JVC DLA-X5900 Review

JVC DLA-X5900 Review

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This is the review of the JVC DLA-X5900 projector. We have a feeling this projector is something you will need to be aware of, even if you don’t have any interest in buying it. After all, we are talking about a major company that has been doing business for a very long time. 

In the past, they have been known for their very reliable products. And, these days, they are back with their latest JVC DLA-X5900 projector. So, let’s see what it has to offer to the consumer.

Notable Specifications: JVC DLA-X5900 projector

  • With a 265W high output lamp, you can achieve 1,800 lumens of brightness
  • A contrast ratio of 40,000:1 without Intelligent Lens Aperture selected
  • JVC’s Intelligent Lens Aperture delivers a dynamic contrast ratio that can reach a ratio of 400,000:1.
  • As soon as an HDR10 signal is received, this model will automatically switch to the correct HDR picture mode
  • Motion Enhancement and Clear Motion Drive frame technology reduce distracting motion blur when using the projector

Features Overview: JVC DLA-X5900 projector

  • As with the X5500, this model uses a 265W lamp. Although this may not seem appealing to those looking to upgrade their projector, the 4,500 hours of lamp life in combination with improvements, in contrast, make up for the lack of a groundbreaking upgrade.
  • There is a claim of 4K-level video quality, but not with true 4K technology. Like most projectors in this price range, JVC uses its proprietary e-Shift system instead of 4K to produce a picture quality that is essentially twice that of 1080p and, therefore, considered to be 4K.
  • There is no difference in the DLA-X5900’s connectors from its predecessor, the X5500. Due to the fact that there hasn’t been a large change in connectors since JVC’s last iteration, this is forgivable (yet unimaginative), since all of the necessary connections, such as HDMI, an RS232 connector, and Ethernet port, are provided.

Pros and Cons of the DLA-X5900


  • Considering the features it offers, this model represents an excellent value at a reasonable price point. Despite the fact that much of the technology on the DLA-X5900 is borrowed from the X5500, the improvements have been made in such a way that makes it feel fresh and attractive, even to the most devoted videophile.
  • It produces vibrant colors and deep, rich blacks thanks to its excellent color spectrum. Viewers of dynamic films, such as Dunkirk, will particularly notice this.
  • With its attractive design, this projector can be placed anywhere in the room without feeling intrusive. This DLA-X5900 will enhance any space, whether it be a living room or an office.


  • According to forums, the picture is not very accurate out of the box. If you spend some time on calibration, you can easily fix this problem.
  • A true 4K resolution cannot be achieved by JVC’s e-Shift system, which essentially combines two 1080p resolutions over each pixel. Even though the DLA-X5900’s resolution amounts to 4K, hardcore videophiles will probably be able to detect this discrepancy.
  • Those who are passionate about watching 3D movies at home may want to consider looking elsewhere for a 3D projector. JVC projectors, including the DLA-X5900, are notorious for their crosstalk issues (i.e. double ghosting) when playing 3D video.
  • Lastly, regarding crosstalk: It’s true that JVC has made strides in eliminating double ghosting, but their history should be enough to make 3D videophiles wary of their products. It is noteworthy that the DLA-X5900 performs better in this area than similar priced Sony products, as reported by users of both products.

Why should anyone invest in the JVC DLA-X5900?

JVC DLA-X5900 Review

There are certain quirks to the DLA-X5900, as there are too many projectors. Hardcore videophiles may think twice before investing in this projector due to well-documented issues such as crosstalk and questionable plug-and-play capabilities. One could argue that these imperfections are what endear the JVC DLA-X5900 projector to those contemplating the purchase of one. In terms of value for money, JVC’s DLA-X5900 offers a strong value proposition to consumers, which helps to make up for some of the minor issues it has.

In contrast, the DLA-X5900 does not support true 4K resolution. Neither videophiles nor casual film fans will likely appreciate the lack of true 4K resolution on this model. As such, it is more than understandable that anyone interested in such technology would want to enjoy their favorite content at the highest resolution currently available. Since its launch some years ago, JVC’s e-Shift system has continuously improved.

The technology, currently in its fourth iteration, creates a visual effect that is very close to that of true 4K due to the way it overlays two HD-resolution pixels over each other, allowing for a viewing experience that appears almost identical to 4K to the untrained eye. Due to its highly technical nature, the e-Shift system can be confusing for some users. 

If you’re not a fan of 4K video, JVC’s e-Shift system is a good option. Due to the much lower price associated with JVC’s near-4K resolution, it may be worthwhile to choose this lesser technology. Combining this fact with a sleek, attractive form factor could convince even the most skeptical consumers that the DLA-X5900 is a solid choice for those looking to combine high-resolution with a reasonable price point.


Its combination of technical specifications, a reasonable price point, and an appealing form factor make the JVC DLA-X5900 a great choice for casual videophiles and everyday film fans alike. Although this projector lacks true 4K and has a number of quirky features, it will likely leave much to be desired for hardcore videophiles.

JVC has done a great job of improving its product offerings over the years, so this conclusion is unfortunate. The DLA-X5900 is among the best budget projectors available on the market due to its dependability and steady improvements. Nevertheless, it is not quite enough to satisfy those with staunch opinions regarding video quality.

This is a fantastic projector for the price offered by the JVC DLA-X5900. With time, JVC’s proprietary e-Shift system will likely be improved to the point that even the most discerning eye will not be able to distinguish between true 4K and standard HD. To date, this projector can only be recommended to those who do not consider themselves diehard fans of 4K, as most consumers outside of this niche category will be extremely satisfied with the quality offered by the JVC DLA-X5900 projector.