Best Shower Chairs of 2022

Best Shower Chairs of 2022

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Healthline MPU190 Tilt

healthline shower chairs

MPU190 is a profoundly flexible 18-inch unit intended to serve both as a shower seat and a chest on account of the seat cut-out that makes it good with standard toilets. On the other hand, use it as an independent chest away from the latrine together with the bucket remembered for its plan.

An extraordinary part of this aluminum seat is the manner by which flexible and versatile it is. Highlighting a movable seat heights inside a 4-inch extend, a tilting back, and removable addition cushioning, you can situate it for your solace and clean it easily.

Also, it is planned with four tough 5-inch casters that lock immovably when not being used making it probably the most secure seat to utilize particularly on wet shower floors. It is additionally quite agreeable gratitude to the delicate cushioning used to line the backrest. The arms and stools equipped with edge footplates are additionally striking solace highlights.

Pros Cons
Versatile and highly adjustable Does not fold for easy storage
Easy to clean and is rustproof Does not include urine splash guards in its package


easy tilt shower chair

Worked with a hardcore PVC outline, the Easy-Tilt shower chair is shockingly lightweight weighing just 65 lb and is generally simple to clean. It accompanies exceptional client backing and steadiness because of the hip backings based on either side of the seat and the twin swing-arms which are valuable when they coincided backrest is tilted to any of the 8 tilt positions.

It accompanies 6 double wheel casters four of which can be secured safely when not moving to give the truly necessary soundness. Its shower chair includes an open-front plan for streamlined cleanliness and solace. Both the edge and the wheels have amazing rustproof properties making this shower chair perfect for the wet restroom condition.

Other striking highlights incorporate footstools coordinated to build understanding solace. It has a conveying limit of 300 lb and is appropriate for use in organizations and situations where cleanliness and versatility are top needs.

Pros Cons
Very stable and highly mobile with six twin-casters Doesn’t come with much commode functionality
Excellent user-support


The 193-SSDE model is a lightweight extension of the 193 shower chair and comes with highlights including social insurance level polymer development with fortification at all emphasize focuses and smooth bends on the edges, a stretched agreeable seat with a front opening, raised leg expansion, delicate lumbar cushioning, cushioned head support, and non-slip handgrips.

The agreeable work sling at the rear of this seat is anything but difficult to clean and dries truly quick, an element that takes out microbes and buildup development since this seat is continually presented to wet conditions in the washroom and latrine. The stretched seat is worthwhile for use in showers with constrained space and the front opening makes it appropriate for can utilize.

The 193-SSDE moves on 3-inch double-strung stem casters. Some distinctive highlights important are the pocket at the rear of the work sling and 6-position settings for its grade and leg extension which gives the client a few sitting alternatives. This unit additionally accompanies a conveying limit of 325 lb

Pros Cons
Strong, quality, sanitary construction Doesn’t have a seatbelt
Excellent comfort and support with padding at the lumbar area and head Only the rear casters lock

Best Shower Chairs in Comfortability


showerbuddy chair

Showerbuddy’s SB3T move in shower seat is an incredible expansion to your versatility helps toolset. Designed to fold into wet restroom floors and toilets, this shower seat offers access to places that were once difficult to reach. It is profoundly customizable with arm and footstools and that is removable, tilting, and lockable just as a movable tallness somewhere in the range of 20 and 23.6 creeps to fit shifting needs.

Besides, with a tilting point up to 30°, a movable headrest pack, and a discretionary neck rest, this unit comes as a flexible guide. Use it in a raised or level washroom while showering or as a chest over the can situate. This seat accompanies great quality clasp to give the client a sentiment of security and strength. These incorporate a lap and chest seat straps to keep the patient immovably on the seat and twofold bolting swaggers to bolt its tilt at any edge.

It comes furnished with 5-inch locking casters to keep you stable when not moving. At last, a consumption free intense tempered steel level 304 development and an agreeable seat pad with a front opening make the SB3T worth putting resources into. it has a conveying limit of 350 lb.

Pros Cons
Numerous comfort and safety features Does not fold
Wide casters

MJM 193 Reclining

mjm international shower chair

193 leaning back shower chair accompanies a higher conveying limit of 325 lb inferable from its intense development of social insurance grade polymers plastics which has become a characteristic of value for most if not all of MJM International shower chair.

Something to be thankful for with this shower chair is that it is planned with a stretched seat and a front opening to upgrade client comfort and a clean encounter.

This additionally makes it the best clinical shower seat for tall clients. Other solace highlights coordinated into its structure incorporate a raised leg expansion, non-slip grasps, and a fit back sling with an open to cushioning at the head area, padded lumbar help, and pocket at the back.

For portability purposes, this seat has 3-inch strung stem double casters. By and large, consider this seat on the off chance that you have constrained shower space or need the lengthened seat maybe without utilizing the leg expansion.

Pros Cons
Offers great lumbar support and overall comfort Does not have adequate commode functionality as it lacks a bucket
Mildew and bacteria resistance properties are a notable hygiene feature Casters although dual, are not wide enough

Aquatec OceanVIP

shower chairs

The OceanVIP shower chair by Aquatec is an imaginative unit with cutting edge highlights and striking flexibility choices. This seat modifies in height somewhere in the range of 19.5 and 25.5 inches to three distinct situations with the assistance of locking clasps and tilts between 0° and 35°  with a handle situated at its back to give you an agreeable stance in the washroom or latrine.

The tilt-in-space configuration is an imperative incorporation, particularly where cleanliness when utilizing the seat is of basic significance. Developed with rustproof treated steel outlines alongside 2 tempered steel gas springs, the OceanVIP seat can serenely bolster 330 lb of human weight. This seat fuses a cascade plan at its base with a front cut-out alongside delicate comfortable layers for most extreme solace. Factor in the flexible clasped upholstery utilized for the backrest whose strain can be balanced appropriately and you have comfort at its best.

