The Best PC Gaming Headsets of 2024

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Apart from listening to music, headphones or rather headsets are also good for playing games. With the best gaming headset means having a high-quality sound which is essential for an immersive gaming experience, especially since many gaming monitors don’t have built-in speakers these days. And even the ones that have speakers won’t give you the kind of sound the best gaming headset will give.

So if you’re looking for an immersive audio experience as you die over and over again with your favorite PC game, or you just want to get some end-game grinding done in Division 2, you’ll want either the best computer speakers or one of the best PC gaming headsets.

The best PC gaming headsets on this list have all been tested and have also been certified as the best PC gaming headsets available in 2020.


1. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

best pc gaming headsets

Elite feel and sound at a premium price

Interface: Wired (USB) | Features: 7.1-channel surround sound, 50mm drivers, Dolby DSP,

When we initially plunked down to survey the HyperX Cloud Revolver S, we were slightly isolated. On one hand, it flaunts phenomenal 7.1-channel encompass sound, conveyed through Dolby’s trademark computerized signal processor. On the other, it’s very expensive when contrasted with other comparable headsets. Luckily, as one of Kingston’s most repressed pair of jars we’ve at any point seen (or heard), the immaculate solace and first-rate sound more than cosmetics at its mind-boggling expense and strangely put the separable mic. Also, that is the reason this tops our rundown of the best PC gaming headsets.

Reasons To Buy

  • Excellent all-around sound
  • All-day comfort

Reasons To Avoid

  • Finicky mic positioning
  • The cable may be too long

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

best pc gaming headsets

PC gaming’s best-kept secret

Interface: Wired (USB) | Features: 40mm drivers, Retractable boom microphone, DTS Headphone:X v2.0, RGB lighting, Included DAC

SteelSeries is known for offering flawless sound, yet the SteelSeries Arctis Pro takes things to another level. This headset doesn’t simply give you vivid encompass sound for all the hazardous activity of your preferred games, yet because of its included DAC (computerized to sound converter), the Arctis Pro likewise serves you well when tuning in to your preferred tunes. A standout amongst other PC gaming headsets to date, this current one’s somewhat on the costly side, however when you consider exactly how comfortable and phenomenal sounding this headset is, well, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why it’s extraordinary compared to other gaming headsets you can purchase today.

Reasons To Buy

  • Included DAC
  • Audiophile worthy sound

Reasons To Avoid

  • Surround sound not great

3. Astro A50 Wireless

best pc gaming headsets

The best general use headset just got better

Interface: Wireless | Features: Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound; Works with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and mobile; Astro Audio; 5.8GHz wireless tech with MixAmp; 6.0mm uni-directional noise canceling mic; USB charging with the base station

A while ago when the first Astro A50 propelled, we considered it a ‘game-evolving, background improving headset.’ Thankfully, its remote successor emulates its example – while including wireless functions. It’s not prepared to share with your PC, yet with PS4, Xbox One and inheritance supports too – a headset that is vigorous and flexible.

Reasons To Buy

  • Full Dolby 7.1 Surround sound
  • Supremely comfortable

Reasons To Avoid

  • Finicky charging cradle

4. Beyerdynamic Custom Game

Gaming never sounded so good

Interface: Wired (3.5mm) | Features: Sound Slider, Soft ear pads, Changeable design covers, Detachable cable

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a standout amongst other PC gaming headsets we’ve utilized in some time. It doesn’t highlight flashy encompass sound or remote usefulness, lamentably. Nonetheless, this headset exceeds expectations in two of the most significant classifications: sound and comfort. Truly, when you put it on and experience your games in earphones this great, there’s no thinking back.

