The Proven Formula For Wealth Creation

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Welcome to the second lesson in our Financial Success Blueprint.

This lesson continues from where the last one ended. In this lesson, I’m going to dive deep into the different financial vehicles for generating wealth.

Since this training is all about Financial success, it is absolutely important to learn about the different financial vehicles that are available to you. I’ll be talking about the Reasons To Buy and Reasons To Avoid of each vehicle.

In addition, I’ll also be sharing my proven formula for wealth creation with you.

Every other thing we do in this training from henceforth will be Based on the principle—and application—of this formula.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be more equipped with the needed understanding that is required to make and sustain big money.

So let’s get started.

In the previous lesson, I mentioned that the only 2 reasons why people struggle financially is because:

  1. There’s too much money going out, and…
  2. Not enough money coming in.

And we saw that the best way to solve this problem is to keep your expenses steady and increase your income.

And I further told you that to achieve that, you have to use the right financial vehicle.

So let’s look at each of these vehicles one after the other like I promised.

The Four Classes of Financial Vehicles

To change your financial life, you have to use one or more proven vehicles.

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that there are 4 different types of financial vehicles you can use to start increasing your income. So here they are:

  1. Employment
  2. Stocks
  3. Real estate
  4. Business

These are the four categories of financial vehicles there is, and every form of making money today falls into one of these categories.

Now, if you really want to improve your finances, the most important question is… “Which one should you use first?”

To answer that question, we really need to take one step backwards and get an overview so we can move five steps forward.

First of all, what is a vehicle?

In simple terms, a vehicle is a means of moving from point A to point B.

And a financial vehicle is simply what you invest your time, energy and money in with the hopes of going from where you are financially (your Point A) to where you want to be financially (your Point B) within a specific time frame.

It is best understood if you consider your financial life to be a journey just like traveling from Lagos to Owerri. In both cases, you are trying to go from where you currently are to where you want to be.

To embark on this journey, you have various choices of vehicles.

You can choose to fly to Owerri by air, you can choose to go to Owerri by bus, you can choose to go there with a motorcycle, or you can choose to go on foot.

Similarly, that is what each of these financial vehicles represents. Some can be likened to an airplane, some to a car, some to a motorcycle, and the rest likened to trekking on foot.

How soon you want to get to your financial destination determines the kind of vehicle (or combination of vehicles) you have to use – if you want to get to your destination on time!

The problem with millions of people all over the world is that they want to get to their destination on time, but they are using the wrong kind of vehicle, and this greatly limits their chances of making it on time!

Now that we’ve seen a brief overview of the kinds of financial vehicles there is, let us look at each of them in details.

  1. Employment

When millions of people all over the world start desiring to get to a better financial state, their first inclination is to go get a job.

While there’s nothing bad in getting a job; however, the basic problem with this approach is that it is a very slow vehicle to use to embark on your financial journey.

To make it clearer, using this approach to get to your financial destination is like attempting to go from Lagos to Owerri on foot.

While the chances of getting there is very slim, however if you do get there at all, it will take a heck of a long time.

Remember we said that the issue concerning your finances can be likened to embarking on a journey? And that your choice of vehicle is determined by how soon you want to get to your destination?

Yes, and using a very slow vehicle is one of the major reasons why millions of people never make it to their financial destination on time – that is, if they ever get there at all.

Generally, this vehicle takes about 40 years to take an average citizen from point A to point B.

The average citizen starts working between the ages of 25 – 30, and expects to retire between the ages of 65 – 70. When you subtract the age at which an average citizen starts work from the age at which that citizen expects to retire, the difference is a whopping 40 years of age!

By using this vehicle, the average citizen is unconsciously planning to spend about 40 years of her life trying to attain financial freedom.

According to my 64-words financial rule which I’ll soon show you below, it is only one person – which happens to be their boss – that gives them money. And this money only comes about 12 times per year.

And when this money comes in, there are a bunch of people waiting to take it off your hands.

This is one of the biggest problem in using this vehicle as the only vehicle to get to your financial destination.

  1. Stocks

This is another kind of vehicle that most people use when they want to find themselves in a better financial state.

And truth be told, this vehicle is very effective, however, the average citizen does not have the required skills to bring their financial desires into manifestation with this vehicle.

Alternatively, they either avoid it completely, or hand over their money to financial professionals whom they believe is more experienced and knowledgeable than they are.

For most Nigerians, it takes about 20 years to use this vehicle to attain any degree of wealth.

Attempting to do this is like attempting to go from Lagos to Owerri on a Motorcycle.

  1. Real Estate

This is the third category of financial vehicles, and it is one of the vehicles touted by conventional wisdom as the most preferred vehicle of choice to attain financial freedom.

