How to Make Money Online

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Are you looking for genuine and proven ways to make money online?

If so, you’re at the right place.

In fact, this could be the most useful post you’ve ever read online this year…

Because right in this post, I’m going to show you the secrets that I and a few other people consistently use to make money online.

And when I talk of making money online, I’m talking of making anywhere between the sum of  N200,000 to N550,000 online every month.

With the secrets I’m about to show you, you could be making N200,000 in a bad month…and N530,000 and even more in a good month.

Personally, I’ve been using the secrets I’m about to share with you below for years…and today with these secrets, I’ve grown to a point where I now make as much as N1.3 Million Naira online in a month.

Listen, to be completely honest, I’m not saying you’re going to make the same amount as me, especially if you’re just starting out for the first time.

But with the secrets I’m about to show you, if you put it to work, you should comfortably be making anywhere between the sum of  N200,000 to N530,000 online every month, just like others I’ve shown this secret to.

And not only do we make serious amount of money online, but we also do it all LEGALLY…with absolute peace of mind and nothing to worry about.

And the good news is…

If you’re reading this, you too are also just a few steps of discovering the money making secrets that is guaranteed to forever change your life for good…

Because right here in this post, I’m also going to show you the honest-to-God secrets of making money online so you too can start making real money online.

And the most interesting thing is…

You don’t need any special software to make money online with this method. You don’t need any advanced skill either, neither do you need any form of “capital” to get started.

The basic things you seriously need to start making money online, are just a gmail account…which I’m sure you already have or can easily get…and your internet connection.

If you have these two things, there’s no reason why you should continue to suffer from lack of money. Honestly.

And I’m going to show you how to take these things you already have and LEGALLY turn them into a reliable and repeatable source of income every single month!

But before I do, let me first of all introduce myself and let you know…

Who am I And Why It’s In Your Best Interest to Listen to What I Have to Say..

My name is Adams

I am the CEO of fulfilled interest, as well as a financial coach that show people just like you, the proven ways to make money and earn a serious living online.

Fulfilled interest is my testing ground. It is the site I use for all the practical,  experiment, tests and acquisition of knowledge.

The knowledge that comes from running multiple tests and ideas on fulfilled interest is what I use in coaching fellow others on the best ways to make money online.

In the past 10 years, I’ve been blessed to coach several hundreds of people on how to make money online.
Most of my clients Started from nothing. Some were even struggling to pay their house rent before coming across this page you’re reading now.

But today, they are all big boys and big girls who can not only pay their rent comfortably, but now have the financial capacity to adequately take care of themselves and their loved ones.

I’m talking of guys like Adekunle Segun who was flat broke and frustrated before reading this information you’re reading right now.

But after reading it and following the steps below, I helped him to create a site called

After creating the site, I coached him on how to turn it into a consistent source of income online.

Today, this site makes around N250,000 for Adekunle every month without too much effort.

The same thing happened to David…

David was a graduate of University of Lagos.

After looking for meaningful work without finding any, one day, he went to Google and search for “how to make money online”.

He clicked through to my website and contacted me.

After listening to him, I helped him create a site called Then I coached him and shared with him, the secrets of how to use that site to make money online.

The results?

As you can see below, David now makes around $800 every month…which when converted to Naira, is about N300,000 per month.

These are just 2 out of the many people I’ve helped to start making money online legally.
And I can help you too…

But before I jump into helping you, let me first of all explain about the wrong ways to make money online, and why you’ll probably fail if you try to make money online with any of the methods listed below…

40 Wrong Ways to Make Money Online Which You Must Completely Ignore!

See, if you’re like others who are seriously looking for a way to make money online, with just a simple Google search, you must have come across one or more of the acclaimed methods of making money online listed below…

