Best Bedside Lamp of 2022

Best Bedside Lamp of 2022

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by Daniel Lawrence

Welcome to our review of the best bedside lamp. When searching for the best bedside lamps, things can get somewhat complicated. So, on this note, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best bedside lamps available in the market today. These lamps are durable, well designed, and efficient.

Having said that, if you’re looking for the best bedside lamp to buy, you just found the right place. So, why not check out the list of bedside lamps we discovered for you below.

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bedside Lamp

Expected Usage: What is your planned utilization of the bedside lamp you wish to buy? Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to utilize it to read utilizing it by your bedside? In the event that indeed, search for a light that has an amazing light and higher wattage. Additionally, a light that has normal methods for turning off is attractive without the need of you to leave your bed. On the off chance that you are searching for a lamp that adds a stylistic layout to your room, you have to pick a lamp with tasteful worth (very much designed) as opposed to usefulness.

Lamp Placement and Proportionality: The lamp that suits your kitchen territory doesn’t really suit well in your room. How has the light you’re obtaining been plan at the base? Would it be able to be put on the edge of a table without tumbling off? Pick a bedside light that doesn’t take a great deal of your space in the room. Additionally, the electrical plug is one major thing you ought not disregard. Attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to keep away from extension cables showing everywhere throughout the room zone to utilizing on the primary attachment and situating your mattress well.

Bulb and Shades: Which kind of bulb do you need? Radiant and Older CFL bulbs work best, however, they devoured a ton of energy. All things considered, Modern LEDs are known as being easy to use, affordable, and flexible alternatives, in this way, picking it is to further your potential benefit.

Design: The presence of your bedside light is fundamental since it makes your room look impressive. So relying upon what you most consider, pick the arrangement that suits your requirements. In any case, this factor ought not be a sure point in the best room light.

Best Bedside Lamp Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Air Putih Night Light Bluetooth Speakers Wake up Light Portable Bedside Lamp

bedside lamps

  • Has a large capacity battery that lasts for a longer time
  • It has a seven lighting color that brings a sense elegance
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UNIFUN Portable Dimmable 2800K-3100K Touch Warm White Bedside Lamp

night light

  • Has an easy touch control that makes switching on/off, changing modes a breeze
  • Adjustable brightness is comfortable and cozy for rest and reading
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Biilaflor 5 Level Dimmable 13 Color Changing RGB Sensor Control Bedside Lamp

  • Has colorful light that creates a different effect to suit your mood
  • Dimmable feature offers soft, eye-friendly light for reading
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TECKIN Night Light Dimmable Warm White hanging RGB Touch Table Lamp

  • This lamp is suitable for the living room, bedrooms and modern offices
  • The light provides you with a comfortable and relaxing moment
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HUGOAI Vibrant RGB Colors Memory Function No Flicker Bedside Lamp

vibrant sidebed lamps

  • Many colors offer decorative and ambient lighting
  • The lamp is chargeable with ease and convenience
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SYCEES 3 Color Temperature 120 RGB Colors 4 Color-Changing Bedside Lamp

  • The control of this bedside lamp is intuitive and simple
  • A built-in memory chip that memorizes your last setting
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LE LampUX Smart Wi-Fi Tunable White & RGB Colors Table Lamp

  • Easy to turn off the lights for your sleeping baby
  • Timer features enable you to set programs and schedules
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Brightech Noah Soft Accent Light LED Bulb & Cord Bedside Lamp Set of 2

  • Has a convenient on & off switch for smooth operation
  • Has a lightweight and sleek design to save up more space
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Bodaker Romantic Dimmable Color

  • Has an alarm clock that keeps on your schedule and activities
  • Four brightness control suits different occasions
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Oneach USB Nickle Finish Set of 2 Bedroom Modern Bedside Lamp

  • Has a friendly and convenient design
  • Presence of the USB ports on the sides makes charging easy
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Best Bedside Lamp in Battery

Air Putih

bedside lamps

Most importantly, we have the Air Putih Bedside Lamp. This lamp has 3 degrees brilliance of warm light that can suit various events. The agreeable LED lighting presents to you a tempting night vibe with a casual mentality.