While I will be the first to vouch for this vehicle, however, my recommendation is that it shouldn’t be the first vehicle of choice for most people.

There are millions of people all over the world who are rushing into Real Estate, using it as their first vehicle of choice to attain financial freedom. The problem in doing this is that if they successfully buy a piece of Real Estate, they become millionaires on paper but can’t really afford the cash they need to support their lifestyle.

I’ve seen people who own Real Estate (House and Lands) that worth millions of Naira, but can’t really afford enough money to cater for their basic needs. They own a N4 Million property, but they can’t afford N40,000 on a monthly basis as a result of owning that property.

This is especially true in Nigeria since most Nigerians are house and land owners, either by purchase or inheritance.

Until those properties are sold or rented out, the individual that owns them continue to live poorly if they don’t have another source of income.

While I agree that property ownership/investment can produce a huge amount of money when done right, however, to the inexperienced property owner, it often takes years (about 10 years on average) to make any significant amount of money with this vehicle.

Using this vehicle is like attempting to go from Lagos to Owerri by Bus.

Sure, it is faster than gaining employment or purchasing stocks from companies, however, it is not as fast as using a business as your primary source of income.

  1. Business

This is the last vehicle, and using this vehicle is like traveling to your financial destination by plane. It is the vehicle I recommend for the average citizen to get started with.

And the reason is because a business typically shorten the years it’s going to take you to become financially free and wealthy, provided you seek competent professional advice and you know what you’re doing.

Now when I talk of business, most people think I’m talking about the typical brick-and-mortar business where you have to rent a shop or build a factory or start to import raw materials from abroad.


Those kind of businesses are good and beneficial. But in our case, the business I’m referring to is a simple online business that has the potential of giving you fast income and bigger profit margin…without requiring you to bath and dress up for “work” everyday.

When you build links to your site in an online business, you stand the chance to rank higher in Google and have a flood of people visiting your site if you do it long enough.

In fact, with this type of business, you’ll be catching fun instead of “working” like most of your colleagues out there will.

So now that we’ve known that building your own business is the fastest and shortest method of generating serious income, let’s look at…

The 100-Years-old Financial Master plan: The Guide to Long-lasting Wealth

The money you make in business can be considered “seed money”.

That is, that money is meant to grow and grow until it start producing more than enough fruits that you can depend on for the rest of your life.

And the best way to achieve this is to use the exact same formula that has been used to build long-lasting wealth over and over again since the past 100 years.

This is the formula followed by many of the ultra-rich in the world today.

As Tony Robbins once said, “success leaves clues. If someone is consistently successful at anything, there are not lucky. He’s only doing something differently than others. All you have to do is find out what that is and model it”.

In the same vein, if you want to attain the same measure of wealth as the richest men in your city, you have to follow the same formula that many of them follow.

How aggressive you’re going to be while implementing this formula is largely determined by the amount of wealth you want to achieve.

So what is this formula I’m talking about?

Here is it…

Make your money through a business, and keep it growing in Stocks and Real Estate.

In other words, you make your money through a business so you can take advantages of the huge benefits a business affords you, and try as much as possible to invest a considerable sum of that money in other financial vehicles.

And you do that not with your individual name, but with your business name.

This is the proven formula that has produced more rich and financially free people in our society today than any other financial formula.

The Law of Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is one of the most simple things to understand and achieve if you know how.

Unfortunately, many Nigerians continue to struggle and suffer because they do not know or understand the secret I’m about to share with you.

I want you to really take time to understand this law because if you do, there should be nothing that should ever keep you broke or struggling financially again.

This law is so important because it will be the core foundation of everything we’ll be doing in the future.

So study it, understand it and make sure to implement it.

Do not break this law! I repeat, in everything you do, DO NOT BREAK this law.

No one ever achieved financial success by breaking this law. And ANY PERSON on the surface of the Earth that has achieved any degree of financial success did so by observing this law to the latter.

Having said that, here is the secret of success and the law of wealth creation:

For you to make money, someone has to give it to you; and the level of wealth you may attain in life is determined by the number of people giving you money at any given time, the amount they give you, the frequency with which they give you the money, and then what you do with the money after it is given to you”.

That’s it!

Pretty powerful stuff, isn’t it?

I want you to write down this law in your book, or diary or somewhere else that you can always go over it occasionally. It’s that Important!

Let me illustrate a story that will tell you just how powerful this law is.

“I went to my favourite salon to cut my hair one fateful day.

On getting there, I met an average elderly gentleman whose mood that day was not really encouraging. Let’s call him Mathew Iheanacho.

From the look of things, Mathew was experiencing financial difficulty, so as usual, he started complaining.

He complained about the economy, the government, his boss and everything in-between.

Being the financial enthusiast that I am, I decided to try and see if I can help him with some financial tips, and maybe get him to change his perspective about money.