They are…

1. Do URL Shortening

2. Offering feedback on websites and apps

3. Creating your own broadcast

4. Start a book review site

5. Taking online surveys and watching videos

6. Buy and Sell Domain Names

7. Playing trending video games

8. Searching online for your next purchase

9. Teaching English online

10. Publishing profitable online articles

11. Translating materials

12. Working freelance in, literally, every expertise

13. Selling your old textbooks for Amazon Gift Cards

14. Selling your notes

15. Making voice-over

16. Entering data

17. Transcribing audio clips

18. Selling goods

19. Completing tasks for big companies

20. Do Email Marketing

21. Scanning barcodes from your grocery shopping

22. Renting out your dorm for films

23. Investing through a user-friendly app

24. Delivering parcels on your beloved bike

25. Earning cash back rewards

26. Selling your photos

27. Virtually helping doctors sort out their paperwork

28. Become an online tutor

29. Video Blogging

30. Making your own profitable online course

31. Publish ebooks

32. Do Facebook Marketing

33. Selling designs

34. Making music

35. Develop a software

36. Start Copywriting

37. Do Ecommerce Dropshipping

38. Trading bitcoin

39. Sell on Etsy

40. Trading Forex

If you want to make money online,  following any of the methods above, will completely result in frustration and a waste of time.


Because all of the methods listed above would either require…

i. A large amount of Capital to make it work, or…

ii. A longer time  before you can see or make any meaningful amount of money from it, or…

ii. They require advance technical skills and setup before you can start seeing good amount of money from it.

And the problem is…

If you’re like most people, you either do not have a large of capital lying around in your house which you can use to start making money online, or you’re actually busy at work or school, and you do not have too much time to dedicate to your money making activities, or you actually do not have advanced level technical skills that you can use to start making money online.

So does this means it is virtually impossible for you to make money online?

The answer is No!

It is very much possible for you to make money online, even if you do not have a large amount of capital lying around, or all the time in the world, or any advanced technical skills.

With what I’m going to show you below, you’ll see how simple it actually is to start making meaningful amount of money online every single month.

And now the big question is…

What Is The Best Way to Start Making Money Online?

The best way to start making money online is by having your own Digital Content Business.

If you see people making N100,000 naira and above online every month, the reason is NOT because they are trading Forex online.

The reason is not because they are submitting survey online every day. The reason is also not because they doing url-shortening, or any of the stuffs listed above.

For those making over N100,000 online every month, the reason is simply because they have their own profitable digital content business.

That is the secret, and the source of their high income.

And if you too want to start making any reasonable amount of money online every month, you have to start doing exactly the same thing that will generate a high level of income for you every month online, and that is absolutely by having your own profitable digital content business.

Yes, a Digital Content Business is the best way to start making money online.

And the reason is because…

1. It is relatively easy to start

Unlike other businesses, a digital content business does not require huge investments in equipment to start.

You don’t even need a shop or office space.

All you need is just a good and functional laptop, and an internet subscription.

If you’re like most people, there’s a great chance that you already subscribe for internet monthly.

If so, it means you already have what it takes to start a digital content business.

And if you’re reading this on your laptop, or phone, then there’s nothing that should stop you from starting your own digital content business, as you already have all that is needed.

2. It is Highly Profitable. Profits Is Usually above 70%

In all my years as a business coach, I’m still trying hard to find a N500K business that is as profitable as a Digital Content Business.

But I’ve found None!

Seriously, there’s no type of business you can start with N500K that will give you the same amount of profit as a Digital Content Business would.

Most Digital Content Business, when run very well will readily generate between N200K to N800K in profit for you every month.

For example, my Digital Content Business generates on average, N1 Million Naira in profit monthly, as you can see from my screenshot of just last December below:

Not only does it make money, but I’m able to receive the money here and convert it at an exchange rate of 470 naira per dollar, which equals to over 1 Million Naira every single month with 99% of this being pure profit!

500k business earnings—1


And how much did I spend in setting it up?

Not Much!

And within just a few months, it has grown to where I now make N1+ million Naira in profit every month, with enough space to even grow the profits further if I wanted.

This is definitely over 300% return on investment every month.

The same thing applies to John Adewale, who started his own Digital Content Business…and today, now makes an average of N250K in profit every month, as you can see below:

500k business earnings—2


Or should I talk of Chinedu, a boy of 25 years who started his Digital Content Business and is now earning the sum of over N500K in profit every month.

500k business earnings—3


I could go on and on about those I know who are into digital content business, and are now making serious progress financially, but doing so would make this post very long!

3. Profit Is Not Seasonal

One amazing benefits of a digital content business is the fact that it makes profit all year round, whether during seasons or out of season, and whether during pandemics or not.

For example, when covid19 struck, a lot of people where forced to shut down and temporarily stop their businesses in order to fight the spread of the virus.

For those running digital content businesses, they weren’t affected by such measures.

