Unsinkable Bounce Back System Review: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re reading this, you’ve possibly received several emails from me–or others–about the bounce back big program.

In this post, I’m going to share with you my comprehensive review of the bounce back big program, what it is, who it’s for and how to get the most out of it, including some juicy bonuses that are thrown in for good measure.

Interesting, right?

So let’s get started.

What Is The Bounce Back Big Program All About?

It is a program that contains the blueprint with which anyone could bounce back from whatever challenges they’re facing.

As you know, life occasionally throws us a big punch, sometimes at the very worst time.

It could be a loss of job, loss of income, a loved one, a diagnosis of severe health issue, or even covid19.

These punches of life, if not carefully handled could discourage many and even depress some.

In each of these trying moments when people could be at their lowest ebb. They often need a helping hand to pull them through from whatever vortex life has thrown them into.

But not just any random hand…

But a hand that has been there, and done that–the whole nine yards.

And if there’s anyone qualified to help you get out of your present situation, it’s Sonia Ricotti.

Having faced nightmarish situations herself, she has finally packed her knowledge, experience and formula of getting out of such fast and bouncing back big into a beautiful program called Unsinkable Bounce Back Big System.

Who Is This Program For?

It is for anyone who is unhappy about his or her present state.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a life-gagging situation or not.

It doesn’t matter if your dissatisfaction is in the area of finance, relationship, health, job, etc.

If you’re not satisfied with your present situation, the steps and processes packed into this program will definitely help get you to a new point of satisfaction.

Does The Unsinkable Bounce Back System Work?

The answer is Yes.

Let me give you an example…

On the 6th of March, I got married to a very beautiful lady.

That in itself, wasn’t actually a big deal.

What was a big deal was that exactly a year before that, I was lonely and sulking at my life, especially when it comes to relationships.

Here I was, a handsome young man, in my opinion, who was also doing well financially.

But despite my financial situation, I had this nerve wrecking limiting beliefs when it comes to women.

It stems from something awful I came across while growing up… that most women prefer men who are tall, and physically built.

Being somewhat of an average stature, this instantly formed a limiting belief in me that no woman would want me.

So I spent the most of my youthful days reserved and withdrawn, unwilling to approach any woman for fear of rejection and mockery over my average stature.

More frustrating was the fact that I see guys who I think I’m a lot better than physically, going out with some of the hottest babes in town (as beautiful women were fondly called in our hood back then).

Yet for some strange reason, I couldn’t bring myself to approach any woman that caught my fancy.

All I’d end up doing was being a “secret admirer” until some less endowed guy will come and sweep them off their feet and I get to sulk about it.

But thing began to change when I started implementing some of the ideas in the Unsinkable Bounce Back Big system.

Gradually, I started dispelling most of the self limiting beliefs that has held me back for years.

Soon, my self confidence towards women returned.

I remember how awkward I felt the first time I approached a lady. She noticed it, and graciously declined my advances–but not for the reason I once thought.

With this, I began working on my approach.

After a few months of testing and tweaking, I finally developed the courage to approach any woman that caught my fancy.

And within 18 months, a girl who I once thought was out of my league agreed to be in a relationship with me.

One year later (on the 6th of March), we got married.

So yes, the strategies in the Unsinkable Bounce Back System work, if you put it to work.

Will The Strategies of The Unsinkable Bounce Back System Work For You?

Yes, it will if you fall under the following categories of people…

1. You feel there’s a higher level of life you’d like to be in…but you’re not there yet.

2. You’re passing through some trying moments right now, and need all the help and mental assistance you need to heal.

3. You just want to have a more positive outlook about life.

Reasons Why You Should Get The Unsinkable Bounce Back Big System

1. It was borne out of personal experience of the creator.

2. It Has Been Systemized. This is not some random fluffy stuff that will make you feel good–only for some minutes.

This instead is a life changing system that if practicalized, will get you the results you seek.

3. Tested and Trusted. Many people have actually put the blueprint contained in this system to be toughest test you can think of.

And in each situation, it has proven it’s worth.

What You’ll Get Inside The Unsinkable Bounce Back System

The bulk of this course is a 7 module program, but there are lots of extras in the form of meditations, mantras, and bonus classes, etc.

It’s a step-by-step training that is designed to reprogram your conscious mind, reprogram your subconscious mind and elevate your vibrational frequency (which to me, just means feel and act in a more positive way).

The course is very self-explanatory and easy to follow. You are told what order to do all the sessions in, and why it’s important to follow the flow of the course (because each lesson builds upon the last).

In the very beginning, to set up why what you are about to learn is so important, we are told about the countless examples of some of the world’s most successful people and the hardships and failures they first experienced.

It really hits home how no one is born being successful, it’s totally something you create for yourself — and the stories we tell ourselves will shape the way we feel and ultimately the outcome of our actions.

Here’s a little breakdown of what you’ll learn about in each session:

Welcome video, where you are introduced to the course and begin to shift your perception

Tools and teachings to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind

Master Your Mind & Recreate Your Reality

Letting go of self-limiting beliefs

Connecting to your higher self to get mental clarity and receive answers

Learning to ‘let love lead’ (including forgiveness, gratitude, giving and receiving)

Stepping into greatness and finding opportunities

Each session lasts approx 30-45 minutes and includes exercises that you have to pause the video/audio to complete.

