Best Foosball Table of 2022

Best Foosball Table of 2022

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Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Daniel Lawrence

Are you searching for the best foosball table to buy? Well, search no more because you just found the right place.

These foosball tables are built with durables materials, easy to set up and affordable. If these sound like what you need in a foosball, then without further delay, check out the 8 best foosball we’ve discovered for you.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Foosball Table

Construct quality: What the foosball table is made of will legitimately influence much about its quality, ease of use, and cost. When thinking about structure materials, take a look at the bureau – the case that ties together the entirety of the pieces of the foosball table – specifically. Medium-thickness fiberboard is generally utilized since it is far more affordable than strong wood cupboards and it is sufficient for forceful play as long for what it’s worth at any rate one inch thick – and ideally 1.5 inches thick. Although some spending tables are made with a particleboard cabinet, this material is infamous for breaking separated inside a year on tables that are utilized intensely.

Ease of setup: Although frequently an optional thought, how simple a foosball table is to set up can be the main factor between two comparable tables. Odds are you’ll be anxious to find a workable pace you get your foosball table, so having the option to set it up rapidly will keep up your energy about the game and the table itself. The best foosball tables require just a couple of parts to be amassed, including all necessary equipment, and utilize straightforward instruments – screwdrivers and wrenches – that you are probably going to have around the house.

Size: The official size of the Foosball table as per ITSF is 56-inch length, 36-inch width, and 36-inch stature. And afterward, you need at any rate three and a half feet leeway on either side to play without feeling blocked or squeezed. Most tables above $500 are pretty much the standard size.  There are likewise fair size and scaled-down Foosball tables, which are perfect for little regions. Such tables are appropriate for children and neighborly matches. Be that as it may, the vibe and execution aren’t anyplace close to the standard ones.

Best Foosball Table Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
KICK Venture Foosball Table

kick venture foosball table

Durable Get it on Amazon
Rally and Roar Cortland 56” Foosball Table

rally and roar foosball table

Well designed Get it on Amazon
KICK Legend Foosball Table

kick lenged

eye-catching design Get it on Amazon
Hathaway 56-Inch Primo Foosball Table

foosball table

Made with high-quality wood, it tough and long-lasting Get it on Amazon
Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

foosball table

Amazing design Get it on Amazon
Rally and Roar 40-Inch Tabletop

rally and roar table

For both kids and adults Get it on Amazon
Tornado Tournament 3000

tornado foosball table

ideal for the serious player Get it on Amazon

Best Foosball Table in Quality

kick venture foosball table

With shining audits, a top-notch structure, and a reasonable value, the KICK Venture is the ideal decision to carry constant family amusing to your home.

It meets all the particulars of an expert table—a half-inch thick playing surface, hardened steel player bars, 5-inch thick leg levelers with slip stop bottoms—and the rich chestnut completion makes it a sleek expansion to any basement, rec room, or nook.

The Venture estimates 55-inches in length and 28-inches wide and weighs a little more than 100 pounds, making it sufficiently strong to keep going for quite a while. Included highlights like its helpful ball return pockets and math device scoring framework make the table easy to understand.

Furthermore, to finish it off, the Venture accompanies a lifetime ensure on the entirety of its parts (ideal for any particularly serious players inclined to emergencies, fits, or table kicking).

Pros Cons
Lightweight Expensive
Lots of features

foosball table

Hathaway shows up on our rundown with a table that remembers youthful foosballers. While the Playoff probably won’t give a similar quality and toughness as a table that costs a few hundred dollars, children will adore the splendid hues and amazing illustrations, intended to resemble a genuine soccer arena, and guardians will cherish the deal cost.

The Playoff is additionally a progressively minimized table—its playing surface estimates 40 creeps by 22.75 inches—which gives kids more power over the game and permits the item to fit all the more effectively in a game room or kid’s room. Different highlights to adore incorporate the math machine scoring framework, simple grasp ergonomic handles and strengthened legs with end board underpins.

Pros Cons
Great quality Not suitable for adult

Best Foosball Table in Price

rally and roar foosball table

For some recreational foosballers, an elevated sticker price may remove the enjoyment from the game. Luckily, Rally and Roar’s Cortland table gives top-grade quality at a value that will leave you grinning with each pass, shot, and score.

Astoundingly, this USA-constructed table flaunts chromed steel bars with ergonomic wood grasps, larger than average leg levelers to keep the table consistent and 1-inch table covers for considerably more help. The Cortland has sloped edges on the playing field, guaranteeing a quick-paced game where the ball never stalls out in a corner, and it even accompanies four reward foosballs to kick you off.