Luckily for me, he wasn’t hostile… so he granted me the freedom to express my opinion.

So I began…not by “preaching” to him about money, but by challenging his thought pattern and core beliefs about money.

At first, I thought it was just going to be a very brief discussion, but alas, this discussion lasted about 2 hours much to the enlightenment of everyone that was present in the room that day.

So I started by asking him this question: “Hey Mathew”, I said; “do you know who Mike Adenuga and Folarunsho Alakija is?”

“Yes”, he answered, sensing that I was about to challenge his core beliefs. “And what do these people have in common?” I asked.

“They are all billionaires”, he replied. “That’s correct”, I said before diving into the point I wanted to make.

“Many years ago, a group of people named Mike Adenuga, Folarunsho Alakija and Mathew Iheanacho were born into this world.

They all came into this world empty-handed without money. No cash, no bank account, no debt, and no savings.

While growing up, they all lived in the same country, under the same laws, and governed by the same set of government. They both had 365 days per year, the same number of days in each month, and the same 24 hours in each day.

Years later, two of these people grew up to be Billionaires, and only one of them is not. What do you think was the reason that one person wasn’t able to attain the same level of wealth as the others?”

He sat there motionless, with a look on his face that indicated he was pondering about the question I just asked him. Others who were present in the room were at a similar state too.

They realized that while it was very easy to blame the government, their boss and the economy, those were not the real cause of what they are going through financially.

So I continued… “The real reason why Mike Adenuga and Folarunsho Alakija are all Billionaires is not because they were just lucky or selected by fate to be Billionaires.

The reason is simply because millions of people all over the world willingly give them money, and these millions of people consistently give them this money over time.

They had a very formidable plan, a plan that ensure that a lot of people will consistently give them money over time. This is simply the reason why they are Billionaires.

Mathew looked at me silently, nodding his head, signifying that he was getting the message I was passing across.

“So that is why they are all billionaires”, he asked slowly like someone that has just received a glimpse of inspiration.

With that statement, I asked him one last question since he was the one complaining about money: “what have you done for your country men that will make lots of them to willingly and consistently give you money over time?”

He looked at me for a while, and then regretfully answered…”Nothing. I’ve done nothing for my country men and that’s why they don’t give me their money”.

“And that is why you’re not yet as wealthy as you want”, I added as meekly and politely as possible.

Finally he got the message, and what I thought was going to be a 10 minute conversation gradually consumed about 2 hours of our time. We went deeper, exploring different truths about money much to the satisfaction of every one.


Understanding The 64-Words Financial Rule

When you take a good look at the 64-words financial law above, you will discover that there are 4 necessary pillars to start building your wealth. They are:

  1. The number of people giving you money at any given time.
  2. The amount they give you.
  3. The frequency with which they give you the money
  4. What you do with the money afterwards.

That is, the formula to start building your wealth is as follows:


(No of people x Amount x Frequency ± Aftermath = Level of wealth)

So for you to be financially successful in life, you definitely have to CONTROL, or at least, influence these 3 elements:

  1. The number of people giving you money
  2. The amount they give you…
  3. The frequency with which they give you the money

Your ability to properly control or influence these 3 criteria determines your level of financial success and freedom. Failure to do that, automatically spells your continual struggle, or the death of your finances.

For example, let’s say you want to make N1 Million in the next 12 months. How do you go about it?

You have to start by breaking down this figure so you know exactly what your monthly, weekly and even daily goals and targets should be.

Below are just some of the numerous formulas for making N1Million in 12 months:

  1. N1,000,000 = 1,000 x 84 x 12
  2. N1,000,000 = 1,000 x 20 x 50
  3. N1,000,000 = 2,000 x 25 x 20
  4. N1,000,000 =  1000 x 500 x 2
  5. N1,000,000 =  100 x 100 x 100
  6. N1,000,000 =  200 x 50 x 100
  7. N1,000,000 =  800 x 25 x 50

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the Naira sign (N) is not placed at the right-hand-side of any of the simple equations above. And that was done for a purpose.


Because from my experience, the Naira sign is so important that it significantly impacts everything thing you do concerning your wealth generation.

So let’s say we decide to go with the first formula, and we put the Naira sign before N1,000, It automatically means that…to make N1 Million Naira in the next 12 months, you need:

84 people giving you N1,000 every month for the next 12 months!

If you can be able to get just 84 people to give you N1,000 every month, within 1 year, you will hit the sum of 1 Million Naira.

Now the big question is…

Why would 84 people want to give you money every month?

What can you do to make them willing to hand over their hard earned money to you?

That’s what we’ll discuss in the next lesson.

Watch out for it!

Also, get ready because your first assignment will begin with the next lesson.

Stay tuned!

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