How to Improve your Soccer Skills

How to Improve your Soccer Skills

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How to Improve your Soccer Skills

To become a professional soccer player and achieve success in football, you’ll need to participate in elite soccer training and attend summer soccer camps to develop your soccer skills. But what if you don’t have the means to sponsor yourself to these camps?

However, to improve your soccer skills, you’ll need to concentrate on these four key areas.

  1.  Physical fitness: endurance, balance and coordination, speed, strength and power
  2. Must have a Proper mindset: compassion, composure and mental strength, coach-ability, self-motivation
  3. Technique: ball control, dribbling skills, passing accuracy, body control
  4. Lastly, Game intelligence – spatial awareness, tactical knowledge, risk assessment

Once you master these soccer skills, you’ll become unstoppable like Rolando and unbeatable like Messi.

However, here are 6 proven way you can practice on your own to improve your soccer skills.

  • Juggling Soccer Skills

A perfect juggler is a perfect ball controller. Therefore, being able to juggle the ball well gives you stronger control and better ball-handling soccer skills.

To perfect your juggling skills, try these tips:

  • Try to juggle for a little longer each time without losing control of the ball.
  • Set a timer on your smart phone, or use an analog kitchen timer. Always encourage yourself whenever you beat your previous score.
  • When juggling, try manipulating the ball in different ways like using both foots.
  • Also, try to catch the ball on top of your foot and then start juggling again.

soccer skills

Mastering this soccer skill will help improve your ball control, ball-handling as well as your trapping Technics.

Best juggler in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo juggles orange, table tennis ball and bottle.

Trapping Soccer Skills

Having perfected your jugginlng skill, you should also work on trapping the ball perfectly. to perfect your trapping soccer skills, follow these steps:

  • Kick the soccer ball as high as you can under control
  • When the ball is coming down, use the laces (the top of your foot) to settle the ball to the ground
  • While settling the ball, Do not let it bounce high off your foot.
  • Also, the ball should not bounce away from you.
  • Repeat the steps over and over until you master the skill.

soccer skills

Mastering this soccer skill will set you up for the next vital tip.

Best football trapper: lionel messi

  • Dribbling Soccer Skills

Dribbling skills refers to a player’s ability move up and down the pitch with full control of the ball. A player with good dribbling skills can move the ball in different directions at different speeds with both feet. To achieve these, you need to follow these tips

  • Get cones or flags for drills at any sporting goods store or general online retailer. (Get it Here)
  • Set the cones or flags in a row and dribble through and around them as you move forward
  • When dribbling, work on keeping your eyes up and in front of you, rather than staring down at the ball.

speed training

Finally, dogs like to chase balls. So if you have a dog, then you can use your dog as a defender while trying moves to get past your dog.

Best football dribbler: Neymar

  • Passing

Passing refers to a player’s ability to use both feet to send the ball accurately to the player’s desired destination. Players cannot achieve success in football without being able to pass accurately with both feet. Follow these tips to perfect your passing skils

  • Start by taking a cone and place it 10 yards away. This will be used to simulate your teammate in a soccer game, since a cone is not any bigger than the width of a player’s foot.
  • Next, You should start by passing a moving soccer ball on the ground. The reason you should pass a moving ball is because this is exactly how it is in a game. Make sure you are practicing with both feet.

After you have hit your target at 10 yards, then move it 15 yards. And Keep moving the target back til about 40 yards. Once you have mastered passing the ball on the ground, start passing the ball in the air. 20 yards away would be a perfect start. You’ll want to make sure the soccer ball hit your target in the air, as this will simulate a perfect pass.


When you are passing the ball in the air, try to make it as easy as possible for your teammate to be able to trap it. This is where he or she may have to lift a foot slightly off the ground in order to trap and play the ball quickly.

Best football passer: Xavi

  • Speed

this soccer skills is necessary for footballers in terms of quickness and quick feet. Speed in small spaces contributes to a player’s agility and ability to weave through defenders. Also, speed across greater distances assists footballers in beating their opponents to the ball and also beating them in long runs down the sidelines both on offense and defense. However, to increase your speed, you need to know how to run. Therefore running fast equals faster speed. Moreover, in the field of sports, there are rules you must follow in other to run safely. Follow these tips on improving your speed soccer skills:

  • The runner should run with their body slightly leaning forward. This allows the runner to keep the core contracted to lift the knees and drive forward.
  • In addition, it will makes it easier to land with the knee just over the toe. A runner should never strike the ground in front of their center of gravity as they not only run the risk of injury but also lose power.
  • While running, the runner should run with short quick strides. Stretching and over-striding makes it difficult to strike the ground in line with the knee and results in risk of injury and loss of power.

soccer skills

Additionally, functional strength training could greatly increase running speed. Functional strength training in terms of running includes running with parachutes or weight sleds, or running in partners with bungee cords.

Fastest football player: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  • Shoots

Shooting power can be achieved or improved by kicking the ball against a solid wall. If you have a wall in your backyard, you can use it for your soccer skills training. But make sure it is a brick or concrete wall.


  • As you begin to hit the wall and getting better with control and target, gradually move further away from the wall. Also,try to kick the ball just as hard from the longer distance as you did from the shorter distance.

soccer skills

Try as much as you can to repeat the same process with your other feet, so you won’t be limited to just one.

best football shoot taker: Cristiano Ronaldo


Finally, practice they say makes perfect. So to improve your soccer skills, always practice an put what you have practice into action. Also learn from professionals and lastly have a good attitude.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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