BlackVue DR900S-2CH Review

BlackVue DR900S-2CH Review

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With all the premium features of the DR900S-2CH from Blackvue, we can safely say that this is one of the top recommendations from BlackboxMyCar.

BlackVue released the DR900S-2CH in April of last year. Due to its high-quality 4K video and features such as parking mode recording, WiFi/Smartphone app integration, and Blackvue Over the CLOUD, this dash cam has remained one of our top-selling dash cams since its launch. In order to support their top-of-the-line product, BlackVue has also updated the firmware to address any overheating issues.

Our audience wanted to know about our experience with this dash cam after long-term testing. BlackVue’s DR900S-2CH is one of the best 2-channel dash cams currently available with its numerous improvements in just over 6 months.


BlackVue DR900S-2CH Review

Below is a short overview of the DR900S-2CH’s capabilities. Thanks to Sony’s superior STARVIS sensors and a high bitrate processor, this two-channel, UHD dash cam offers excellent video capture quality. With an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, the DR900S-2CH can capture video in 4K Ultra High Definition, which has four times the pixels of Full HD (1080p). Regardless of the lighting conditions, the Sony STARVIS CMOS image sensor ensures the best image quality. You can enjoy better-looking videos while keeping the file size as small as ever thanks to the H.265 (HEVC) compression.

The camera’s faster processor allows it to capture even more detail. For the front camera, the DR900S-2CH is able to capture up to 1080P at 60 frames per second or 4K UHD at 30 frames per second, depending on the selected mode. A 60 frame-per-second camera provides smoother and more detailed video than a 30 frame-per-second camera. Due to the lower frame rate, however, the 4K quality truly shines despite the 30 frames per second.

BlackVue has recently released a firmware update for the DR900S-2CH that enables “Timelapse-Mode”. With the new firmware, you can now receive 1 frame per second for even better storage efficiency. The new firmware also reduces temperature and energy consumption.

The DR900S 2-CH is similar to the DR750S in design. However, those looking to upgrade will benefit because everything (mounts, wiring, etc.) will work with the DR7500S-2CH. All that needs to be changed are the front and rear cameras.

Video Quality

With the introduction of 4K, the video resolution has vastly improved. With its good dynamic range and minimal optical loss, the DR900S-2CH offers excellent video quality in daylight. Every day and at various times of the day, we were able to see this as we reviewed the footage.

With a wide 162° viewing angle, the DR900S-2CH offers a wider viewing angle than any 1080P camera, meaning that it can capture more detail than other dash cameras. Whenever we encountered close calls, our camera captured plates clearly without any issues. Due to the doubled resolution and four times the number of pixels, license plates can be seen more clearly.

Likewise, the rear camera is a carryover from the DR750S-2CH, featuring the same excellent FullHD 1080p Sony STARVIS sensor.

Our favorite feature was the “Night-Vision” mode that can be used in either driving and parking or strictly parking mode. We only used it when we were parked. It was helpful when parking in low-light conditions.

Notable Features

In the DR900S-2CH, Wi-Fi is now available in the 5Ghz band with the faster 802.11ac standard. I found this to be a really convenient feature.

Although most dash cams operate on the 2.4Ghz network, this higher band and standard allows for faster transfer rates as well as the capability of connecting to more hot spots. This means a more efficient connection and faster video downloads in real-time. There is still the 2.4GHz band available for older smartphones.

DR900S vs The Competition

We must also examine how the DR900S 2-CH compares with other leading market dash cams such as the Thinkware F800 Pro and BlackSys CH-200.

In terms of video quality, the DR900S 2-CH has an advantage. It is the only camera with a 4K/30 FPS option and records at the highest bitrates. At various speeds, we found that the DR900S 2-CH did a better job than its competitors at picking up license plates.

When it comes to low light performance, the Thinkware F800 Pro still offers the best picture quality.

Overall, all three of these devices produce similar video quality, but the DR900S-2CH is a bit clearer and sharper.

Parking Mode

With BlackVue cameras, parking mode recording is built-in as usual. There are even voice notifications built into the DR900S-2CH like Thinkware products. 

While parked, the dash cam will automatically detect that the vehicle has stopped moving and will enter parking mode. Dash cams can offer around-the-clock vehicle surveillance if they are connected to a reliable Power Magic Pro kit or even to a BlackVue B-124 battery pack. As long as the driver is away from the car, the camera will begin recording when it detects motion as well as shock.

As soon as the camera is triggered, an incident file is created on the memory card with these distinctive folders, no need to worry about regular recordings overwriting critical footage. DR900S-2CH is equipped with a time-lapse mode, which hasn’t been available on older models. The unit kept cool when parked for extended periods and was space-efficient.

We mentioned earlier that the DR900S 2-CH has event partitioning, just like the DR750S-2CH, but this is an area that we feel BlackVue could improve. By default, this feature is turned off, so if you want to use it, you’ll have to turn it on in the settings. Many customers don’t bother to go through the settings and leave everything at default. Furthermore, all parking events, manual events, and driving events are stored in the same file space, making it a bit more difficult to sort through the footage.

Ideally, motion detection and driving clips should be separated, so that we can sift out vandalism instances where the G-sensor was triggered. We have passed these suggestions on to BlackVue.

BlackVue Over the Cloud

As the DR900S-2CH is a top-of-the-line camera from BlackVue, it has some other excellent features as well. This includes BlackVue’s Over the Cloud feature. As of today, BlackVue is the only manufacturer that offers a complete and functional Cloud service for dash cams. In BlackVue Cloud, you can view live video and previous footage remotely, as long as the dashcam has a cellular connection.

With GPS built-in, the dashcam can also track vehicle speed and location, so users can keep track of every move. Using live view, the user can see exactly what the camera sees. It even has a built-in microphone and speakerphone so you can communicate with the occupants. With this two-way feature, fleets can easily communicate when needed. The 5GHz band makes this even more useful.


One of the world’s leading dash cam manufacturers introduces the first 4K dash cam on the market with the BlackVue DR900S-2CH. In terms of cloud-connected dash cams, BlackVue is still the market leader, and we expect that to continue.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the DR900-2CH. It just gets better and better with each firmware update. With its new time-lapse mode, this camera surpasses many of its competitors, and its 4K UHD features enable it to compete with the best on the market. BlackVue is no doubt going to get better with every update, and we cannot wait to see what else this fantastic camera can offer.

The DR900S-2CH is a top contender by all means if you are looking for an easy-to-use, sleek profiled dash cam with two channels and the best quality.