Since the business is 100% online and can be run from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection, many digital content businesses continued to run their business and make even more profit!

Even interesting was the fact that since everyone was indoors, people were now shopping and buying things they needed online.

Not only did this add to the growth of digital content businesses around the world, it also helped in multiplying their profits.

Let’s take Olalekan for example…

He started his digital content business just 4 months before the covid19 lock down.

But that didn’t affect him in anyway…

Despite the lock down, his digital content business was still generating around over N150K in profit every month as you can see below, even though it’s a fairly new business he just started.

500k business earnings—4


While his mates and colleagues were suffering from income shortages as a result of the covid19 lock down, Olalekan was regularly smiling to the bank.

The fact that digital content business is not negatively prone to seasonal fluctuations, this should be a serious consideration for you, as you decide which business to go into.

4. No advanced Skill Is Needed

Running a Digital Content Business is perhaps, one of the most easy business in the world.

Unlike other businesses that requires specialized skills or the need to deal with heavy coded software, Digital Content Business at its core doesn’t require all of that.

At the basic level, the major skill that’s required to run a Digital Content Business is simply your ability to write!

Yes, that’s correct…

The ability to write is simply the most fundamental skill required to run a successful digital content business.

Which means that if you’ve ever written a comment on Facebook for example, or you’ve published a post, you already have what it takes to run a highly successful Digital Content Business.

Sure, there are people who take things further by including videos and audios, which can easily be done with a smartphone…but those are not the fundamental skills a digital content business needs.

Those are just nice to have, but won’t affect your income in anyway if you don’t have them.

With just the ability to write, you can run as many digital content businesses as you can handle.

5. Profits is Very Easy to Maintain

How many hours do you have to spend on a traditional business if you want to keep maintaining your level of profit?

Well, in most instances, you’d have to spend close to 8 hours per day.

This amounts to 40 hours per week (if you’re working from Mondays to Fridays), or 160 hours per month.

Which means in a year, you’ll be spending close to 1,920 hours on a traditional business just to maintain or increase the level of profits the business is making.

But in a Digital Content Business, such is not the case…

And this is exactly why many people are in love with Digital Content Businesses!

You see, the truth is…at the beginning, you’d have to work on your digital content business and build it to the point where it starts making money.

But once it starts making money, it no longer needs your involvement because your contents are already online.

And for as long as your contents continue to be visible and accessible online, it will keep making money for you.

I’ve seen people who start a digital content business, and never touch it or do anything on it for more than a year!

Yet, the business keeps producing money for them on autopilot every single month!

Heck, take me for example…

I also run a digital content business, and ever since it started making money, I hardly work on it anymore.

The most work I do these days, is just to update a few content, once per month.

On average, this takes about 7 minutes to do, and I’m off partying or hanging out with a friend.

And my income has never suffered for one bit!

The maximum time I spend on my Digital Content Business is about 7 minutes per month just to update a few content.

That’s all…

And the income keeps flowing.

This is why many people will never trade a digital content business for anything else!


6. It Is Completely Scalable

Don’t want to make a profit of N200K anymore per month?

Sure, no problem with a Digital Content Business!

You can easily scale your profits and income to any amount you desire.

Not that it will happen instantaneously like magic, but to be honest, it will happen faster than that of any other business without spending a fortune!

In most other businesses, if you want to scale your income or profits, the best way to do that is to either spend a fortune on marketing to attract new clients or customers, or you keep the number of your clients the same and increase your price.

These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

But with a digital content business, none of those apply!

If you want to increase your profits and income with a digital content business, you can simply do that by writing more content!

Yes, that’s the secrets of scaling with a digital content business…

And this have a lot of advantages over the usual method of scaling in a traditional business.

Because for as long as your content remains visible online, the chances of making and earning more money strategically increases multiple fold!

7. Access to Trade Secrets Available

After hearing about the huge income from owning a Digital Content Business, many people usually flock online to get started.

But the painful truth is that over 90% of those who got started on their own are bound to fail and give up.

You know why?

Because they don’t have access to the secrets of the trade their business needs to survive…partly because they’ve not stumbled on a post like this, or they don’t just know where to get the help they need.

But such is not the case for you…

Because if you’re looking to start a Digital Content Business, you will be able to have access to the necessary trade secrets that will undoubtedly ensure your success.

