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Welcome to this lesson…

In this lesson, I’ll show you one of the easiest and fastest method to start running your promotions on Facebook.

As you already know, 90% of the traffic online are either gotten from Facebook or Google.

With Facebook, the fastest way to get results is to pay for it. That is, by running Ads. With Google, the fastest way to get traffic is to consistently write high quality content, and engage in long term link building.

However, in this post, we will focus strictly on Facebook as a source of traffic to your website.

There are primarily two methods to promote stuff on Facebook.

One is the free method, and the other is the paid method. Both methods will be covered in today’s lesson.

Even, the paid method can be carried out using three different methods. However, in this lesson (and training), I’ll focus more on the easiest paid method to run promotions.

So let’s get started.

Boosting Your Page Post

The easiest approach to start running a paid promotion is by boosting your page posts.

With this approach, all you need to do is write up and publish a post on your Facebook Page (in this case, an Ad for what you’re promoting) like you would on your own personal timeline, and then using the “boost post” option that Facebook gives you at the bottom of the post as shown in the image below:


Once you do that, a pop-up will appear, where you’ll be required to choose the Objective, Audience, Budget and Duration, as well as tracking and payment.

I’ll explain each and every one of them below…

Ad Objective

The ad objective is where you determine what exactly you want to achieve with your ad.

With the page boost method, there are only 2 options to choose from.

  1. The First is Website Visitors.

With this, objective, Facebook will try to show your ads (boosted Post) to people who are more likely to click on your ads to view your website.

2. Engagement

With this Objective, Facebook will show your ads with the intent of making people engage on your ads such as like, comment or share it.

For our purpose, I’ll recommend you chose Website Visitors (traffic, or clicks to website, depending on how it is worded on your account).

The next is the audience….

Understanding The Audience Targeting Capabilities of Facebook

One thing that people who are currently making money on Facebook knows is that all audience are not the same.

There are audiences that are highly irrelevant to the offer you will be promoting, and there are also audiences that are Extremely Relevant to the offer you will be promoting.

For example, the offer of Sanitary Pads will be more relevant to Women than it is to Men.

Therefore, if you’re attempting to promote such offer on Facebook, you can choose your promotion to be seen by only women.

However, this was not possible before the creation of Facebook.

In the past, promoters have to pay to show their Offer to everybody. And if those who are seeing the offer are irrelevant (like trying to sell sanitary pads to Men) such a person will lose a ton of money.

That problem is what Facebook has solved successfully…

Because with Facebook, you can now target and present your offer with a high degree of accuracy to the exact audience that are likely to be interested in it.

The L.A.G.I Properties That Defines An Audience On Facebook

If you’re trying to promote an offer on Facebook, you have to tell Facebook who you want to see that promotion.

And to do that, there are 4 Specific things (L.A.G.I) you can tell Facebook about your audience that will help them determine the right people to see your offer or promotion.

  1. The first of them starts with letter L, and this is the Location of those you want to see your offer.

If you’re trying to promote an offer on Facebook, the first question you should ask yourself is where in the world are those who are likely to buy this product living?

As someone that selects an offer to promote in clickbank and these offers are priced in dollars, it means that majority of your ideal audience are living in the United States of America.

So to target people living in US with your offer, all you need to do is type in US in the location section of your Ad settings.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Facebook also have the ability to target people based on State and Cities…

For example, while I was running an Ad for this training, I only told Facebook to show the Ads to People Living in and around Lagos and Port-harcourt.

Meaning that a Nigerian who is living in Kano, or Zaria or Maiduguri will probably not see the Ads for this training.


Because the majority of those living in those locations are not the ideal audience for this training. As a result, I don’t want to spend money presenting my offer to the wrong people.

Therefore, the majority of those who are currently registered for this training and reading this lesson right now are either living in Lagos or areas that are close to Lagos. Also those a good number of those who are enrolled in this Training are either staying in Port-harcourt or Living in areas close to Portharcourt such as Bayelsa, Delta and Imo states.

Such is the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook.

The same thing applies to you…

When you’re running a paid promotion on Facebook, you have to select where in the world you want your promotion to be displayed.

In addition you can also show your promotions only to those living in a particular city.

So for example, if I’m running for the position of Local Government in Lekki, I can tell Facebook to show my election promotion to those people living only in Lekki, because it will make no sense if people from other parts of Lagos are seeing the Promotion.

In the same vein, if I’m running for the Governor of Ogun state, I can tell Facebook to show my promotion to only those who are accessing Facebook from Ogun state.

Such is one of the powerful targeting abilities of Facebook.


  1. The second targeting ability of Facebook is by Age (Letter A)

Again, if you’re running a paid promotion on Facebook, you can tell Facebook to show your promotion to people who are living in a certain area and are between a certain age.


For example, in one of my Ads for this training, I told Facebook to show my promotion to those who are Living in Lagos and are between the ages of 23 to 40.

Meaning if you’re in Lagos state, but you’re less than 23 years of age, you wouldn’t have seen my promotion. Similarly, those who are above 40 years will not see my promotions either.