On the off chance that you need to get seven brilliant lighting modes, you need just to press the button for 3 seconds. The nearness of a morning timer empowers you to set timetables and cautions notices.

You can likewise play music through Bluetooth on your telephone, subsequently acquiring a chilling domain in your room. This is, without a doubt, an amazing apparatus to help up your room.

Pros Cons
Brings a super warm light that suits various spaces The instructions were written so small impossible to read
The alarm clock will always keep you right on your schedules and timings

Bodaker Romantic Dimmable

vodaka romantic

Bodaker Touch Bedside Lamp is yet a super room gadget that will lit up your night with captivating lightings. The light is an incredible quality touch light with caution usefulness.

Additionally, this unit gives offer the exact measure of light, which doesn’t excessively diminish or too brilliant subsequently include a night contact of climate to your room.

The LED time show screen will empower you to beware of time without fundamentally contacting the light. The Bluetooth speaker that accompanies this unit is basic is playing new music that calms your room environment.

Pros Cons
The battery capacity is too large and can work for longer hours when fully charged The speaker doesn’t have lots of basses
A perfect combination bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker


bedside lamps

SYCEES Bedside Lamp is a room light that brings the night disposition vibe with only a press of a button. This light has a lightweight yet durable and very much worked effortlessly of utilization. Not at all like different lights that take ages to get together, this light gathering is simple.

Additionally, the 30 level brilliance and 120 hues that offer nearly constrained temperament light alternatives. The most reduced diminished light can reason as a night light, and the most brilliant light can liberally illuminate your room effortlessly.

All the control that accompanies this unit is clear and instinctive. You need just to turn the top dial to change the settings. Get yours today for a sublime encounter.

Pros Cons
Has many brightness levels that offer almost limited mood light options For now, this lamp has no cons
Set up this appliance only requires plugging in the plug, totally easy

Best Bedside Lamp in Design


night light

UNIFUN Portable Bedside Lamp is another best light that fits consummately in your room. A little and durable light that lay incredibly in your room. The light is dimmable and works incredible on the white shading, in this way making your room look delightful.

Additionally, the white shading has four degrees of brilliance; in this way, it can meet various individuals needs to forestall harming eyes. You can without much of a stretch hang this light on table umbrellas utilizing the hanging handle covered up at the base of the light. The shading changing alternative is additionally an attractive component that the vast majority might want.

Pros Cons
The 360 degrees light panel offers a more uniform delicate light that suits your eyes The charging indicator doesn’t change color to show charging progress
Presence of a handle makes this lamp to hang on table umbrella


bedside lamps

Is it true that you are searching for a room light that brings a great deal of fun with shifted hues and no fuss? All things considered, Biilaflor Bedside Lamp is without a doubt what you ought to get. The light has many staggering highlights that exceed different brands in the market. The light has a 360 degrees contact control that is sufficiently advantageous to utilize.

On the off chance that you have exceptional occasions, this light will in a perfect world suit you on the grounds that the white light has an alternate lighting mode with around 256 mixes. Being a battery-worked the machine, there are no ropes running everywhere throughout the room consequently fitting your room needs.

Furthermore, it radiates a delicate, eye-accommodating light that accommodates your reading or resting air. The lamp has a broad choice of hues from red, green, and blue range, making an incredible enlightenment foundation for unwinding.

Pros Cons
The touch control makes it super simple and easy to use In-built battery requires occasion charging
It is handy to be carried around the room during the night

HUGOAI Vibrant

vibrant sidebed lamps

Another settled item is HUGOAI Bedside Lamp. This light is a perfect lighting apparatus that meets precisely your requirements.

The light gives fluctuated conceals of white from regular white to warm white and up to a limit of 16 million shading decisions. With the movable brilliance choices, you can alter the light to the level that suits well your eyes.

The light-emanating by this light can suit perusing, unwinding, working, and resting purposes. Likewise, the advanced and smooth plan makes it a lovely stylistic layout and exquisite thing in your home.

