Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review

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Last week, we reviewed the original version of the Microsoft IntelliMouse. This week, we have a review of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, which is basically the original mouse with some minor changes. If you’re looking for a replacement for the original, then this is the mouse for you.

At first glance, you’d probably think this is the same mouse as the original. However, the first thing you’ll notice is that the new mouse is a lot smaller and lighter than the original. It’s also much easier to use, and a lot more comfortable to hold.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse: Design

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse Review

As mentioned previously, the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse adopts a design similar to that of the IntelliMouse 3.0, which was released in 2003 and continues to be a cult favorite among gamers.

This is clear in the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, with a similar ergonomic shape and a black and gray design. If you weren’t enchanted by the IntelliMouse the first time around, you may feel similarly unimpressed here.

Those who own odd-looking ergonomic mice or gaming-oriented pointers with loads of buttons and RGB lighting will wonder what the fuss is all about. The iconic red light of the original IntelliMouse has been replaced by a modern white light.

Additionally, it has five buttons, three of which can be customized. The mouse is definitely aimed at productivity, but just like its predecessor, its simplicity and reliability should make it appealing to gamers as well.

This mouse is also wired, so you don’t get the freedom of a wireless mouse, but you also don’t have to worry about running out of battery at inconvenient times. The mouse is also lighter than wireless mice, which are weighed down by batteries. The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse weighs 3.39 ounces (100g).

The compact body (measuring 132mm x 69mm x 43mm) fits easily into the hand, showing that Microsoft knows a thing or two about designing ergonomic peripherals. The comfort and reliability of the mouse, rather than flashy designs, are what is important in the end. Thankfully, the classic IntelliMouse hasn’t forgotten this.

Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse: Performance


As you might expect from a Microsoft peripheral, the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse uses a USB 2.0 connection, making it easy to set up in Windows 10

It is quite straightforward to configure the extra buttons in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. There is no option to configure those buttons in Windows 10 S. Because this is Microsoft’s stripped-down version of Windows 10, denying it access to a pretty basic feature of its own mouse makes it even less appealing.

It also requires additional software to configure, even though this is a Microsoft mouse – the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. In spite of the fact that this shouldn’t be that difficult, and installing extra software to set up peripherals isn’t uncommon, we kind of hoped it would all be handled within Windows 10. In any case, the app is easy to use and well laid out, and you can customize the buttons depending on what app you’re using.

In spite of its retro look, the mouse has quite a few modern features, making it quite a bit more performant than the original IntelliMouse lineup. With a 1,000 reports per second report rate, it feels fast and responsive even when moving the mouse cursor frantically across the desktop.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse features Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, which allows it to operate on almost any surface, regardless of its reflection. As I tested the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, it worked well on a variety of surfaces, including a desk and carpet, and was fast and responsive at all times.

We also tested the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse alongside an original IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 for comparison. In terms of design and feel, both are very similar. We like the new Classic IntelliMouse’s heavier feel, as it makes it feel more substantial and robust than the original.

Our overall impression of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is very positive. When you’re looking for a reliable wired mouse, with a few decent customization options, then this is a great choice.

Pros Cons
Comfortable to use Not wireless
Responsive Lacks some modern features
Good price
Solid design

Final verdict

There is always a risk when a company tries to reinvent one of its iconic products that it might lose the essence of what made the original so popular. The company chooses a product that no one wants to see again. The Classic IntelliMouse from Microsoft avoids all these pitfalls. Microsoft has kept the best aspects of IntelliMouse’s original line of mice while adding and improving features to bring them up to date.

As a result, the mouse is both familiar and modern, offering the ergonomic comfort and dependability associated with IntelliMouse products. While maintaining the iconic look, Microsoft has modernized it, and perhaps best of all, it’s asking a pretty reasonable price for it.

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is not just a retro collectible for people who wish we still had chunky beige PCs and CRT monitors, but also an excellent mouse that does the job well and offers a few nice features as well. Indeed, this is a welcome return.