Best Massage Guns of 2022

Best Massage Guns of 2022

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Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Daniel Lawrence

Welcome to our review of the best massage guns. For a massage gun to be considered as the best, it ought to have a good battery life, various amount of speed levels, connections, and should be quiet while in operation.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a massage gun, then you just found the right place to check.

Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best massage guns available in the market today. And without further ado, why not check out the list below to discover the 10 best massage guns we have for you.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider While Buying Massage Guns

Speed Levels: The more the speed levels, the better it is for you. It implies that you can tweak your massage experience.

Connections: You ought to consistently pick an adaptable massage gun. It will guarantee that you can correct the massage experience as per your necessities.

Battery Time: Ideally, the massage gun ought to, at any rate, keep going for 2 hours on a solitary charge. At the point when that is the situation, you can achieve different massage meetings on a solitary charge.

Noise Output: It is of no utilization to buy a massager which produces a ton of clamor. You would wind up upsetting everybody around you. That is the reason; you should purchase a massage gun that has a clamor yield of under 70 DB.

Best Massage Guns Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

handheld massage guns

  • 30 different speed options
  • Ergonomic design
Gocheer Muscle Massage Gun

gocheer massage guns

  • Low noise
  • LCD screen
REATHLETE DEEP4S Percussive Therapy Device

massage guns

  • Three different speed levels
  • Lightweight
WASAGUN Professional Handheld Vibration Massager Device


  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly versatile
Fusion FX Heated Percussion

massage guns

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

  • Run time of 6 hours on a single charge
  • Lightweight design
Massage Gun, Handheld Deep Muscle Massager

massage guns

  • Low noise
  • Ergonomic design

vybe massage guns

  • Three different massage heads
  • Quick charging batteries on offer
Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

sonic massage guns

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • LED panel on offer
Massage Gun Muscle Neck Back Massager

massage guns

  • Quiet operation
  • Ergonomic design

Best Massage Guns in Speed

Handheld Percussion

handheld massage guns

With two diverse shading choices, six distinctive massage heads and 30 variable speeds, this is one of the most flexible massage guns. It comprises of a brushless engine, which implies that toughness is on the higher side. The battery can keep going for 6 hours.

It can assist you with lessening the circulatory strain, aggravation, and furthermore give you help from torment. The ergonomic structure implies that you can utilize it reliably.

It accompanies a conveying case too, which makes it simple for you to haul it around. In this way, because of various settings on offer, it is an extraordinary choice.

Pros Cons
Two different color options none found
Six massage heads

Tension Relief Massage

massage guns

In the event that truly, this one with 30 diverse speed levels is a brilliant choice. It has six distinctive back rub heads on offer too. It is 40% calm than other massage guns and can keep going for 6 hours on a solitary charge. With the assistance of a conveying case, it is simple for you to haul it around.

Additionally, it is accessible in 2 shading choices. The ergonomic structure, alongside the counter slip grasp, implies that it is anything but difficult to utilize.

In this way, when searching for rub firearms with various speed levels, you can purchase this one.

Pros Cons
30-speed levels expensive
Six massage head attachments


The prime bit of leeway of this massager is the brushless engine. It implies that support is on the lower side. It can offer a speed of 3300 bpm. The noise is under 30 DB. With the assistance of 6 replaceable massage heads and 30-speed levels, you can’t turn out badly with this one.

Additionally, it accompanies a compact case too, which implies that hauling around the whole gathering is simple. It has the greatest runtime of 6 hours and has a battery LED marker also. The heaviness of 2.2 LPS causes you in hauling it around. In this way, you can modify the activity of this massager and unequivocally according to your prerequisite, which is an incredible favorable position.

Pros Cons
30-speed levels expensive
Six massage heads on offer

Best Massage Guns in Battery

Gocheer Muscle

gocheer massage guns

The 20 diverse speed levels guarantee that you can tweak the activity of the massage gun. Likewise, the most extreme speed at which it can deal with is 3180 bpm. The runtime is of 8 hours on a solitary charge. The sound yield is only a 60 dB or less.

Additionally, the weight is 2.2 lbs, which implies that utilizing it is simple. It has an LCD screen also, which permits you to screen the settings.

With the assistance of the clockwork, it is considerably simpler to utilize. These highlights make it a solid choice.

Pros Cons
Lightweight none found
8 hours run time

VYBe Massage Gun

vybe massage guns

With three shading choices, you have a lot of decisions while going with this massager. The absolute number of speed levels is 30. The massage connectors which join it are 6. It can assist you with lessening aggravation, muscle torment, and an assortment of different issues. The brushless engine has low noise output, which implies that you won’t get upset when utilizing this massager.

The ergonomic silicone handle furnishes you with an incredible trap also. With a computerized show, disentangling the speed just as the setting which you have chosen is very simple. It accompanies its conveying case, which makes it simple for you to take it with you any place you go to. The amazing versatility and the various alternatives make it a commendable contender.

