How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree

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Are you worried about which type of Christmas tree to buy this season, or you probably don’t know how to select the perfect tree for your home? Follow our guide on how to choose the perfect Christmas tree and you’ll be glad you did.

On this article, we outlined a number of tips to help you choose the perfect Christmas tree this holiday season. So, just browse through and get a glimpse of how a perfect Christmas tree should be.

Decide Where to Place the Tree

Abstain from setting your tree close to a heat source (bright windows, radiators, warming vents, and chimneys). Attempt to keep the tree out of high traffic zones where it may be knocked or toppled, or where somebody may stumble on light lines. Stay away from any defect that may be hazardous, for example, alongside a flame in the chimney or upon an unbalanced table.

Measure the Space

Before you go out on the town to shop or chasing for that “immaculate tree,” you’ll have to choose where it will fit in your home. However, once a spot is picked to make certain to quantify BOTH the roof tallness and the width of that space. Record these numbers on a bit of paper. Additionally, measure your tree remain to decide the most extreme width of the tree trunk you can use in it. At long last, measure the tallness of your tree remains just as the stature of your treetop embellishment. Utilize every one of these estimations to decide the ideal tallness and width of the tree you’ll choose for your home.

Take a Tape Measure With You

Take the measuring tape with you when you shop. You’ll require it to gauge the trees you consider so you don’t bring home a 7″ width tree trunk for your 5″ breadth stand or a 99-foot tall tree if your roofs are just 8 feet.

Bring Supplies

Take substantial gloves to secure your hands and a measuring tape to help select the correct size tree. Locate an old cover to shield your vehicle from pine needles and sap. Take twine or rope to attach it safely to the vehicle (except if you realize the tree part will give this). Find a saw so a new cut can be made before setting the tree in water. Fill a pail with tepid water so your tree can begin drinking water when it returns home and has a crisp cut. Discover your tree stand (or decide whether you’ll require another one) and set it up. Confirm the greatest tree trunk distance across that will fit into the stand.

Pick the Right Tree Stand

Pick a tree stand that is durable and the correct size. Focus on the size of the tree trunk that each stand will suit. The taller your tree, the greater the distance across of the storage compartment. On the off chance that you have a tall, wide room, make certain to get an enormous represent the huge tree you’ll choose. On the off chance that you’ll put your tree on a table, a little stand will work fine. Search for tree stand models that hold a great deal of water. You’ll invest less energy refilling the water skillet all through the season. Get a stand that is effectively movable so the tree can be leveled.

Choosing a Tree

Evergreen trees with shorter needles, (for example, Fraser or Noble Fir) are regularly simpler to adorn than others, as they offer some space between branches for enhancements just as some more grounded stems to hold heavier ornaments. Learn progressively about the numerous sorts of Christmas trees and discover the attributes and employments of each kind.

Look for Space Between Branches

Remember that a tree looks better when the ornaments hang straight. Numerous trees today are prepped to be lavish and full, so mindful that decorations may hang at an edge on these sheered trees. For trimmings to hang straight, you’ll need a tree with some space between the branches. To test a tree, take an unbreakable adornment with you and drape it on a few branches to check whether there is space for it to hang straight.

Select a Fresh Tree

How might you tell if a tree is new? The needles should look glossy, green, and crisp—not dry or dark-colored. They ought not to tumble off when you pull on a branch.

Transporting your Tree

Better still, lay the tree inside your vehicle or trunk for the drive home. This will be troublesome except if you have a huge van or truck. On the off chance that you drive with the tree on the top of your vehicle, you should attach it safely to the vehicle. You might need to envelop it by a canvas or old cover.

Make a Fresh Cut

When you are home cut off in any event 1/2″ from the base of the storage compartment so the tree will start to absorb water right away.

Get It the Right Height

Depending on your roof stature, mark and cut progressively off the base of your tree, so it fits superbly in your space. In case you’re not going to show the tree inside your home immediately, stand it in a pail of warm water toward the edge of your carport, shielded porch, or basement, out of the sun.

Make Sure It Is Stable and Level

Your tree should stand consummately vertical. On the off chance that your covering is thick or uneven, you may need to put down a bit of compressed wood, so the tree stand sits on a flat, level base.

Protect Your Floor

Spot plastic or other waterproof covering on the floor where your tree will stand so you don’t destroy the rug or get watermarks on hardwood flooring.

Place the Tree in the Stand

To keep free needles off your floor, you may wish to get the tree to remain outside. Regardless of whether you introduce it inside or out, you should tip the tree on its side and fix the leveling braces of the remain around the base of the storage compartment. Next, with assistance, lift the tree to a standing position, being mindful so as not to harm the feet of the tree stand. At that point make any required changes in a vertical arrangement, so the tree stands straight. At long last, convey your tree (with the stand appended) inside and into the room it will live in and fill the water repository of the stand with water right away.

Secure the Stand to a Base

On the off chance that you have an extremely huge tree or are stressed over it spilling, you should attempt to append your tree stand to a huge, level bit of compressed wood before you put the tree in the stand. This will expand the base of the tree and give it strength.

Adjust the Top

You may need to make little changes on the highest point of your tree, depending on your roof stature and the kind of trimming (angel, star, and so forth.) that will be put on the top. On the off chance that your tree is excessively tall, cut away any stray branches that might stand out, however, abstain from slashing off the tallest vertical branch in the event that you can. This is normally a hardened branch and will be an unfaltering establishment for the treetop improvement. Utilize any clippings you may need to brighten your mantle or to make a focal point.

Trim Any Straggling Branches

On the off chance that any of the lower branches look flawed or hit the furnishings or dividers, trim them off. Attempt to trim at an edge that is about parallel to the floor, so cuts are less recognizable. Utilize these additional limbs and branches to embellish your mantle or table, keeping them in water until you organize them.

Water The Tree

Is it true that we are expressing what is on my mind? Continuously keep your crisp tree in a stand that holds bunches of water. Check the water level every day. For an initial couple of days, you may even need to refill the water at regular intervals! (Set a clock to remind you to check it.) After about seven days the water admission will back off, and day by day refills ought to be fine.

Add More Water

Plain water is all you have to keep your tree new. Yet, there are water added substances and showers you can buy that guarantee to keep trees new more. Get some information about them where you purchase your tree, or at a nearby nursery focus.

How to Water

The most ideal way is likewise the hardest way. You’ll require a few towels, a water container, and some tolerance. Move-in near the tree stand. In the event that you can’t see the water level, place one finger into the water store and start to include water gradually. (A watering can with a long spout is useful.) Stop including water when you feel the water on your finger. Hold up a couple of minutes to ensure no water spills onto the floor.

Secure It

On the off chance that you have kids or pets going around and are worried about them thumping the tree over, make certain to tie down it to a wall or a steady household item. Tie it safely in a few spots with fish line, twine, or cording connected to little eye hooks. Make sure that the tie lines are distant and won’t represent any threat to kids or creatures.


Regardless of whether you enrich with a particular subject or trim your tree with the discord of old and new decorations, your evergreen is certain to look phenomenal.

When Christmas is Over, Recycle

Call your waste administration organization or city corridor to discover how to reuse your tree for mulch.

Avoid Burning Your Christmas Tree!

You should never burn your Christmas tree or branches, as this could exhibit an extreme flame peril. Discard your tree as indicated by nearby guidelines by means of junk gathering, chipping for mulch, or reusing.