ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Review

ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Review

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Asus’ Republic of Gamers Strix X470-I Gaming AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard is part of their RoG-series, built with durable components and a gamer-themed aesthetic. Athlon X4 and A-series processors are compatible with its AM4 socket, which is built into the AMD X470 chipset. It is also built on AMD’s X470 chipset and uses AMD’s X470 chipset. Dual-channel DDR4 slots support a maximum of 32GB of overclocked RAM at 3600 MHz.

It comes with four SATA III ports and two M.2 slots, one of which supports PCIe 3.0 x4 for faster speeds. In terms of graphics cards, this motherboard has one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. Additional notable features include Intel I211-AT Gigabit LAN, SupremeFX S1220A 8-channel HD audio, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and an HDMI port.

Asus rog

Asus Aura Sync

Asus Aura Sync RGB LED lighting is included on this motherboard. Aside from a variety of colors, there are several lighting effects to choose from, such as static, breathing, rainbow, and more. In addition, you can sync it with other Aura Sync-compatible hardware and accessories.


You can take advantage of the Strix X470’s high-bandwidth memory with up to 32GB of overclocked DDR4 RAM at 3600 MHz. You can also utilize RAMCache II to increase load times with unused RAM.


The motherboard comes with multiple fan headers that are equipped with both PWM and DC modes, so you can manually or automatically adjust fan speeds.


The motherboard features two M.2 slots, one of which mounts to the audio card and is protected by a heatsink from thermal throttling. In addition, it supports PCIe 3.0 x4, which is faster than SATA.

Sonic Studio III

You can customize your listening experience with Sonic Studio III’s virtual surround sound, EQ options, and presets.

Sonic Radar III

Sonic Radar III gives you an onscreen radar that shows where sounds are coming from, so you can pinpoint your enemies more accurately.


SupremeFX audio combines hardware and software to deliver a better listening experience, regardless of whether you’re using headphones or speakers.

GameFirst IV

The GameFirst IV software optimizes your network traffic for faster, lag-free gaming. You can manually adjust your priorities or Intelligent Mode can compile a database automatically by checking all your apps and games.

In the Box

  • ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix X470-I Gaming AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard
  • M.2 Mounting Kit
  • I/O Shield
  • 4 x SATA III Cable
  • 2 x M.2 Screw Package
  • Asus 2T2R Dual-Band Wi-Fi Antennas
  • RoG Strix Stickers
  • Cable Ties Pack
  • Extension Cable for Addressable LED
  • Panel Cable
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
Pros Cons
USB 3.1 Lacks 5/10 GBit compatible Ethernet jacks
It is compatible with Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 processors (Gen1 and Gen2)
AC WIFI is onboard


Yeah, it’s hard to comprehend how tiny this motherboard is, and then see it perform as it does? There is also room for a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, as well as two super-fast NVMe M2 SSDs. All that is pretty crazy, but it doesn’t stop there as you also get AC Wi-Fi and a nice audio solution. The only limitation is the number of PCIe slots (just one x16 slot) and the extra SATA connectors, but still, it’s awesome.

Feature- and performance-wise, they’re all pretty similar, so your brand preference will factor into your purchase decision. Most of the things you’ll need are available on the small mobo. It’s essentially a die-shrink and tweaks job by AMD, but it’s a nice step forward. Absolute numbers show that the 2700X is about 10% faster than a 1800X, but I think you should compare it to the 1700X, which is about 20% faster. 

The difference now is the increased clock frequency, and over the years, the platform that houses Ryzen has evolved and matured as well. It all adds up from lower latency, better memory support, faster base clocks, and faster turbo bins, and the result is Ryzen 2000. This is a true multi-threading CPU! When it comes to game performance at the lowest resolution, Intel still wins, but the margin and gap have shrunk. 

As I mentioned in my original Ryzen review, 1080p gaming isn’t an issue, except for your grey matter between your ears. Everything is trivial when it comes to pricing, and what I didn’t see coming was the 2700X’s price.