How to Identify an Original or Fake TV

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Thinking of buying a new TV? well there if your answer is yes then this post is for you. TVs are expensive gadgets and it would cost you lots of pain and regret if you end up buying a very expensive TV only for you to realize its fake.

These days, it even getting harder to distinguish between an original or fake tv. However, with proper research and help from top tv manufactures, we’ve been able to gather credible information on how to identify an original or fake tv even at first sight.

So, to avoid buying a counterfeit or fake tv read through this post before purchasing your next tv.

Correlation between an Original, Cloned or Fake TV

Correlation between an Original, Cloned or Fake TV

Obviously, there is this misinterpretation for the most part about fake and clone items. Amazingly, a few people call defective items and refurbished items fake. These suspicions are not valid. There is a striking qualification between a fake, a refurbished and a defective product. This has been explained beneath;

What is a Fake TV?: A phony or a fake TV is characterized as a clone duplicate that has been marketed as the original. A fake is guilty of unscrupulousness, distortion, and illegality.  It is increasingly hard to recognize a fake phone in the event that you are not used to the original.

What is a clone TV?: On the other hand, a clone/knockoff is an exact or practically careful copy of the first TV. In spite of the fact that, with various markings. Besides, a clone or a knockoff TV is a duplicate of the structure or capacity of a unique gadget.

Also, a clone is sold as a clone duplicate and completely uncovered as “not the original”.  A case of a clone/knockoff TV is one that has an alternate name, logo or design to the one you are used to. Tragically, the thing that matters isn’t in every case clear however it is there.

What is a refurbished TV?:  a refurbished TV is a pre-owned TV that has been fixed and affirmed to be in a usable condition before selling. A repaired TV commonly alludes to a model that has been come back to the maker, tried for issues, and reestablished to a full-working, plant standard condition.

This means of a deficient/broken TV: An inadequate TV is one with a flaw or one that has an assembling or design defect. A  faulty television is entirely unexpected from a phony or clone TV. It is the first TV that is malfunctioning and it can even posture peril to the client.

How to Identify Fake TV’s

Practically 60% of the electronics in some African countries and other developing nations are fakes or clones.  These devices are generally fabricated in China and carried into the nation which brings about billions of dollars of misfortune to the government of the individual nations.

Truly, the government loses the expense accumulated to them when you pirate in things. Be that as it may, once more, this isn’t the all-out shortcoming of the vender or the legislature. For one thing, purchasers must need to initially examine the item before getting it.

In this way, today, we will attempt to discover the courses through which we can distinguish whether a TV is e.g Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, Panasonic, LG is original or not.

List of Questions the buyer should be aware of

Before you can successfully identify a fake TV, you must be aware of some vital information.

In Order to Identify Fake TVs, You Need to do the Followings Before Going to the Stores

In the event that you incline toward purchasing your stuff in the shops before you go for your purchase, kindly do the followings

  • Quest for the hands-on video of that TV on and watch it on the off chance that you don’t realize anybody utilizing it yet.
  • Quest for the official site of the makers and check whether they have arrangements for how to recognize a fake duplicate of their item. Most producers have this.
  • Be acquainted with the embellishments before going to buy it.

How to Pre-identify Fake Televisions at the Point of Sale in the stores

These tips will assist you in identifying a fake TV by any producer. Before you can distinguish a fake TV at your neighborhood store, you have to have satisfactory information. Presently how about we accept you are all set to the stores to proceed to make your buy.

In what capacity would it be advisable for you to act there? what would it be a good idea for you to have in your arms stockpile? If you don’t mindstream with me as I give some important hints:

  • Right off the bat, purchase your television from an approved dealer: This individual must be registered on the maker official site. Besides this, you can purchase your television from the official showrooms if accessible in your area.
  • Try not to demonstrate to be excessively smart or excessively forward: Try not to act too smart in light of the fact that you know about what you need to buy.  despite what might be expected, be cool, quiet and gathered. Mind you, the dealer may be having both the original and counterfeit and when you acting smoothly, his heart may chase him to give you the original. Therefore, you would have spared yourself superfluous pressure. For my situation, I will initially ask the seller “please bring out just the original for me”In the event that you are fortunate to locate a current proprietor of that model of television, go with one You can’t over-stress how important this can be. On the off chance that I was you, I will consistently do this and give such an individual a tip for his difficulties. If it’s not too much trouble pay him in the event that he is certainly not an extremely close partner. A proprietor of the television will realize its highlights superior to you.
  • Another approach to pre-distinguish counterfeit TVs is with the price: If you have done your exploration, you will know when a television cost is absurdly less expensive than anticipated. For instance, if Amazon sells at  $850 and your neighborhood store instructs you to pay 500usd, at that point you should realize that all isn’t well(except there is a promotion on that TV).
  • When there are so numerous highlights, be alert: Another indication of phony or knockoff products is that they offer an excessive number of highlights at a very low cost. It’s about incomprehensible for large organizations to give such a significant number of highlights at less cost. Thus, at whatever point you see TV with such a significant number of additional highlights then it must be a china duplicate.
  • Know the client care hotline of the producer: Additionally, you can call the client care before you make the installment and give them the sequential number to affirm in the event that it is a real one. Particularly significant, the bundling box must convey the OEM’s sans cost contact number, administration focus address, and the brand logo. Samsung without toll number is 0800-72678.
  • Check for the guarantee card: A guarantee card with a Hologram and sequential number imprinted on the pack of the LED TV ensures that you are purchasing the first item and legitimately as well. This additionally implies the dealer has imported this TV by paying traditions obligation which brings about improving the economy of your nation.
  • Generally, vivid and gaudy boxes are characteristic of a fack TV: This shouldn’t imply that all TVs with color box bundling are phony. Notwithstanding, this is the greatest indication of phony items since every veritable item come in container boxes with precise item data and sequential number.Look at the sequential number on the case with the ones composed on the television itself.
  • Ensure you post for the buyer manual and different Docs: counterfeit TVs won’t have a manual and not many that have will have one that isn’t extensive.At long last, Try and register the item by means of its sequential number on the official site. when it is acknowledged, it’s anything but a fake. Assuming generally, at that point you comprehend what that implies.

Where and how to buy an Original TV

Where and how to buy an Original TV

Since you can now pre-recognize fake TVs, The next inquiry is where would I be able to buy an original TV? Or on the other hand perhaps, how might I purchase a unique TV? The brand doesn’t make a difference here. Despite the fact that we have three driving fabricates of TVs. I am discussing no other than the 3 monsters of LG, Samsung, and Sony. I will give you a few hints on where and how to buy a unique TV regardless of the brand name.

  • Initially, abstain from purchasing any TV(or any electronic gadgets) with no guarantee.
  • Buy straightforwardly from the producers or their Authorized wholesalers.
  • On the off chance that looking for another TV on the web, purchase on Amazon and attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to purchase from Amazon or a prime vendor. Be that as it may, in the event that you would purchase from an outsider merchant on Amazon, purchase from a vendor with high trustworthiness, and a decent evaluating.
  • On the off chance that you are not light monetarily simply like me, and you need a utilized/used TV, you should be extremely cautious here. In the event that you are purchasing locally from stores, purchase from a vendor with high honesty and supports.
  • Likewise, ensure you find somebody who is presently utilizing the same kind of television you need to purchase and acclimate yourself with its highlights.
  • At last, get your guarantee from the vendor and let it be in any event a 30 days guarantee.
  • So also, on the off chance that you need to look for a utilized/used TV on the web, just purchase an ensured refurbished TV from either Amazon, eBay or the producers. Each affirmed renovated hardware on Amazon accompanies in any event 60days no inquiries discount guarantee.
  • On the off chance that you are an aficionado of online stores outside the USA or Uk, simply ensure you patronize a credible dealer.

To wrap it up, don’t let your feelings overpower you, make sure you get a receipt or a receipt for your TV.


The above tips can’t be labeled a foolproof. Notwithstanding, whenever followed prudently, you can abstain from succumbing to counterfeit TVs by 90% and also to identify an original or fake tv.

Take note: No approved merchant will sell a television without giving you a guarantee card. In most countries, the TV brands with the most fakes in the market are LG and Samsung TVs. Indeed, we have a faker of LG TVs than Samsung. My recommendation is for you to go to LG or Samsung showroom for your buy or visit credible online site affiliated to amazon to make a purchase.