This is absolutely critical and necessary if you really want to be successful without putting your startup capital at risk.

Fortunately, it is now possible to get the help you need, while getting access to closely guarded trade secrets that many people wishes to have, but cannot.

How To Start Your Own Digital Content Business

At this point, it is already obvious that a Digital Content Business is the best business to start with N500K.

Not only does it meet all the necessary “must-have” criteria, it is currently the highest earning business when compared with other businesses that you can also start with 500K.

But now, the big question is…

How do you get started?

What exactly do you need to know to ensure your success?

What mistake should you religiously avoid like the plague?

And most especially, how do you have access to the trade secrets that will practically guarantee your success?

If you’re asking any of these questions, then I have good news for you…

Because, Kolade Opeyemi, a highly successful and well respected friend of mine is willing to give you access to the trade secrets that has helped him make multiple millions of Naira with Digital Content Business.

When Opeyemi started his Digital Content Business 10 years ago, there was practically no one teaching about it.

At the time, everyone that knew a thing or two about Digital Content Businesses were in abroad.

And since these people in abroad were busy running their own Digital Content Businesses, they usually request hefty fees in US dollars for them to take time off their businesses and start coaching someone else.

These fees were so exorbitant that my friend, Opeyemi couldn’t even afford it.

So he decided to go it alone on his own. But guess what happened?

He failed. Woefully.

Six months later, he licked up his wounds and started another Digital Content Business, but guess what happened?

That one also failed.

Few months later, he tried again and failed.

And then the truth finally dawned on him….

Going into a highly profitable business like Digital Content Business without any experience, knowledge or trade secrets is a recipe for failure.

So he decided to pause, just so he could save some money to acquire the knowledge and trade secrets he desperately needed.

After 2 years of savings, he finally had enough money to get someone in abroad to coach and show him the way.

Within few months of coaching, he started his fourth Digital Content Business, and this time, it was a massive success.

Today, not only does Opeyemi make millions every month from Digital Content Business, he has also helped other people to become successful with Digital Content Business.

Even the ideas and strategies I use regularly in running this site, Fulfilled Interest and the income it generates is all traced to Mr Opeyemi.

Today, Mr Opeyemi has trained over 50 successful Digital Content Business owners through his high level Secrets of Digital Content Business Training Program.

People like Michael Eliagwu who owns, a digital content business that generates close to N500,000 every month can trace their success to Mr Opeyemi’s training.

Also, people like Martin Acosta who owns, a business that generates a profit of N300,000 monthly can trace their success to Mr Opeyemi’s training.

Someone like Daniel of can also trace their profit of N400,000 per month to Mr Opeyemi’s training.

I could go on and on, telling you about successful digital content businesses like,,, and so many more whose successes was as a result of going through Mr Opeyemi’s training and implementing what’s in there.

Fact is, I’m yet to see anyone who has gone through Mr Opeyemi’s training without getting mouth-dropping results.


Everyone I know who has gone through the Secrets of Digital Content Business training of Mr Opeyemi’s have always come out with bank fattening testimonies, and yours will definitely not be different.

Interesting, right?


And I know you might also be wondering…

What The Secrets of Digital Content Business Training Is All About….And What You Stand To Benefit From It

Well, the secrets of digital content business training is an Affordable training program that is put together by an already successful and established business man in the field, and it is meant to show you the secrets you definitely need to know for you to become a digital content business owner today.

The training was borne out of several years of experiences, with which you can have the advantage of avoiding unnecessary mistakes, errors and wastage that will want to prevent you from succeeding in this business.

In this training, you’re going to discover…

1. Secrets 101: how to properly lay the foundation of success. Do not miss this for anything, if you want to be successful with your Digital Content Business.

2. Secrets 102: How to practically build your own income producing Digital content business without making costly mistakes along the way…

3. Secrets 201: The most important things you should know about the engine if your digital content business, and why not knowing this will spell doom for your business.

4. Secrets 202: 5 major techniques experts use that everyone else ignores to their own disadvantages, and how you shouldn’t be part of those who ignore these techniques…

5. Secrets 301: Critical factors that will ensure your business will continue to generate cash, every single day. If you miss this, you’ll definitely be sorry.

6. Secrets 302: The Amazing fast spanner approach to ensure your digital money making business doesn’t break down when you least expect it.

