Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse Review

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The G602 is a gaming mouse designed with a serious gamer in mind. This is a wireless mouse with some really impressive features and for a price that is pretty darn competitive. You can get a wireless mouse for $20 and there are mice out there for $40. I would say this is right in the middle of the price spectrum and for a mouse that performs so well and is wireless, it is a great value.

Let’s check out the design, performance, and other features of this mouse below.


Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech is known for its refined style when it comes to mice, and the G602 is no exception. It is primarily black with gunmetal accents and various patterns and finishes across various surfaces to aid gripping and feeling. Contrary to other gaming mice, this mouse has a smooth surface, brightly colored accents, and RGB lighting. In terms of looks, the G602 is less flashy and more professional, which could be a big selling point if you plan on using it in the office as well.

The mouse features eleven customizable buttons along the left side of the mouse, where the thumb rest is located, besides the standard scroll wheel and left/right mouse buttons. A quick flick of the thumb will activate a variety of game actions and macros assigned to the buttons. Our time with the mouse revealed that the rearmost buttons on the thumb rest were sometimes difficult to activate quickly, but once we mastered them, we were able to adjust our grip as needed.

In those heated gaming moments, the thumb rest keeps your thumb off the desk surface and provides a better grip on the whole mouse.

By choosing how many batteries to put in the mouse and on which side to put them, a user can adjust the weight and feel of the mouse. In order to account for weight distribution, you can run the mouse with two batteries if you prefer a heavier feel, but you can also run it with one battery on one side. The battery life is reduced by half when using a single battery, but having the option is nice.

A slight difference in the length of the right mouse button compared to the left mouse button is due to the fact that a person’s middle finger is generally longer than their index finger. It might seem insignificant, but we found that this small detail added a lot of additional comforts that many other mice do not possess.

Setup Process

Plugging in the included 2.4GHz wireless receiver is the first step in setting up the Logitech G602. Instead of standard Bluetooth, this receiver is specifically designed to reduce lag to the absolute minimum. Upon insertion of one or two AA batteries into the mouse, the receiver is instantly paired with the mouse.

The scroll wheel and left/right mouse buttons work as expected by default. On the left side of the mouse are three LEDs that indicate the degree of sensitivity adjusted by the silver G10 and G11 buttons. Logitech Gaming Software lets you program these two buttons, along with the remaining nine near the thumb rest, which we’ll discuss below.


Unlike standard Bluetooth mice, the Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse is only compatible with the included 2.4GHz receiver and relies on a dedicated connection. The G602 is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, and even when using other Logitech wireless peripherals running on 2.4GHz receivers, we did not notice any interference.


Using Logitech’s proprietary Delta Zero laser sensor, the G602 offers optimal performance without sacrificing battery life. The Dots Per Inch settings range from 250 DPI to 2500 DPI (a measure of mouse sensitivity). The G10 and G11 buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse can be pressed quickly to switch between five presets.

While 2500 DPI is a little below the top of the line when it comes to more modern gaming mice, in the nearly 50 hours we spent with the mouse playing everything from Fortnite to Skyrim, we never felt it was lacking in accuracy. Furthermore, the ability to adjust sensitivity on the fly was an underrated benefit when you need more precision, especially when looking through scopes or making micro-adjustments in first-person shooter games.

The ability to adjust sensitivity on the fly was an underrated benefit for those times when you need more precision—especially when looking through scopes or making micro-adjustments in first-person shooter games.

It also proved to be a great addition having nine customizable buttons on the thumb rest of the mouse, which made switching between weapons and macros extremely convenient, as well as allowing the user to access additional macros via the keyboard for even greater control in-game. Initially, it was hard to distinguish the different buttons on the side of the mouse, but over time, with enough practice and patience, it became possible to quickly tap the right button, even during combat.

We received two AA batteries with our G602, out of the box. Although we experimented with using two batteries versus one, we ultimately preferred the heavier feel of the mouse when using two batteries. In Performance mode, Logitech states the batteries last up to 250 hours. Despite reaching 60 or so hours, the mouse showed no signs of slowing down. Additionally, you can switch the G602 to Endurance mode, which sacrifices a bit of precision for up to 1,440 hours of use. In Performance mode, the top display is blue; Endurance mode is green.


The G602 meets all the requirements for a comfortable gaming mouse in all senses of the word. There is a large surface area to click on for the left and right mouse buttons. The scroll wheel on the mouse is nice and tactile, and the customizable buttons on the side are convenient. In those heated gaming moments, the thumb rest will keep your thumb off the desk surface and provide a better grip on the mouse.

G602 is a gaming mouse that ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort.


The Logitech Gaming Software, which can be downloaded from Logitech’s website, works with the G602 and other Logitech gaming peripherals to check the status of the unit, upgrade its firmware when possible, and customize its buttons. When the software is downloaded, it will automatically detect when a device is connected through the receiver. 

As soon as your mouse is recognized, you can adjust everything from the predetermined DPI settings to creating game-specific macros and shortcuts for the eleven customizable buttons.

During our testing, we created custom setups for the various games we played, and the Logitech Gaming Software automatically changed the control profiles based on the game we were playing. There is almost no limit to how it can be customized, and the best part is that it integrates seamlessly with other Logitech gaming hardware to create a cohesive experience.


Although the Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse is an impressive device, it has been over five years since its release, and since then plenty of competitors have come along. The Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse and the Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse are the two most similar competitors.

Compared to the G602, the G305 is a newer, more minimal gaming mouse. There are only two customizable buttons on the G602 and the design is less ergonomic, but the camera has a much higher resolution of 12000 DPI and an extremely fast response time of 1 ms, compared to the G602. It is even cheaper at $59.99, which is impressive considering that it was released in 2018.

Apart from Logitech, the Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse is also a worthy competitor. In addition, it boosts the resolution to 16000 DPI and offers seven programmable buttons. However, its 50-hour battery life and $99.99 price tag make it less enticing despite its specs.

Pros Cons
Lag-free Requires batteries
No wires No RGB
A solid number of macro buttons
Great ergonomics

Final Verdict

The G602 was our favorite. There is no RGB lighting or ridiculously high sensitivity, but it provides the performance of a gaming mouse without the need for wires. It is a good choice in our book.