Pros Cons
Available in 3 color options none found
High portability

Sonic Handheld

sonic massage guns

The percussion massage gun, which we are featuring now accompanies five diverse massage heads. The runtime is as long as 6 hours. The excessively tranquil brushless engine makes it simple to utilize. Additionally, it has five distinct levels, too. It implies that modifying the activity isn’t an issue.

The hardcore development implies that it can stand the trial of time. It accompanies a rechargeable lithium-particle battery, which is dependable. With the assistance of an agreeable grasp, it is simple for you to hold. It comprises a LED board too, which permits you to screen the settings no problem at all.

It can permit you to target distinctive muscle gatherings of the body, which makes it helpful for you to utilize. The ergonomic handgrip implies that you will have no issue at all in utilizing it reliably. The development of the back rub weapon is the motivation behind why it is on our rundown.

Pros Cons
Five different massage heads expensive
Five different speed levels

Best Massage Guns Connection

Massage Gun Muscle Massager

massage guns

The massage gun on our rundown currently accompanies four head connections. Likewise, the most extreme speed is 3200 bpm.

The low clamor implies that you won’t upset anybody while utilizing it. The weight is simply 2.2 lbs, and it offers three-speed levels.

The rechargeable battery can give you 3 hours of utilization on a solitary charge. In this way, it has all the important highlights which you may search for in a massage gun.

Pros Cons
Consist of 4 interchangeable heads the battery could be better
Low noise



The speed alternatives accessible right now are 5 altogether. It accompanies four connections, which implies that you can get the kind of massage which you need. Moreover, there is an apparatus pointer light on offer too, which lets you check the setting which you have picked. It can assist you with different issues like the firm neck, muscle torment, spinal pain.

With the assistance of a 50 tilted silicone handle, it is ergonomic in structure. The weight is simply 2.2 lbs. All through the back rub, you will feel no hand exhaustion by any means. With the noise output of just 65 DB, it is simple for you to utilize it directly at your home.

It offers a run time of 4 hours and has a battery-powered lithium-particle battery because of which you can revive it and use it by and by. It is an extraordinary massager when you’re searching for one which offers distinctive back rub heads and speed choices.

Pros Cons
5-speed options heavy
Four different attachments

Exerscribe Brushless

massage guns

The extraordinary thing about this massage gun is that it can create up to 60 lbs of weight. It implies that regardless of whether you’re experiencing the heaviest spinal pain or pain anyplace in the body, this massager and can without a doubt help you out. It can create up to 2400 strokes for each moment, which is another favorable position.

With the assistance of 6-speed levels, tweaking its activity is very simple. It joins three massage heads also, which is another preferred position. It comprises of 2 quick-charging lithium batteries, which implies that you won’t need to sit tight for quite a while in the event that the battery runs out.

The brushless engine implies that the support is on the lower side, and the clamor is likewise low. With a conveying case, it is easy for you to take it with you any place you go to. Every one of these highlights positively settles on it a commendable decision.

Pros Cons
Speed up to 2400 bpm none found
Six different speed levels

Muscle Neck Back Massager

massage guns

One thing which hangs out right now is that it hushes up inactivity. Disregarding a higher torque engine, you will confront no issue by any means. Additionally, the three customizable speed settings settle on it an ideal decision. The 3200 bpm of most extreme speed makes it flexible. It can help you in lessening muscle expansion, solidness, and different issues.

The four exchangeable heads permit you to alter its activity. It comes in 2 shading choices, which is a favorable position. On a solitary charge, it can keep going for 3 hours. The weight is 2.2 lbs, and the ergonomic plan makes it agreeable to utilize.

The whole arrangement accompanies a conveying case, which makes it simple for you to utilize. Subsequently, in case you’re searching for a flexible back rub weapon, you need not look any further.

Pros Cons
Available in 2 different color options heavy
Four interchangeable heads

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Connection, Battery & Speed.

More facts and data about these massage guns were gotten from deep research and online reviews from clients (both positive and negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each massage gun has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the guns that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are massage guns any good?

Massage guns are an extraordinary wager in battling torment independent of the body area. They have demonstrated to be more compelling than the ordinary froth rollers, which is the significant muscle torment executioner before now.

How often should you get a massage?

This relies upon the customer and conversation after conference yet for a profound tissue massage I prescribe once per week for the first a month and a half then one once like clockwork or once per month. For a relaxing massage, you can have one whenever you feel the need to have one.

What’s a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is a blend of a full body massage using your hands and a massage using your body. You can utilize various pieces of your body for the body to body massage and get inventive. You may likewise need to put resources into some massage oil.


Searching for the best massage guns will now be easier and faster. Thanks to the list of the best massage guns we’ve compiled above.  However, if you’ve found any of the above items you’ll like to purchase, ensure you check the necessary details of your preferred choice before buying.