It likewise includes extra comfort like the customizable hassocks furnished with tilting footplates and impact point circles, flip-up securing armrests flexible stature to two positions, and a movable headrest. For simple versatility, this seat accompanies wide 5-inch casters; three coordinated with a slowing mechanism and on the back wheel with a directional lock that is useful on the off chance that you need to move in an orderly fashion for example on a long passage.

Pros Cons
Incorporated safety features Does not have waist and chest safety belts
Excellent sanitary features

Best Shower Chairs in Durability

EZee Shower Commode

ezee shower chair

EZee Life shower chair is a two-in-one unit that can be utilized both as a shower seat and a cabinet. Planned with a tilting edge of 20°, a totally customizable headrest, and a removable comfortable seat with a front trim out helpful during latrine visits, this seat will offer you fantastic help in the washroom, can, or anyplace you mean to utilize it.

It likewise accompanies a bucket broadening its utilization as a cabinet away from the latrine. The EZee Life shower chair highlights flexible/removable stools outfitted with footplates for simple stature and edge modification and eventually most extreme solace.

The entirety of its 5-inch casters lock for security and solidness when there is no requirement for movement. This intense rustproof aluminum seat accompanies a most extreme weight rating of 250 lb. it has an alluring white completion that makes it speak to the eye.

Pros Cons
Compatible with standard toilets Its tilting angle seems a little small compared to others
Strong and lightweight



This tilt-in-space shower chair planned with an angled seat and backrest leans back between 25° and 70° which can be considered as surpassing what clients see as standard. It offers incredible help for the head and the whole back while likewise facilitating pressure injuries behind the knees and neck for patients who need to sit or lie for extensive stretches because of versatility restrictions.

This makes it probably the best alternative for excessively fragile patients and the best leaning back shower chair for handicapped people. It likewise includes legs and chest lashes to make sure about the client steadily in position and amazingly accompanies an assortment of settings for these ties to suit differing needs.

The benefit of the tilt-in-space highlight is that the parental figure, with the press of a catch, can undoubtedly and rapidly correct a client’s sitting situation absent a lot of manual taking care of. Moreover, it accompanies quality vinyl tops fitted at the base of its legs so there will be no agonizing over your tub getting imprints and scratches.

The tilt-in-space shower seat is appraised 175 lb greatest conveying limit. A head stabilizer is accessible independently if your patient’s head will require comfort past what the seat’s structure can offer.

Pros Cons
Large reclining bath chair for special needs May not fit in a standard bathtub
Wider tilting angle



The 191-XCL-B leaning back seat is one of MJM International’s bariatric leaning back shower chairs built for exceptional necessities. It is developed with social insurance grade polymer plastic with fortification at emphasize focuses and adjusted edges for security. For greatest solace and sanitation, its surface is layered with a simple to-keep up brisk drying network sling that successfully hinders the development of the two microscopic organisms and mold.

It includes a 3-position lean back between 30° and 70° and offers astounding and make sure about help on account of the customizable midsection and leg belts which are intended to be secured in various settings. Likewise, it gives a client the alternative to utilize the expansion legs to make it increasingly perfect with tub, bed, and shower statures and make moves quick and simple.

This shower chair fits in standard tubs and the strung stem casters (with 2 back locking) are incredible for use in move-in showers, in any case, the counter slip elastic cushions at the base of its legs will prove to be useful. It accompanies a conveying limit of 225 lb.

Pros Cons
Extra-large for special needs The seat height is a bit high for short caregivers
Simple and quality build but tough and durable Only the rear casters lock

Reclining Shower Chair 9″

shower chair

This 17 x 28 inches (W x L) leaning back shower seat makes a decent choice for those searching for something oversimplified in configuration to fit the standard bath and can. It accompanies a more prominent tilting edge between 30° and 70° which makes it protected and comfortable.

It additionally includes a seat to floor height of 18 inches however with the discretionary base stature expansion, you can expand this stature by 9 crawls to suit move to beds, tubs, and showers of various statures.

Moreover, on the off chance that you need extra help for your patient’s neck and head you can get the head to reinforce. Once situated on the seat, the client can utilize the flexible seat strap to stay stable. Its development is noteworthy. The waterproof PVC outline is extreme, simple to clean, and will repress bacterial development keeping this seat as sterile as could be expected under the circumstances.

The seat and backrest are fixed with a coincided texture that is likewise simple to clean and dries really quickly. For portability, this seat is furnished with 3-inch uncompromising casters so you can move it all through the washroom or latrine and lock them when not moving for the most extreme strength.

Pros Cons
Fits most standard bathrooms, toilets, and tubs Casters are heavy duty but may not be wide enough for some users
Wide tilting angle

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on three major factors: Durability, Adjustability, and Comfortability.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these shower chairs were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each board according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews, you’ll see that each shower chair has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the chairs that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a shower seat cost?

Costs for a corner shower seat typically fall in the scope of $275 to $425, but costs can increase depending on the size and materials required.

What helps elderly people shower?

Utilize mellow, delicate cleanser and cleanser, for example, a gentle infant wash. Have a little radiator in the restroom with the goal that the individual is in every case warm, particularly in the event that they are having a wipe shower. Continuously attempt to have everything prepared for the shower or shower, before you help the individual in getting to the restroom.


Although there are thousands of other shower chairs out there but the once we’ve reviewed above are the best you can find in the market. And irrespective of your skill age and size, you’ll find a shower chair here that suites you. Be that as it may, before you purchase, ensure you check all the necessary details.