Additionally, there are 2 daily meditations to do throughout the course and some short mantra videos which you are encouraged to do for a minimum of 21 days (so that they can sink in and feel more like a habit).

In addition to these, you’re also getting…

The seven module Bounce Back System program

Four “Self-Awakening” Meditations

Two 15-minute “activation” meditations (one for the morning and one for the evening)

“High Vibration” musical neurological mantras

“Bounce booster” visualization video for daily motivation

Access to the “Circle of Light” Facebook group

Season 1 and season 2 of ‘Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series’

Access to the unsinkable movie

Three Life classes on ‘millionaire money’, ‘healing relationships’, and ‘overcoming procrastination’

Unsinkable LIVE


Pros And Cons of The Unsinkable Bounce Back System


1. It gives you the blueprint to mentally control the situation you’re in…rather than react to it.

2. Beyond exercising control, you also get the tools to come out of such situations stronger and better.

3. Get transformed from being a “victim” to being the hero of your story.

4. The lessons/sessions are available as video, audio, or transcripts depending on your needs or preferences for consuming the content.

It’s comforting and motivating to feel you’re being understood and encouraged to rapidly exit a difficult period in your life. We don’t all have people around us who can empathize and support us in the ways we most need.

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, which I think is really important when you are buying anything online. You can try it out and if you don’t like it or get the results you expect, you can apply for a refund.

I love that much of this course centres around resilience. I truly believe that developing this skill has been one of the best investments of my time — because any success we have in life always comes along with plenty of “failures” first and learning to keep going is key.


1. Some parts of the marketing sounds like a hard sell. Not everyone would be cool with this…but then, I also understand that if one develops a product that is proven to change lives positively, he or she should do what it takes to place it in the hands of a lot of people as possible.

However, beyond the the marketing, the content is very valuable and effective.

2. Also, some of the videos ought to go beyond voice-over-audio. Though I personally have no issues with that, however some people would love to see a more lively and engaging set of videos.

Final Verdict: Is The Unsinkable Bounce Back System What It Claims to Be?

Yes it is…and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

In a multidimensional world like ours, where one often encounter life’s hard knocks at the least expected time, one cannot afford to not be without the strategies contained in this program.

Not only would it help you push through the hard knocks of life, it will also give you the confidence and courage to continue pushing through as you attain new levels of life.

In Addition to The Unsinkable Bounce Back System, I’m Also Giving You 4 Bonuses Worth $13,000

This bonus is for new and old business owners that want to bounce back financially.

If you’re getting the Unsinkable Bounce Back System for non-financial reasons, you’re free to pass on these bonuses to someone who may need them.

1. Get your Product Featured on this site Indefinitely (Worth $6,000)

With this bonus, I’ll personally take 3 hours of my time to create a compelling post about your business and product and have it published on this site in order to reach more people.

If you know me very well, I charge $1,000 for a one hour consultation.

With 3 hours of my time, that’s $3,000 that will be invested into the growth and success of your course/business.

Not only that…

If you’re to get a full post (above 1,000 words) published on this site the traditional way, it would cost you $800 for one week publication, or $3,000 for a full month publication.

And after the stipulated time, the post goes down.

However, with this bonus, you’ll have your post published on this site for unlimited period of time

This bonus on its own is easily worth over $6,000.

And it could be all yours.

2. 1 Week Troubleshooting of Your Marketing Processes (Worth $7,000)

Ask any experienced marketer, and you’ll find out there are times when your business sales just don’t match up with your expectations.

And the reason why is because there exist some constraints in your sales process.

To locate and eliminate these constraints and Jack up your sales to the level you want, you’ll have to get an expert to Troubleshoot your entire sales processes from beginning to end.

However, if you get the Unsinkable Bounce Back System through any link on this page, you’ll get 1 full week of business troubleshooting from me, worth $7,000.

3. Introduction to my JV Affiliate Network

Once you’ve gotten your process dialed in and your product is converting very well, you can now start scaling your business, fast.

And a Joint Venture/affiliate network is one sure place to get targetted traffic very quickly without spending a boatload of money on traffic or advert.

If you get the Unsinkable Bounce Back System and it’s a good fit, I’ll introduce you to my Joint Venture Affiliate Partners.

Not only will these people help promote your product and Business on their website, they’ll also promote it to their email list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

This alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

4. 1 Month SEO Campaign For Evergreen Traffic and Income (Worth $500 Monthly)

And to put the icing on the cake, my team and I will help you execute a one-month SEO campaign to help your site and content get ranked higher in Google Search results for more keywords, thereby resulting in a steady flow of traffic and customers for your business.

How to Get Your Bonuses

Getting your bonuses is actually simple and can be achieved in just 2 steps.

Step 1. Click the button below or any other button on this site to purchase Unsinkable Bounce Back System.

Step 2. Once you’re done, email your receipt of purchase to unsinkable@fulfillledinterest.com and we will get in touch with you and schedule a time to start working with you to grow your business.