FD V8 Ultrathin wireless Silent Travel Mouse Review

FD V8 Ultrathin wireless Silent Travel Mouse Review

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With an understated design, the FD V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse is a low-key contender in the competitive wireless market. Manufacturers like Logitech and Razer or gaming-specific companies like Corsair and Razer develop products with hefty bells and whistles, like numerous programmable buttons, lightning-fast return times, and adjustable DPI settings. In terms of simplicity and portability, the FD V8 mouse stands out on both counts.


FD V8 Ultrathin wireless Silent Travel Mouse Review

The FV V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse is simple in design, but it has a nice sheen on the top and comes in alternative colors that highlight this marbled and shiny touch. The black model I tested was more reflective than sparkly, and it gathered smudges immediately after handling it.

It has a 1.26-inch thickness, but is slightly thicker than the Apple Magic Mouse and comes with a scroll wheel in addition to the usual right- and left-click functions. Despite offering good grip and control, the scrolling mechanism also picks up sticky lint with abandon.

This is an ambidextrous mouse since there are no thumb buttons. Furthermore, its slim design makes it easy to stow in a bag, and its whisper-quiet scrolling won’t disturb others at the office or wherever you’re working. The lack of a cord and the dongle port inside the mouse reduces the chance of misplacing the relatively small nano USB since it’s wireless.



As expected, the FD V8 performs just like a standard optical mouse. The mouse worked well on both light and dark surfaces, with and without a basic mouse pad. The mouse did not lag or jump while I used it, but I also used it only for basic computing tasks such as browsing the web and navigating documents.

The user manual states that this wireless mouse polls at 500Hz, which is quickly becoming the standard for gaming mice and far exceeding the 125Hz polling rate typically found on non-gaming mice. The mouse updates your computer every 2 milliseconds and relates to how quickly the pointer responds to your commands.

With and without a basic mouse pad, it worked well on both light and dark surfaces.

It also features a 1500 DPI resolution, which is above average for your general-use wireless mouse that sits somewhere in the 800 DPI range. This is a simple point-and-click type of device so these statistics will not be incredibly meaningful for general use. Despite that, I observed lag-free and fast performance.

The manufacturer claims that the device can be used for up to 36 months on a single AA battery and for more than three million clicks. This mouse also features an automated sleep function that kicks in after five minutes of inactivity, increasing battery life. However, since there is no on/off button, battery usage is difficult to control.

It also has a 1500 DPI resolution, which is above average for a wireless mouse that sits within the 800 DPI range for general use.


FD V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse

This device produces virtually silent clicks, so FD’s claim that this mouse reduces the typical clicking sound on mice by 90% seems plausible. There are also fewer clicks from the scroll wheel.

Despite the pleasant hushed clicking experience, the lack of buttons and customization diminished the overall comfort level for productivity. macOS defaults to natural scrolling (scrolling backward) on MacBook Pros, which is easy to change through the macOS mouse settings. It is also possible to adjust the speed and tracking of the cursor. Unfortunately, this mouse was not up to the task of switching between apps, screens, and desktops.

I had expected this relatively small device to be a good ergonomic mouse for my small hands. Despite not being ultra-thick, it’s a bit too wide so my ring and pinky fingers felt cramped as they do when using larger mice.


The FD V8 is very easy to install and run. Plug the 2.4Ghz USB dongle into your computer after removing it from the battery compartment. Although this is a system-independent computer peripheral, setup was just a bit faster on a Windows machine and a Chromebook than on a MacBook-which took about 15 seconds. I was able to establish a wireless connection across devices and platforms once I established it.

According to the manufacturer, the V8 mouse can also be used within 30 meters of the wireless receiver. While I was unable to test its maximum transmission capacity, I used it across the room at a distance of nearly 20 feet and experienced no problems. For your next presentation in a large conference room, this wireless mouse is a good choice if you need a mouse you can stow in your bag.

The setup for this peripheral was just a bit faster on Windows than it was on macOS, despite it being a system-agnostic peripheral.


Due to how simple the mouse is, its greatest drawback is its lack of software. Using the mouse settings on your machine, you can adjust the main clicking functions and scrolling speed.

FD V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse vs. Logitech Wireless Ultra Portable M187

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and other accessories. They also offer a $25 M187 mouse that is travel-ready and won’t break the bank. With a height and width of 3.22 inches and 1.94 inches, it is slightly thinner than the V8 but noticeably shorter and narrower. In both dimensions, the V8 is larger and heavier than the M187: 2.93 ounces versus 1.83 ounces. With the Logitech mouse, you get a 3-year warranty along with a maximum resolution of 1000 DPI.

Pros Cons
Wide compatibility Smudges and dirties easily
Extremely lightweight Only one button
Plug-and-play Lack of customization

Final Verdict

This ultra-silent wireless mouse from FD is one of the most affordable and widely compatible on the market. This mouse will do just fine if you do not require extra buttons or an ergonomic fit or if you do not desire silent clicks.