Reasons To Buy

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Impressive audio quality

Reasons To Avoid

  • Kind of expensive

5. Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

The budget king

Interface: Wired (analog) | Features: 50mm drivers, Easy on-ear volume and mute controls, Multi-platform compatibility

Generally, when you’re purchasing anything, including gaming peripherals, you get what you pay for. And indeed, Corsair takes this standard and flips it completely around. The Corsair HS50 is, for the financial limit gamer, the best PC gaming headsets you can purchase today. The HS50 has sound and mic quality that adversaries headsets that are twice as costly. Everything, down to the fabricate materials, transmits quality. If its all the same to you surrendering some additional extravagant accessories – like 7.1 encompass and Bluetooth availability, for instance – at that point, you have to investigate the Corsair HS50.

Reasons To Buy

  • Strong stereo sound
  • Excellent value

Reasons To Avoid

  • Mic easily misplaced

6. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

best pc gaming headsets

A wireless headset with wired sound

Interface: Wireless (Bluetooth) | Features: Dual-battery charging system, Bluetooth connectivity, 40mm drivers

Bargains are a piece of regular day to day existence, yet no one really likes making them. Fortunate for you, you won’t need to with the Steel-series Arctis Pro Wireless. With it, you can get high caliber lossless sound playback with a remote headset. What’s more, when you include the unique and ultra-helpful double battery charging framework that gives you a chance to wear this headset in unendingness to the blend, you have a formula for one of the best amongst other PC gaming headsets we’ve at any point gotten our hands on. In the event that you have the money, and you totally need the best wireless headphone cash can purchase, this is your most solid option.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lossless audio
  • A convenient dual battery system

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive

7. Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition

best pc gaming headsets

Improving a perfect formula

Interface: Wired (USB and Analog) | Features: 50mm drivers, reinforced steel and aluminum build, detachable and flexible mic

Creative has come to light for making glorious sound items – and the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition further bonds that inheritance. Rather than simply sitting and emphasizing on the triumphant recipe of its past items, Creative gives the Sound BlasterX H7 a total upgrade, bringing about a PC gaming headset that looks similar in the same class as it sounds. In case you’re searching for an agreeable, strong and substantial sounding headset, the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is outstanding amongst other PC gaming headsets today.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very comfortable
  • Clear, accurate sound

Reasons To Avoid

  • Mids and highs unbalanced

8. Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

best pc gaming headsets


Substance over style

Interface: Wired (Analog) | Features: Passive noise isolation, Pro-G drivers, Detachable Mic, Dolby Atmos support

The Logitech G Pro gaming headset flaunts crude execution over your conventional ‘gamer lovers’, and it’s comfortable enough to wear for significant lots of time. This headset doesn’t offer much else, however it doesn’t have to. The Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset centers solidly around giving great quality, as opposed to rounding out a sheet of fancy odds and ends. On the off chance that the worth is what you’re searching for, the Logitech G Pro may be the best PC gaming headsets for you.

Reasons To Buy

  • Subdued design
  • Comfortable for long periods

Reasons To Avoid

  • Bass can be too heavy

9. Razer Nari Ultimate

Feel the game

Interface: Wireless | Features: 8-hour battery life, HyperSense haptic feedback, compatible with many devices, 50mm drivers

Anybody can basically tune in to their diversions, yet with the Razer Nari Ultimate, you could feel them also. This gaming headset has haptic engines in the ear cups that cause your ears to vibrate. That is sufficient to make this, in any event, an intriguing headset, yet when combined with the long battery life, astonishing sound quality, and comfortable form, it’s effectively a standout amongst other gaming headsets out there. Help yourself out and mood killer the haptic criticism, notwithstanding when you’re tuning in to music.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great sound
  • Tons of connectivity

Reasons To Avoid

  • Haptic vibrations are divisive

10. Astro A20

The best of both worlds

Interface: Wireless | Features: Long-lasting battery life, Astro Command Center software, console compatibility

In case you’re searching for the best PC gaming headsets among others, the Astro A20 may be your best bet. Flaunting strong stereo sound execution in a wireless headset, also the shocking 15-hour battery life, this headset has all the vital highlights that you may need in its value run. Indeed, it doesn’t have surround sound, yet it more than compensates for it with its economy and battery life.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-quality sound
  • Sturdy, comfortable build