7. Secrets 401: 10 additional secrets for multiplying your income with a digital content business whenever you want

8. Secrets 402: How to access The hidden founders club that your business cannot grow without it.

And this is not even all you’re going to learn about!

To break it down for example, in Secrets 101, you will discover…

Insightful, isn’t it?

Sure it is…

And if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Would It Cost to Access The Secrets of Digital Content Business Training Program?

Well, the answer to that is…

Not Much!

You see, Mr Opeyemi has made it relatively easy for anyone to learn the full secrets of succeeding with Digital Content Business.

If you have just 500K to start a business, you’re lucky….because Mr Opeyemi has designed this training in such a way that once you register for it, you don’t need to spend any other money to set up the business.

Unlike several trainings of other businesses where after registering for the training, you’ll still have to spend money as capital to actually start the business, such is not the case with this training.

The money you pay for this training will serve as your training fee, and in return, not only will Mr Opeyemi train you, he will also give you all the tools and resources you need to succeed WITHOUT paying any extra money.

Naturally, if you’re paying for all these tools and resources on your own, you’ll be spending close to N500K or even more, and the cost of training is not even included.

But with Mr Opeyemi, you’re getting everything you need free, including your website and professional hosting account when you register for this training program.

And the training fee is just a one-time payment of N100,000 only!

About 90% of this fee mainly covers the cost of the resources that will be provided for you when you sign up for this training.

Not only has the cost of these resources been drastically reduced and subsidized by Mr Opeyemi, the frank truth is that outside this training, these resources with the experience of Mr Opeyemi are incredibly hard to come by, and if you’re opportune to lay your hands on these resources outside of this training, you’re absolutely guaranteed to pay at least, 5X of what Mr Opeyemi is charging for it.

So with this training program, you’re saving a whopping amount of N400K in terms of essential tools and resources that are actually needed to start up your own digital content business.

All you just need to do is sign up for the training, go through the program, and subscribe to your usual internet connection package so you’ll be able to implement what you’ll learn inside the training.

And that’s not all…

In Addition to That, I’m Also Giving You 1 Million Naira Worth of Bonuses!

Yes, since you’re learning about this training program from my website, I’ve decided to also support you with bonuses worth 1 Million Naira.

Please note that these are not just arbitrary figures. The are high value resources that I have spent the sum of N1 Million naira acquiring over the past 6 months.

I’m giving these to you to support you and ensure that no external factor will prevent you from succeeding with your own digital content business.

When paired with the training and resources from Mr Opeyemi, there’s virtually nothing that will stop you from succeeding. Guaranteed!

And for your total peace of mind, you’re even set to enjoy…

A Double Deck, Money Back Guarantee!

The honest to God truth is that what you’re going to learn in this training program will practically change your life, like it changed my own life and the life of others that have gone through it.

But If in the unlikely event that you go through this training program, and implement what it teaches and didn’t not get any results for a period of 1 Year, Mr Opeyemi will refund every single amount you paid for the training program.

We are so confident in this program that we are giving you 1 full year to try it out at our own risk.

Normally, other types of training program will give you a 1 month guarantee. Which means after 1 month, you can’t get refunded.

But our case is not so…

To prove how committed we are to your success, and how much we stand by the authenticity of this training, you have 1 full year to try it out. All we ask is that you put what it teaches into practice and see for your self if your life won’t change for the better.

We guarantee that if you put the content of this training to work, within a space of 3 months to 1 Year, you will making at least, N100K to N500K every month in profit.

And if it doesn’t happen, Mr Opeyemi will refund the money you paid for this training back to you in full.

And wait, there’s more…

I’m Also Giving You My Honest-to-God, N200,000 Personal Guarantee

If you register for this training, and implement what it teaches without making the sum of N100k to N500k within 3 month to 1 year of enrolling for this training, not only will your training fee be refunded by Mr Opeyemi, I will also add an extra N200,000 to you as compensation for wasting your time!

So as you can see, you habe nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To get started with the training, click the button below. When you do, it will take you straight to a secure page on Mr Opeyemi’s site where you can securely make your payment.

Don’t worry, you’ll have the option on the page to pay with card, or bank transfer if you want.

So here’s the button:



P.S. Once you’re done registering for the training, send me your training registration receipt to so I can start preparing your bonus as you continue with your training.