Why do I have to exclude these audiences from seeing my promotions?

Because I know those people are not the right audience for this training. Showing my promotion to someone who is 18 years old makes no sense because he or she probably does not have the money to enrol, as well as the resources to implement what will be taught in the training.

Similarly I don’t want someone who is above 40 years (like 45 years of age) to see my promotion because…while this person may have the money to enrol, the truth is this person is likely old school and won’t understand most of the concepts that will be taught in the training.

The same thing applies to you…

If you want to promote an offer on Facebook, you have to determine the part of the world where those who are likely to buy the offer are living…and you also have to determine the particular age range that the offer is suitable for.


  1. The Third Targeting ability of Facebook is The Gender (Letter G)

Who is your offer for?

Are they male or Female?

If your offer is mostly suitable for male like a Clipper, then there is no point telling Facebook to show your promotions to both Male and Female.

Instead, you’re better served when your promotions are shown to Men Only.

On the other hand, if your offer is mostly suitable for women (E.g Sanitary Pads), you’re better served showing your promotion to women only.

This is one of the powerful targeting abilities of Facebook.

Alternatively, if your offer is suitable to both Men and Women, you can tell Facebook to show your paid promotion to both Men and Women.

For example, I Once ran an Ad for a particular product that did successfully well. And the reason why that promotion brought me N4 for every N1 I put into Facebook was because I told Facebook to show the promotion to Women who are between the ages of 37 to 48 years and are living in Lagos.

That is, if you’re living in Lagos and you’re between the ages of 37 to 48, BUT you’re not a woman, you will not see the Ad.

As a result, that Ad was highly profitable. The Ad ran for 3 months, and within this period of time, I spent N700,000 on Ads and made back N2.8 Million…

Because for each N1 I spent on Facebook, I was getting N4 Back.

When you divide that figure on a monthly basis, that promotion was almost giving me N1 Million on a monthly basis…

And guess how long it took me to set up and run that promotion?

Just 15 minutes!

Yes, that’s right. That promotion took only 15 minutes to set up and all I have to do to every day is spend just 5 minutes to check it per day.

That again is one of the things that made Facebook so Powerful…

And the good thing is…whether I’m sleeping or driving or traveling, that promotion was making me money. I do not need to be at a particular place to earn money. So long as I can log into Facebook per day, I was making money.

And that’s the awesome thing about this opportunity…because if you look at it critically, the big question is how many people in Nigeria are earning almost N1 Million per month, working only 5 minutes per day?

The answer is not much!

Even those who are working in an Oil company do not work for just 5 minutes per day. They usually work for hours…about 6 to 9 hours per day, and I can argue that despite these hours of hard work, many of them do not make up to N1 Million as salary in a month.

This is why Facebook is one of the Most Powerful Money Making Platform on Earth Today.


  1. The fourth Targeting ability of Facebook is Called Interests (Letter I)

This is the largest and most powerful of them all because with interests, you can target a whole bunch of people on Facebook.

With this Feature, you can now target people precisely in a manner that was impossible to believe just few years ago.

So What Is Interests all About?

In a nutshell, interests is a unique property of each user on Facebook…

It includes how each user have been using Facebook since their account was created, and other characteristics that define them.

Just to give you a little insight into what Interests is all about, consider the following hypothetical example…

Let’s say I want to Promote an upcoming relationship seminar in Portharcourt meant for young men in relationships, who can I target this promotion to?

A good answer will be Men who are living in Port-Harcourt and are between 25 to 30 years of age AND are INTERESTED in Relationships.

Can you see how powerful this is?

So if you’re a man living in Port Harcourt and you’re between 25 to 30 years BUT you’re not interested in Relationships, Facebook will NOT show this promotion to you.

That is just how powerful Facebook is…and this ability to target people precisely based on their interests is exactly one of the things that makes Facebook a powerful money making machine.

In my case, when I was running a promotion for this training, one of the interests I targeted are those who are Using Android Operating system.

Which means, anyone who is using an IPhone, IPad, Windows Phone, Windows Laptop or Apple Laptop will NOT see my promotion.

With this ability to precisely target only those who are using Android Phones in my promotion, I was able to recoup my Ad spend back plus a hefty profit on top of it.

So here are some of the Interests you can use to Target People on Facebook…

With INTERESTS, you can target those who are:

  1. Interested in Celebrities…
  2. Interested in Technology…
  3. Interested in Certain Pages on facebook….
  4. Groups they Belong to on Facebook…
  5. Pages they’ve Liked on Facebook…
  6. Work Position they Occupy…
  7. Business Owners, CEOs or Self-employed people…
  8. Buying and Purchasing Habits….
  9. The Kind of Cars They Drive…
  10. ..and Family People,
  11. ETC…

The list above is just a little example of the power of Facebook interest targeting.

So there you have it…

The four powerful targeting ability of Facebook to precisely deliver to promotions to the right people.

Again, this is what I call L.A.G.I.

