16 Amazing Phone Codes And Mobile Phone Functions

16 Amazing Phone Codes And Mobile Phone Functions

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Owning a smart phone these days is everyone’s desire. Actually, not because of the fun of it, but because of the numerous advantages it has. However, despite owning a phone, not everyone is a were of the hidden tricks and codes our phones are capable of. And according to our research, the smarter the phone, the more hidden code it holds.

As technicians, it is our duty to reveal these codes to you in other to make your life easier and to be more conversant with your phone.

There are lots of code out there to reveal, Some of them work with all phones, while some with only certain models or brands.

In this article we have assembled 15 of the most interesting combinations that will give you access to the hidden functions of your mobile phone. Also, we have code that can reveal your IMEI number and also reveal someone’s number who calls you privately. All these and lots more will be reviled to you today.

Amazing Phone Codes

  • REVEAL IMEI NUMBER ( *#06# )

amazing phone codes

This simple code *#06# is available for both iPhone and Android users.

By pressing it, you can see your International Mobile Identity Number (IMEI).

This number is a unique identifier of your mobile phone. No two phones have the same IMEI number.

There are a couple of things IMEI can be relevant to you for.

For instance, you can use it to block your mobile phone from your service provider if it becomes necessary in case your device was stolen or misplaced. With this code, you can also check the originality status of your phone. i.e if your phone is original or fake.

The IMEI verification cod is an important number that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Therefore it’s advisable to have this number at the back of your hand because it might come in handy anytime.


The code *#30# will help you to turn on or off your number identification during calls. meaning it will make your number to appear as private or unknown on someone else phone.

So if you want to go incognito making calls for some time, this is the way to go.

It works the other way rounds also. You could press *#30#, you could find out the number of the person who is calling you. (works only on iPhone for now).

  • STATISTICS AND SECRET MENU (  *#*#4636#*#* )

The code *#*#4636#*#*  works primarily on android devices. And might work differently on other device.

If you have an android device, use this code to see your WiFi signal strength, battery status and CPU use statistics along with other information.

  • NO OUTGOING CALLS ( *33*#)

This code *33*# for now works only on iPhone. The importance of this code is to disable any outgoing calls thereby making it impossible to make calls using your phone. Sometimes we just want to be strict with our credit and most times friends or close family members hop on your device making calls without your permission just because they  find out you have a lot of airtime which they see as idle.

Thankfully, with this code, you can easily lock outgoing calls and all they will just see is that calls fail to go, they may just think it  is poor network signal or probably no airtime.  This is as an amazing phone code you should try right now

So if you want to try it just to dial the code *33*# and enjoy.

Don’t forget that you can turn off this function by simply typing *33*PIN#

  • INSTANT FACTORY SETTINGS ( *#*#7780#*#*)

With this amazing phone codes, it is good news all the way for android lovers as you could instantly return your phone to factory state. But you have to be careful when using this code.

Once you enter this code *#*#7780#*#* , your phone will remove Google account settings  as well as application data. More like formatting your phone.

Please note that this action is irreversible, hence you must not be in a hurry to use the code and ensure you backup your data first in other to avoid sorties that touch.

  • WHOLE RE-INSTALLATION ( *2767*3855# )

We all know how to run factory reset on our phones? but one of the fastest way to do that is by just typing this code *2767*3855# and it will reset everything on your phone back to the way it was when you bought it, that’s an amazing phone code right?

Using this code will remove all your phone’s settings and also reinstall your phone firmware. So again think twice before doing it because ones you activate this combination, there is no going back. And also note that code for now works only on android devices. Lastly, before running this code, make sure you back up your files. Ill recommend always backup your files to the cloud service. just in case you mistakenly enter this codes on your phone and you have no back up, your files will be lost forever.


The function of this amazing phone code *3370# is to turns on EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) which helps your device communication to be more clearer, faster and cleaner.

But note that this feature drains your device battery quicker. And it works only on iPhone for now.

You can deactivate this feature by pressing this code *3370#.


If you are interested in knowing how you sound over the phone, this amazing phone code would help you achieve that. By typing in this code *#*#8351#*#* , it will record your conversation while you’r on a call and you could listen to it at your convince.

There is a way you may want to listen to the recordings of yourself while speaking on phone maybe for fun or just to refresh your memory over your previous phone call communications.

This amazing phone code will help you achieve that.

  • SERVICE CENTRE NUMBER ( *#5005*7672# )

By typing in this amazing phone code *#5005*7672#, iPhone device users can smartly find their current provider’s service center number when they need it.

So instead of trying out other resources for the service center number, why not take note of this code as it saves you a lot of time and headache.

  • QUICK SHUTTING DOWN ( *#*#7594#*#* )

This code *#*#7594#*#*, works mostly on Nokia phones and it’s used to shutdown the phone. Now instead of looking for the power button and pressing it down, to me that is a long process and of course with time expect the power button to get weak and begin to malfunction. So, it’s much easier to type in this code to switch off your phone.

But if you have the strength you can keep pressing the power button

  • CALL WAITING ( *43# )

amazing phone codes

With this phone code *43#, you can easily notice when a call is coming through your phone.

I again find this one of the most amazing phone codes that I enjoy using a lot. Most time trying to combine my other works with my blogging is quite tasking.

Lots of calls, messages and beeps I have to handle so I make use of the call waiting facility by enabling this code into action.

Meaning once the code is activated from that time on, I will be notified every time someone is calling me.

Call waiting also allows me to take any call waiting call right away.

And to cancel call waiting, just dial #43#. Unfortunately, this code works for only iPhone users

  • SERVICE MENU ( *#0011# )

This code *#0011#  is functions only on Samsung Galaxy phone and it’s used to access the service menu.

You may not know about this that you can have quick access to your service menu by pressing a combination of the above key.

So with this code you can explore all your service menu to see all the extra information you may need.

  • SIGNAL INFORMATION ( *3001*12345#* )

This is another interesting code available for iPhone users.

Graphic mode of showing phone signal is often not detailed enough which is why we most times prefer the digital mode.

After dialing the above code *3001*12345#* , press and hold power until off slider appears then release power and press Home, now you see your signal in numeric form.

Keep in mind that -140 DBA is the worst signal you could have while on the other hand, the -40DBA is the best.

To return to former analogue mode type the same code and press Home.


amazing phone codes

Placing your phone on voicemail help divert all your incoming call to an answering machine. Most people use this when they are very busy or when they fell the need to be alone.

Other than scrolling your phone up and down looking for how to activate voice mail service or while you may not want to switch off the phone, and decide to place the phone on voice mail, there is a easier way of doing it. By just typing the code, your phone automatically enters into voice mail mood.

In this situation, iPhone has a function that can allow users enable voice mail so that all incoming calls will automatically go straight to voicemail.

Dialing the above code enables your incoming calls be sent directly into voicemail leaving alone to handle whatever you wish.

To cancel voicemail feature dial the same number when you are about to pick up your calls again.


When this code is activated it helps you to hide your phone number on all outgoing calls.

You will agree with me that it is not all the time you will like your number known to people you call. So if you want your number to be unknown, use this code. This is also an amazing phone code and one of my favorite.

  • SECRET MENU  FOR MOTOROLA ( *#*4636#*#* )

This code *#*4636#*#*  is functions only on Motorola phones phone and it’s used to access the secret menu. So if you have a Motorola phone , you can quickly type this code and find out what’s in the secret menu. It could be something juicy…

So that’s it guys have fun with these amazing phone code and be careful with it also in other not to damage your phone.