Pros Cons
It has a sleek design that makes it become a beautiful décor in your room Has a dimmer mode that is too bright for night use
With adjustable brightness, you can set just the right amount of lighting


le lamp ux

Bedside lamp has gone a first-class, and this next decision has a savvy feature that may suit your requirements also. LE LampUX Smart Table Lamp can be controlled with a remote control to turn on/off, control splendor, and so forth.

Regardless of whether you are at home or distant, there is no compelling reason to genuinely turn the machine on, in light of the fact that your keen application will thoroughly take care of you, on account of the innovation!

The light offers 2000k exceptional golden light with a 30minutes auto-off clock that encourages you to make a scene of a serene night. Likewise, utilizing this light will change your home into a gathering field, room, lounge, and so forth.

Pros Cons
Smart app installation is smooth with no hub required Automatic color shift patterns are minimal and unattractive
Eye friendly diffused lighting make it an excellent option for a desk lamp

Best Bedside Lamp in Portability

Brightech Noah

bedside lamps

Brightech Noah Bedside Lamp is a flexible light that offers a comfortable warm white light as the night progressed. This flawlessly customary corded light works impeccably with any stylistic theme.

The light is a helpful gadget for your parlor or room. The common wood base highlights a dark, smooth getting done with an unbiased fabric conceals that empowers it to stand agreeable consequently adjusting admirably to the contemporary stylistic theme.

In addition, this light has noteworthy lighting that pitches your dispositions higher during the night. The warm light that is given out by this light is extraordinary.

Pros Cons
It is versatile and works with almost any décor Brighter short lamp with flimsy shade
The bedside lamp is long-lasting and energy storage


best bedside lamps

Taking the first position is Oneach USB Modern Bedside Lamp. The light comes as a lot of 2. With an inviting and helpful structure, it makes an incredible aide for you and your family.

The USB port found in each table light empowers for ceaseless use and rich lighting experience. This light likewise meets current and upscale plans.

Additionally, Alexis gives an exquisite feel to your home moderate, style, current, and so forth. On the off chance that you wish to get a peaceful and quiet climate in your room, at that point this is the correct gadget to buy.

Pros Cons
Makes your home look glamorous and decorative The dim light is brighter than expected
It is a versatile appliance that is usable in various environments


bedside lamps

Next, we’ve TECKIN Night Touch Table Lamp. The light offers stable lighting with movable shading temperature. The light source can be effectively be turned between ordinary white and RGB mode.

People can change to various ways relying upon their necessities to get comfortable climates. From the look, you can without much of a stretch recognize this bedside light and a conventional table light since this one has a very much planned top.

This light is 9″ in height along these lines addresses the issues of being a reasonable bedside lamp. Likewise, the capacity to contact to turn on and off is extraordinary in the event that you need some snappy light in the center of the night.

Pros Cons
It is ideal for reading in bright surroundings Doesn’t turn to the last color selected when setting on the next time
The RGB mode offers a decorative atmosphere for your bedroom

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback of users based on three major factors: Portability, Battery, and Design.

More facts and data about these bedside lamps were gotten from deep research and online reviews. With the result and feedback we got (both positive and negative), we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each bedside lamp has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the lamps that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should bedside lamps be taller than the headboard?

On the off chance that your headboard is inside two or three inches high, your lamp’s height should be 2X higher if it’s a floor lamp or a similar height if it’s a table lamp. So if your headboard is 13 inches high, your lamp should be 26 inches tall. You don’t need a bedside lamp that’s excessively tall or shorter than what’s required.

How many lamps should be in a room?

So on the off chance that you have an 18′ long room x 12′ wide room multiply times 1.5 = 324 watts, that’s how much wattage is expected to sufficiently light the room. You can isolate that lighting into more than one source. 2 Lamps @ 150 watts each and 1 lamp @ 60 watts would be more than satisfactory light for the room.

Where should bedside divider lamps be placed?

Generally, wall sconces should stand 5 feet from the floor and be mounted somewhere in the range of 8 and 10 feet from each other. However, bedside divider sconces bring extraordinary difficulties to lighting; for accommodation, numerous individuals want the sconces to have a switch that can be reached from a sitting situation in the bed.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best bedside lamps to buy and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.