Jarvisen Language Translator Device review

Jarvisen Language Translator Device review

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When it comes to travel, medical care, and business, language can be a considerable barrier. However, new technologies are helping to remove this barrier. Jarvisen is marketed as the fastest handheld translator, but it starts at $429, which is a premium price.

Out of the box and design

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As the Jarvisen translator starts at $429, it is nicely packaged to make it feel like a premium product, and it delivers. A beautiful protective sleeve, a USB-C cable and wall plug, a translator, and instructions are included in the box.

In addition to the large touch screen and three buttons on the front, the large speaker area also looks and feels well designed. Located on the right side are volume up and down rockers, as well as a power/sleep button. There is a SIM card tray on the left, which is accessible with the included tool, and on the back of the translator is a speaker. Both sides of the conversation are heard through the dual speakers, while a 4-microphone array, two on top and two on the bottom, quickly picks up whoever is speaking.

Packed with features

Navigation is easier with a large touchscreen display that is responsive. By doing so, it is easier to navigate the three pages and more natural to select languages, replay previous conversations, adjust settings, and view the user guide.

Jarvisen claims that translating to the 60 languages he lists requires data, either through wifi or data plans. With the Jarvisen’s upgraded model you can add or remove your own SIM card with a simple tool. The upgraded model comes with a two-year global data plan for $70.

Jarvisen Translator: Video

Jarvisen is constantly building out a database of offline languages that can be translated without the need for an online connection. By clicking on Settings, and then offline languages, you can download data packages for the available languages.

Jarvisen claims to have the fastest translator in the world at .5 seconds, and I must admit I am impressed with how fast it is. It provides both text and spoken translation in a quick turnaround time, even with longer sentences and phrases.

In use

It seems like every time I turn it on (which hasn’t been that often), there is an update – and I think that’s a good thing. Jarvisen is constantly adding languages and making communication easier.

Navigation is easy and responsive thanks to the touch screen. The three sections allow you to easily see what’s been translated, change the languages selected, and make any other changes you want.

In order to use the translator, you need to be connected to the Internet if you’re not using a language you can download offline. Choose the top or bottom section where you want to translate the two words.

You can translate to that language by holding the corresponding button. Therefore, if I set English to the bottom or red button, I hold that and speak what I want translating. You can then press the blue button while the other person speaks, and it will record in their language and translate.

Jarvisen, as mentioned before, is very intuitive and easy to use due to its fast translation speed. Everything works as you would expect it to. Controlling the game with the touch screen and physical buttons feel well thought out.

There is an issue to consider

The only concern I have is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to enable a lock screen if you are doing sensitive business with the Jarvisen translator. If you store confidential information or conversations on there, they are stored in your conversation history and can be accessed by waking up the translator. When you hold down the dialogue box, you can select delete or remove all conversations. The history of the conversation will be visible to anyone who has access to the translator if you wish to keep it. Most people who are traveling and trying to find a bathroom or figure out what to order probably won’t notice it, but if you are working with sensitive information you should be aware of it.

Final thoughts

As a handheld translator, Jarvisen is easy to use and fast. It is a compelling way to communicate in languages you do not speak as long as you are connected to a mobile network or WiFi. As more languages become available offline, it will become even more useful.