Tribit XSound Go Review

Tribit XSound Go Review

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Bluetooth speakers can range in price from under $50 to thousands. With a price of just $33 (£28, or AU$47), the Tribit XSound Go falls into the former category, and although you’ve probably never heard of Tribit before, the company has been popping up in various Bluetooth speaker roundups.

What’s so special about a budget Bluetooth speaker?

Right now, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 you can buy. The device offers expansive sound and excellent battery life, as well as an IPX7 water-resistant body. You are only out $33 if you forget the speaker on the beach.

We can say that the hype surrounding the Tribit XSound Go is well-founded after testing it for a week. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the Tribit XSound Go should be at the top of your list. Let me explain.


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Although the design of the Tribit XSound Go isn’t anything special; it’s a generic, pill-shaped speaker that would fit in any electronics section at the grocery store, but don’t be fooled by its low-key appearance.

Having said that, it is definitely rugged and could be thrown in a bag without worry.

Tribit’s logo appears on the grille on the front, which hides the drivers. Controls for powering the speaker, pairing it with Bluetooth, controlling media playback, and changing the volume are all located at the top. There are no surprises here, the buttons are big and easy to use.

The micro USB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack are hidden behind a silicone flap around the back. There are many Bluetooth speakers that have stopped supporting analog inputs, so it’s nice that the XSound Go still has a 3.5mm jack. In addition, while micro USB is fine, we would have liked to see a USB-C charging port since most modern phones and laptops use it.

The speaker is also equipped with a lanyard that makes it easy to carry and can be strapped to a backpack.


Tribit XSound Go Review

You might not expect much from the Tribit XSound Go’s sound quality if you believe the old adage that you get what you pay for.

Thankfully, that adage has never been more applicable: The speaker gets loud enough to fill a medium-sized room, and at full volume, there’s almost no distortion.

The overall tonal balance of the speaker is mid-forward, giving the vocals a nice texture and emphasis. Although the highs are extended, they lack the air of more powerful speakers. Although the bass is good for a speaker of this size, don’t expect it to shake your table. Only larger speakers can produce deep, powerful bass.

The Tribit XSound Go has a superior sound quality and less distortion at maximum volume when compared to the $50 (£46, about AU$63) Anker SoundCore 2. (In our opinion, the SoundCore 2 is quite tinny and flat.)

The Tribit’s sound can only be matched by the SoundCore Flare in Anker’s speaker line. Additionally, the Flare offers 360-degree sound, which is preferable to a cone of sound.

We observed approximately 20 hours of playtime at a medium volume, which is good for a speaker this size. The battery life is rated at 24 hours with a medium volume. Battery charging takes several hours, so make sure you charge the speaker overnight rather than just an hour or two before using it.

Pros Cons
Excellent battery life Mid-forward sound
IPX7 water-resistant Sounds lean at max volume
Expansive sound Charging takes a long time


Considering its price, the Tribit XSound Go shouldn’t sound as good as it does. It impressed me with its balanced sound, is distortion-free at high volumes, and lasts for more than 20 hours at medium volumes. Additionally, the speaker is IPX7 water and dust-resistant, so it’ll handle a day at the pool or beach without a problem. The XSound Go may have a forgettable design, but once you hear how good it sounds, you won’t care.

For better sound quality, you’ll have to spend much more than the competition. The UE Wonderboom is an excellent outdoor speaker, but will cost twice as much as the Tribit and won’t last as long. If that is important to you, the UE Wonderboom offers 360-degree sound and multi-speaker integration. There is also the JBL Flip 4 if you prefer more bass emphasis and 360-degree sound, but if you’re on a budget, you can’t beat the XSound Go.