It is your ability to select those who are living in a certain Location, within a certain age range, and of a specific gender and are likely interested in what you have to offer

To succeed on Facebook and make a ton of money, you must make sure you have the audience with the correct combination of Location, Age, Gender and Interests to target your promotion to.

Once you’ve done that, Facebook will tell you the number of people that are available on its platform that meet the Location, Age, Gender and Interests that you’ve specified.

And your ability to reach these people will now be a function of your Budget.

A Little Bit of Budgeting Explained…

Again, there’s this false belief in the mind of so many people that to run ads on facebook, you need a boatload of money.

It is simply not true.

Earlier, I made mention of a promotion I ran on Facebook for 3 months that costs me a total of N700,000.

And I know after reading that, some of you are going to say “Mr Godwin, I don’t have N700,000 to run a Facebook promotion”.

But the truth is…that promotion that costs me N70,000 was a scaled promotion. I did not start that promotion with N70,000.

In fact, it may interest you that I started that campaign with just N10,000 and then scaled it up to N700,000 within 3 months.

To be completely honest with you, the most I have ever spent when I’m starting a new promotion on Facebook is just N5,000.

And the reason why I spent this much to get started was because I was targeting the citizens of a Foreign country.

However, if I’m targeting Nigerians in my promotion, the most i usually get started with is N310.

Just to give you a real life example…

I’ve been running Facebook promotions to citizens of other countries for a very long time now, but I haven’t targeted Nigerians with an offer in any of my campaigns or promotions before.

So when I had the idea for this training, I decided to test it and see if Nigerians will love it…

So I created my first Ad (which is the Image below) and spent just N310 on Facebook to promote it to Nigerians living in Lagos and PortHarcourt…and it was successful!

That first promotion gave me N4,500 back…which when I deduct my initial Ad spend results in a profit of N4,190. So all I needed to do was to continue running that promotion from the profits realized.

Today, that promotion that began with just N310 (three hundred and ten Naira) has been scaled into several thousands of Naira every day.

In fact, below is a screenshot of my Ad spend to show you that you don’t need a bunch of money in the bank to run Ads.

The same applies to you…

You don’t need to have several thousands of Naira sitting in the bank to start a profitable Facebook promotion.

With the concept of Budget Recycling which we discussed in a previous lesson, you can start small and then scale up with the proceeds realized.

So that begs the question…

How Much Budget Should I start With?

If you’re targeting a Nigerian audience, you can start with as little as N500.

However, since for our purposes, you’ll be targeting US audience, I recommend you start with at least, N5,000 per day.

And the reason for this recommendation is because of one word: Competition!

Since United States is one of the best economies in the world, there are many advertisers that are targeting US citizens on a daily basis…as a result, the cost of targeting US citizens has to go up considerably.

So in order to stand a chance of getting your ads seen by your target audience, it only make sense for you to spend the minimum of what others who are targeting the same audience as you are spending.

How To Determine The Location, Age, Gender and Interest of The Audience You Should Save

The type of audience you should save is determined by the offer you selected on clickbank that you want to promote.

Different offers require different audience. The success or failure of your promotion is largely based on your audience.

If you target the right audience, you will make a lot of money. On the other hand, if you target the wrong audience, you will lose a ton of money.

There are several ways to determine the best audience to target…and in this lesson, I’ll show you one of the ways to choose an audience to target.

To get the best audience requires a little bit of research…and this research can be done using Google, Facebook and Similarweb.

To get started, visit the website of the offer you selected on Clickbank.

Once you’ve visited the website, also visit similarweb.com.

Then copy the URL of the offer’s website and paste in into the search bar in Similarweb and press enter or click search.

Similarweb will give you as much data of that website as possible. The areas you want to pay attention to are the following sections “Traffic by countries”, “Referrals”,  “Audience Interests” as well as the “Topics” that are revealed under the audience interest section.

Your goal here is to know the exact countries that are mostly visiting the site. You also want to take note of the list of websites in the Referral section that are also sending people to that site.

You also want to take note of the topics that the Audience visiting the site are interested in. This is absolutely important. Make sure you take note of this.

Once you have taken note of these information, the next step for you is twofold…

  • Visit at least 5 of the sites that are referring people to the offer you have decided to promote on Clickbank.

Once you’ve visited those sites, your goal is to check and see if they have a Facebook Page…and how active those pages are. If those sites have active Facebook Pages, then you can target those who like those Pages in your Facebook Ads.

  • Visit Facebook and search for 5 of those Topics you got from Similarweb.

You want to make sure that there are very active pages and groups around each of those Topics. If they are, you’ve just stumbled among some of the interests of the audience that are likely to buy the Clickbank offer you are promoting.

But What If You Don’t Have Money To Run Ads?

Isn’t there another way to still promote the Product?

There are. And they are free!

That’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on in the next lesson. The only downside to the free method is that it requires a little more work…and normally takes longer than the paid method.

Nevertheless, I’ll still talk about it in the next lesson.

Stay Tuned!!

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