Analysis for this table is sparse, a few clients noticed that the get-together procedure was somewhat troublesome, particularly with only one individual. Be that as it may, when the Cortland is set up, nobody will need to leave the game room. Since this model has an increasingly reasonable sticker price, it would likewise make an incredible gift.

Pros Cons
Affordable Difficult to assemble
Well designed

foosball table

Hathaway joins game and style to make the richest foosball table available. Covered in a rich coffee finish and emphasized with shimmering silver tones, the Primo Foosball Table is a statement piece in any room it’s in.

The excellent wood puts this table on the heavier side, tipping the scales at 181 pounds, making it intense and durable, while the container leg structure and cross help shafts give considerably greater steadiness.

Remember, in any case, that a few clients had issues with the foosball men getting handily harmed and having their heads severed. Hathaway offers a 180-day maker ensure, however, different organizations regularly give significantly longer guarantees.

Pros Cons
Well designed None found

rally and roar table

Little soccer gets much littler with Rally and Roar’s 40-Inch Foosball Tabletop. It’s reduced, lightweight and versatile—the ideal space-sparing game for the two children and grown-ups.

Estimating only 40 inches by 20 inches, this table can be put in any room and effortlessly put away when the game is done. Try not to let its little stature fool you, however: this tabletop easily fits four players, much the same as a full-size foosball table, and it’s worked to last with chrome-covered steel bars and solid plastic siding.

Rally and Roar likewise pre-amasses this item, so it’ll be down on directly out of the case. Perhaps the most significant component of this mini pearl is its cushioned base, which forestalls wear and tears on whatever playing surface you pick.

Pros Cons
Portable None found

Best Foosball Table in Size

tornado foosball table

Tornado is an extravagance name in foosball, and the T3000 is their crown gem. With a few interesting and top-end highlights, it is one of the head serious foosball tables, perfect for the genuine player.

Its counterweighted foosball men are planned with especially sharp corners and non-slip material for unrivaled spilling, passing, and shooting.

The steel poles are first class as well, developed from heat-treated, chrome-covered empty steel. What’s more, with a playing surface 3/4″ thick, the ball will fly over the table. The T3000 is likewise probably the most grounded tablet available, tipping the scales at a massive 355 pounds and worked of hardened steel.

Observe that gathering will probably require two individuals as a result of the item’s sheer weight. Maybe the most novel component of the T3000 is its part business-grade bureau, which takes into account simple access and capacity.

What’s more, just to demonstrate how proficient this table is, it’s made to be coin-worked—settling on it an extraordinary decision for bars and arcades as well—however, this component can, obviously, be turned off for those utilizing the T3000 in their home.

Pros Cons
Durable Heavy
Easy to maintain

kick lenged

KICK is back once more, this time with the top of the line item in their foosball assortment: the Legend Foosball Table. KICK’s modern architects planned each and every bit of this table to ensure energizing and dependable play unfailingly.

It has slight updates contrasted with KICK’s now excellent Venture table. For instance, the foosball men on the Legend include a balance innovation that offers exact spilling and ground-breaking shooting. Premium orientation and chrome-covered hardened steel player poles make each turn on this table spread smooth.

Furthermore, the table itself is attractive, molded with rich swooping legs and lavish chestnut wood. The entirety of this by and by accompanies KICK’s mark craftsmanship and its 100 percent lifetime ensure.

Pros Cons
Well designed Expensive

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on three major factors: Price, Size, and Quality.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these foosball tables were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback, we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each foosball table has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the table that didn’t meet our standard was not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is foosball still well known?

Still more popular in Europe, where last month’s Table Soccer World Cup was broadcast live in a few nations (and appeared in the U.S. on ESPN3), foosball lost a whole age of potential American players with the popularity of computer games — and, somewhat, drinking games.

Is foosball an Olympic game?

In the wake of accomplishing this status, foosball now will be perceived as a sport as it arrives at specific degrees of cooperation and practice all through the world. Sadly for foosball fans and players, foosball has not been acknowledged for the 2020 Olympics.

What is the distinction between foosball and table soccer?

The foosball single goalie is still generally used in the European gaming tables which makes us consider it the European style. Then again, most American tables have around 3 goalie framework. European style all the more dominatingly called it as table soccer.


Picking the best foosball tables is something that ought to be considered very important and without missing words,  we believe that our review should have helped you in selecting the best foosball table of your choice. Be that as it may, ensure you check all the necessary details mentioned above before purchasing