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive for its class

11. Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700

best pc gaming headset


Interface: Wireless (Bluetooth) | Features: 7.1-channel surround sound, 50mm Neodymium drivers, Bluetooth, Built-in DAC

With its Republic of Gamers brand, Asus has manufactured a notoriety for being the name behind probably the best gaming peripherals that continually fulfill customer standards. The Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 joins their positions. Stuffed with 50mm Neodymium drivers and Bluetooth similarity, this gaming headset offers brilliant sound quality without being fastened with a wire. It’s even perfect with other gaming stages, so you won’t need to juggle around various headsets. It’s somewhat costly, however thinking about how great this headset sounds and how flexible it is, we’d state it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Great sound quality
  • Aesthetic

Reasons To Avoid

  •  Expensive

12. HyperX Cloud Flight

The longest lasting wireless gaming headset

Interface: Wireless | Features: Long-lasting battery life, durable, adjustable steel slider, PC and PS4 compatibility, detachable noise-cancellation microphone

The HyperX Cloud Flight is an enduring remote gaming headset that brags as long as 30 hours of battery life. This implies you’ll likely get two entire long stretches of gaming in the middle of full charges. There is a trick, be that as it may – unlike the Cloud Flight’s opposition, specifically the Astro A20, this gaming headset just has stereo sound, dumping any encompass sound execution. You can, fortunately, get around it by playing around with the Dolby Access application, however, and the sound profile is adjusted enough to make this a non-issue, making this extraordinary compared to other PC gaming headsets in 2020.

Reasons To Buy

  • 30-hour battery life
  • Great sound quality

Reasons To Avoid

  • pricier than its competitors

13. Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

Making a great headset wireless

Interface: Wireless | Features: Corsair CUE, Virtual 7.1 surround, Discord-certified unidirectional microphone

Corsair took off a standout amongst other PC gaming headsets toward the end of last year with the Corsair HS50, and now, it has made it shockingly better by making it wireless and thriving it with virtual surround sound abilities. These features without anyone else would make an extraordinary gaming headset, yet when you include the phenomenal Corsair CUE software over it, it makes a total bundle that would make an incredible expansion to your gaming setup.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great audio for gaming
  • Mic supports ducking

Reasons To Avoid

  •  No way to store the mic

14. Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless

Corsair’s nailed it again

Interface: : Wireless | Features: : 50mm drivers, noise-cancelling microphone, RGB lighting, Dolby Headphone 7.1 audio

It wasn’t that quite a while in the past that Corsair was exclusively known for PC segments. In any case, in the course of the most recent five years or somewhere in the vicinity, it has ostensibly turned out to be better known for its gaming peripherals. With items like the Corsair Void RGB Wireless, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why. While at first look, some may laugh at the asking value, the Void Pro RGB Wireless conveys on that value point with the incredible form quality, phenomenal sound loyalty and – maybe in particular – RGB lighting. In addition, if you’ve just got a full arms stockpile of Corsair peripherals, the Void Pro RGB Wireless fits in pleasantly, and can even synchronize lighting impacts with different peripherals through the Corsair Utility Engine.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great sound quality
  • Nice design

Reasons To Avoid

  • Only the logo is RGB

15. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

best pc gaming headsets

Loud and clear

Interface: Wired (USB and 3.5mm) | Features: Reasons To Buypects glasses relief, Multi-platform support, 50mm drivers

In case you’re the kind of gamer who isn’t reluctant to let the world realize you’re playing games, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament may very well be the best PC gaming headsets for you. Not exclusively is it especially comfortable to wear, yet its 50mm drivers imply that sound quality is constantly the first rate – regardless of whether it could utilize more bass in the blend. You truly must be into the ‘gamer aesthetic’ be that as it may, as its plastic form and orange features embody the style. All things considered, in the event that you can move beyond the looks and the sticker price, there’s a ton to adore about the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable
  • High sound quality

Reasons To Avoid

  •  Kind of expensive