Grado SR60e Headphone Review

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

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There are better headphones for everyday use than the Grado SR60e. In comparison with most on-ears, they have an open design that gives them a wide soundstage and above-average sound quality. Nevertheless, they leak a lot of audio and don’t block any noise. In addition to not being stable enough to use while doing sports, they are not ideal for loud environments, commutes, or office use.

Grado SR60e: Style

In terms of aesthetics, the Grado SR60e is very retro. Their simplistic design and all-black color scheme will appeal to some people. They have open-back ear cups that are larger than most on-ear headphones, but the plastic used for their design looks cheap.

Grado SR60e: Comfort

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

  • Weight: 0.37 lbs
  • Clamping Force: 0.55 lbs

Grado SR60e headphones are moderately comfortable. These headphones are lightweight and don’t exert much pressure on your head. Unfortunately, they aren’t well-padded.

The headband isn’t padded, but the lightweight design means it doesn’t stand out as much. Although, the ear cup padding is a cushion-like fabric that doesn’t feel good on the skin and will easily rip or tear

Build Quality 

Grado SR60e Headphone Review

Grado SR60e’s build quality is poor. They’re relatively lightweight and have few moving parts. Dropping them shouldn’t cause them any damage. Unfortunately, the plastic used in the ear cups and joints feels cheap.

It looks like the joints are poorly glued together and are very vulnerable to moderate physical stress.

Their cushion-like padding on the ear cups is prone to wear and tear, and they don’t feel as durable as some other on-ear headphones. However, they have a thick audio cable that will not easily break.


Headphones like these are not meant for sports. There is a thick, heavy cable that cannot be detached and cannot be stored easily in gym gear. Additionally, it will pull them off of your head if it gets hooked on something. If you tilt your head while listening casually, they can easily slip and fall.


  • L 7.09″
  • W 6.69″
  • H 1.97″
  • Volume 93.31 in³
  • Transmitter Required N/A

There’s a thin, not too bulky headband on these headphones, making them moderately portable. Because the ear cups lay flat, they will easily fit in a backpack. Unfortunately, they don’t fold up into a more compact format, and the thick cable is a bit irritating.

Pros Cons
Lightweight, comfortable on-ear design. Poor noise isolation, by design.
High-quality, open sound reproduction. Flimsy, plasticky build.


Grado SR60e headphones are designed for critical listening. As everyday headphones, they aren’t suitable.