Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

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The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the latest iteration in the Apple Magic Mouse line of devices, and it’s one of the most interesting mice I’ve ever reviewed. The original Magic Mouse was released in 2010, and it was a big hit for Apple. The Magic Mouse 2 takes the same form factor, but with a few key changes. 

First, the scroll wheel has been replaced with an optical mouse scroll wheel. This makes it easier to scroll through long web pages, and it’s a good idea that Apple decided to implement. 

The second major change is that the device can be used in portrait mode. This is great for when you are watching videos or playing games. It’s also a feature that you can’t get with any other mouse. Apple didn’t stop there though. 

The third major change is the addition of Bluetooth 4.0. This makes the mouse work with the latest operating systems, and it’s the most significant feature for the Magic Mouse 2.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse stands out from the competition with its simple design, which makes it one of the most attractive mice on the market. The design is low profile and low in height, which aesthetically looks great but may take some getting used to.

The right-click function on the mouse can be activated or deactivated, so you can have more control over the mouse.

The Magic Mouse 2 also has the advantage of being able to scroll. The trackpad works in the same way that the mouse does, where you trace your finger up and down the top. If you read articles a lot as I do, then this feature is a necessity.

If you double-click your mouse, the smart zoom will zoom in. This can be done in System Preferences.

You can also use multi-touch gestures with your Magic mouse. Essentially, these are shortcuts for your keyboard, but you use your mouse or trackpad instead.

If you spend long hours on your laptop, you will find it very helpful to be able to zoom in or rotate things easily. These features definitely make this mouse an excellent option.


magic mouse

The Magic Mouse generally has excellent connectivity. As long as you leave it on all the time, it should stay connected to your Mac whenever you turn it on.

I only have trouble with the mouse when I turn it off deliberately so I can use the laptop’s trackpad. Whenever I turn the mouse back on, it doesn’t reconnect automatically for a while, and I have to go into system preferences to reconnect it. It takes only 20 seconds to do this, but it’s still a little annoying.

If you want to charge the mouse, you can simply use the lightning connector on the bottom. It’s a fairly simple process, and your mouse should be charged again fairly quickly.

Battery Life

The Magic Mouse has very long battery life. I charge it around once per week on average. Considering how much I use my laptop every single day, the battery life is pretty impressive.

Furthermore, it also charges up really fast, so even if your battery is low, this isn’t a big deal if you can charge it. To save battery life, you can also turn the mouse off using the switch on the bottom.

Once you’ve owned this laptop for a while, you take it for granted that it has a rechargeable battery. You can easily charge your wireless mouse with the lightning cable whenever you want.

Magic Mouse 1 vs 2

The Magic mouse 1 and 2 were released six years apart, so it would make sense that the Magic mouse 3 will be released in 2021 (the Magic mouse 2 was released in 2015).

Apple currently has their hands full with the launch of the M1 chip, as well as the changes they’re making to the four different iPad variations they currently offer.

Why was the Magic Mouse 2 released in the first place? The biggest improvement over the MM1 was its battery life. The Magic Mouse 2 does not use AA batteries and is, therefore, more convenient since it is rechargeable.

Critics, however, may argue that the 2nd generation of the Magic Mouse has a shelf life – when its battery runs out. In the first generation, you would have to wait until the hardware actually failed before having to replace it.

Nevertheless, the Magic Mouse 2nd Gen is superior in a few other areas. They work with a variety of surfaces thanks to the two rails that run along the bottom of them. The original was incompatible with certain metals.

In addition, it’s lighter than before. Therefore, despite not being drastic, the differences matter.

Pros Cons
More features Pricey


Ultimately, your decision to purchase a Magic Mouse depends entirely on your relationship with Apple. By the time you read this, it’s likely that you have a Macbook or an iMac or are planning to buy one.

You probably enjoy Apple products, and the Magic Mouse is sure to be a nice addition. The mouse is not for everyone, and if you are looking for an ergonomic mouse, there are better options available.