorts containing your most loved applications by hauling different organizers to the plate. You can even organize your iPad with the goal that a large portion of your applications are put away in folders lined over the base plate and your most-utilized applications are on the principal page of the Home screen.

The iPad’s Virtual Touchpad Will Make You Forget Your Mouse

Did you know there’s a virtual touchpad incorporated with your iPad? This touchpad may not be in the same class as the genuine article, however, it’s nearby. You can utilize it whenever the on-screen keyboard shows up. Basically hold two fingers down on the keyboard and move them around the screen. You will realize it is actuated on the grounds that the letters on the keyboard will clear off.

As you move your fingers around the screen, the cursor will move with them. In the event that you tap and hold for a minute before moving your fingers, you can even choose content along these lines. Also, you don’t have to tap your fingers on the genuine keyboard for this to work. You can tap two fingers anyplace on the screen to draw in the touchpad.

Reboot the iPad

Did you realize you can take care of numerous issues with the iPad by essentially rebooting it? Is your iPad running moderate? Reboot it. Does an application quit each time you dispatch it? Reboot it.

Shockingly, it’s anything but difficult to mistakenly put the iPad into suspend mode with a hard reboot. To truly give your iPad a new beginning, you can reboot it by following these fast method:

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button at a similar time as squeezing the Home button. Hold these for a couple of moments. The iPad will at that point go clear as it closes down.
  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button again to boot it back up. When you see the Apple logo shows up, you can discharge the Sleep/Wake button. The iPad’s home screen will show up immediately.

Save Battery Life by Turning Down Screen Brightness

A speedy way to conserve your iPad’s battery is to decrease the screen splendor. You can do this by heading off to the iPad’s settings and choosing Display and Brightness from the left-side menu. (In the event that you have a more seasoned iPad, the alternative might be called Brightness and Wallpaper.) You can move the slider to modify the brightness. Modify the slider to change the brightness of the presentation—the dimmer the display, the less battery power is utilized.

Disable In-App Purchases

One thing each parent should realize how to do is turn off in-application purchases on the iPad. Something else, that apparently free game may wind up costing a great deal of cash after your seven-year-old purchases a lot of in-game money at $4.99 a tap.

It’s quite easy to forestall this. To begin with, you need to enable parental controls by going into your iPad’s settings and choosing General from the left-side menu. On this screen, locate Restrictions. In the Restrictions menu, you’ll have to enable limitations, which will approach you for a four-digit password.

When you have enabled these parental controls, it is simply an issue of looking down the page until you see the choice for In-App Purchases. When you slide this to the Off position, most applications won’t demonstrate the screen for buying things, and those that do will be kept from proceeding with any exchanges.

Control Your PC From Your iPad

If you need to take things a little bit further, then, you can control your PC from your iPad. This works on both Windows-based PCs and Macs. You would need to introduce software on your PC just as an application on your iPad, yet it is really easy to set it up. There is even a free programming alternative, despite the fact that on the off chance that you plan on utilizing it widely, you should go with an exceptional arrangement.