Madden NFL 19 Review

Madden NFL 19 Review

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The focus of Madden NFL 19 remains where it belongs: in the moment-to-moment gameplay. As the Longshot story continues, two hometown heroes return in this year’s entry, which promises improved player motion and a more intimate franchise experience.

Is Madden ’19 able to keep both newcomers and long-time Madden fans happy and remain in the uprights? The answer is yes.

Madden NFL Game Review:

In a surprisingly straightforward call, Real Player Motion is touted as the enhancement that gives players more control over game-changing situations. It’s evident that the development team is learning how to maximize Frostbite technology in year two of the series’ move to the engine.

Both sides of the ball have improved from last year.

Madden NFL 19 Review

Your players’ fluidity on the field is a direct result of that growth. All of the basic moves, like spins, jukes, and the ability to adjust your speed and hit the gap, look great. When you hit the truck stick, you will notice noticeable improvements in speed changes, cuts, and tackling.

Playing Madden 19 is a good experience, especially with its enhanced controls. While you beat your friends on screen, your stick skills will translate into fluid motions that will have you pumping your fist in the air. On offense, it’s not just juking and spinning your way to a touchdown.

This year, players’ interactions have improved on both sides of the ball this year. In the backfield, it’s the way a defensive lineman can break off a tackle and crush a halfback. Safeties have the ability to track down the ball and pick it off before momentum carries them out of bounds. The way play action breaks down as the edge blitz catches you off guard, nearly makes you jump in fear.

Madden 19 does an excellent job of capturing the speed, momentum, and impact of football.

Madden NFL 19 Review

The power of the engine combined with the PS4 Pro (and probably Xbox One X) is amazing. In Madden, the visuals and movement of players are the best the series has ever seen. The graphics in this year’s game are stunning, with player models looking more realistic than ever in both the menus and on the field. Basically, Madden 19 isn’t just great to play; it’s fantastic to look at as well. Franchise Live Your Best Life

Thanks to new customization options from EA, Madden 19 now allows the Madden community to create custom draft classes. It gives the season-long experience a whole new level of realism that has been sorely missing. Once you advance to week 3 of your season, you can save and share these draft classes with the community, encouraging all fans to download realistic classes with some of college football’s most notable athletes. After uploading the draft class, you can even edit players.

Madden 19 now offers franchise customization options thanks to EA.

Madden NFL 19 Review

I found that this new feature allowed me to feel more connected to my team—something I really appreciate given how much time I spend with it on and off the field. It is safe to say that with 450 roster spots in each draft class, roster projects will start popping up in online forums in search of the perfect draft class that will become a staple for every franchise mode player.

Additionally, Franchise mode has added offensive and defensive schemes this time around. Although die-hard football fans may not see the merit of this, casual players may appreciate the assistance as schemes help players be highlighted in trades, free agency, and the draft according to their particular scheme.

Here are some of the most ridiculous fumbles in Madden ’19.

You can drastically change the play of your team with a simple change in scheme. I switched from a TAMP 2 (42% scheme fit) to a 46 (92%) without having to change my roster. There are now additional options for fine-tuning your depth chart, such as slot cornerbacks and slot wide receivers.

This year’s free agency and draft appear relatively untouched. Madden NFL 13 is in a great comfort zone when it comes to the draft process, which gets even better once the draft class creation starts ramping up.

With Madden Ultimate Team, players collect cards and field a roster to compete against opponents online. In Madden 19, there is another strong new vein of content in the form of solo challenge tournaments, which offer players the opportunity to play against teams created by Madden developers, NFL athletes, and celebrities. There’s a leaderboard system built-in as well, so there’s a good opportunity to dabble in an esports-like environment.

With Ultimate Team this year, you will need to upgrade your players to fit your team’s mold, and the more you play, the more you can upgrade. The downside is that this is likely to become the new grind of the Madden franchise, but this is being mitigated by the fact that you can downgrade those same players to refund the resources you’ve invested if you want to go another route. The growth of your best player from a 60-rated player to a 90-rated player is really cool. It may be the best option for those of you who have difficulty throwing anything away.

I don’t frequently play Ultimate Team, but it’s a mode that varies with gameplay. It’s clear that these new ways to play Madden’s most popular mode will be a big hit with collectors.

Devin and Colt return

Some of the best features of Madden 18 have been re-introduced in Madden 19: The Longshot Story mode. Following the struggles of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise as they navigate the NFL and their personal lives, Longshot: Homecoming is a direct sequel to the storyline from last year.

The second episode of Devin and Colt feels forced.

This season, Devin continues to battle his play-calling woes, showing nice continuity from last season’s story, as Colt tries to land a tryout or his next hit song. This time, the mode focuses more on gameplay, but it still feels like an excuse to pass a drill that’s required for you to continue. It becomes more annoying to “Try Again.”

It is disappointing to see Devin and Colt’s second episode feel forced and clichéd. This missed the chance to create something special. Even though the film runs for three hours, I still wish I had more time.


Playing Madden 19 is all about those moment-to-moment moments between the end zones. The only real flaw is the lackluster story mode, which fails to recapture the magic of the first, which is entirely offset by the new player handling, which once again makes use of Frostbite’s power. Most importantly, Madden 19 has cracked the slightly repetitive feeling that can make it challenging to play game after game. Madden is in a great position with Real Player Motion delivering a fluid on-the-field experience and Franchise mode customization adding yet another level of realism.