Best Massage Tables

Best Massage Tables

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Welcome to our review of the best massage tables . If you’re looking for the best massage tables for home use or commercial use like massage rooms or sap, you just found the right place. Having the best massage tables will immediately set the tone on your spa.

Apart from your massage tables making your spa looking classy, it also keeps your client comfortable and relaxed throughout their massage section. And that alone is a good deal for your business to strive on.

In this post, we’ve reviewed all the best massage available in the market and we’re certain that these massage tables are durable, flexible, portable and affordable. So, without wasting much time, let’s head down to the 9 best massage table .

Features That Were Rigorously Tested In Each Massage Table

Height and Width: The height is significant with regards to purchasing an electric massage table. Select the one that accompanies movable stature with the goal that you can utilize it securely. It will make your undertaking simple, and you don’t need to stress over bowing regularly. Aside from the stature, you should consider the width with the goal that it can oblige various states of the body. Continuously go for the one that has a width of 30 inches or more.

Portability and Carrying Case: For better convenience, search for the one that arrives in a lightweight plan. You can even check whether it arrives in a folding structure with the goal that you can without much of a stretch spot it in your vehicle’s trunk. In the event that it accompanies locking wheels, at that point you can undoubtedly put it anyplace you need without giving a lot of weight. Some can even incorporate a conveying case with the goal that you can have simple portability. With a conveying case, you can avoid scratches or knocks when you move it starting with one spot then onto the next.

Stability and Reasons To Avoidtruction: You certainly would prefer not to take a risk with your customers. For this, you have to choose a massage table that has strong development. Go for the one that accompanies a metal edge and has a high weight limit. Continuously select the one that accompanies top-notch development enabling you to utilize it for quite a while. Some can accompany a wood outline that includes a stylish intrigue. In any case, this is totally a client inclination, and you can choose the one as per your prerequisites. Another significant thing that you have to remember is the strength. It must not wobble when you use it as it can cause burden both to you just as the customer.

Highlights: Thick cushioning will give your customer an agreeable encounter and lift your sales. It must have a cushioning of just about 3 inches with the goal that it keeps going longer. Continuously go for the one that arrives in a simple to utilize structure. It must not have any difficulties and gives you a chance to have a problem-free activity. In the event that it gives you a chance to change the whole table advantageously, at that point it will be a perfect purchase.

Best Massage Tables That We Tested

Name Features Where to Buy
Earthlite Spirit Premium Portable Package


Ecofriendly company, Portable Get it on Amazon
Master Massage 31 Inch Therma-Top Portable Table

master massager

Heated, Portable, Sturdy Get it on Amazon
Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Treatment Table

earthlight erora

Electric lift, ADA compliant, Eligible for a tax credit Get it on Amazon
Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Bed


Portable, Comes with accessories Get it on Amazon
Best Massage Portable Massage Bed With 4 Inch Pad

best massage chair

Extra-long, Includes bolsters, Portable Get it on Amazon
Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Package

earthlight harmony

Lightweight, Choice of colors, Hardwood construction Get it on Amazon
Healthline Stationary Massage Therapy Table


Doubles as a facial table, Built-in storage, Stationary Get it on Amazon
Master Massage 30 Inch Galaxy LX Portable Table

master massage

Portable, Unique look to it, Anti-microbial Get it on Amazon
Master Massage Spamaster Stationary Treatment Bed


Tilting, Built-in storage, Stationary Get it on Amazon

Best Massage Tables in Stability & Reasons To Avoidtruction

Earthlite Spirit


Height: 23 inches to 33 inches high| The length by width: 73 inches by 30 or 32 inches wide| Max static weight load: 3,200 pounds| Max working weight load: 800 pounds| Cushioning: 3.3 inches thick| Endplates: Half and half| Tilting: No| Weight of table: 35 pounds

The Spirit table is the lead of Earthlite and in light of current circumstances. It’s compact, lightweight, alluring, and extremely solid. Earthlite begins with hardwood maple development for improved quality contrasted with lighter woods. For significantly greater stability, they use airplane grade steel links and a cream endplates. This degree of development implies it has a static weight limit of 3,200 pounds and a working heap of 800 pounds.

The pad is spa-grade, triple-wrapped froth for a 3.3-inch layer of cushioning. The Natursoft upholstery feels as delicate as glove leather yet is water and oil safe. The included face support with face pad is determined to a moving pivot enabling you to alter the edge of the support for most extreme comfort. The Spirit Table and Earthlite, when all is said in done, is eco-accommodating which is imperative to me. Their tables are made in America and their wood is sourced from sustainable backwoods.

Earthlite’s froth cushioning and PU upholstery are biodegradable and eco-accommodating. This massage table accompanies a conveying case and is accessible in 30 and 32-inch widths. Earthlite offers a lifetime constrained guarantee in the event that you ever have issues the casing and a three-year guarantee on the pad and upholstery. You have a decision of upholstery hues from amethyst, burgundy, latte, mystic blue, sterling, and hunter.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Choice of colors Maple hardwood increases weight
Ecofriendly No tilt-top
Portable at 35 pounds Doesn’t include bolsters

Earthlite Ellora


Height: 17 inches to 36 inches high| The length by width: 73 inches by 28, 30, or 32 inches wide| Max static weight load: Not available| Max working weight load: 600 pounds| Cushioning: 3 inches thick| Endplates: N/A| Tilting: Yes| Weight of table: 190 pounds

In case you’re searching for a solid electric massage table, the Ellora table by Earthlite is ADA consistent for wheelchair moves and has an engine with a 600-pound lift limit. It brings down to 18 creeps off the ground and lifts to 36 inches tall making it handicap open for a wide scope of customers. This additionally takes out the requirement for you to be squatted down tinkering with haggles each time you have to alter the height of your treatment table. The overhaul insecurity from a folding table to a stationary steel table is momentous.

There’s no shaking or wobbling and the steel outline has a lifetime guarantee. Some sticker stun is ordinary however since it is ADA agreeable, Ellora is qualified for an ADA charge credit for organizations that will cover 50 percent of the expense of an ADA consistent table. The Ellora is exceptionally flexible with width choices from 28 to 32 inches and the alternative of a level stage or a tilt-top. It’s a smooth and calm engine and the lift is worked by a sans hands foot pedal. The three-inch froth pad gives happy with cushioning and the Natursoft upholstery is delicate and both water and oil safe.

While it’s certainly not a compact table, the wheels on one side make the Ellora a lot simpler to move around your office as required. You have 10 colors to browse including sapphire, greenish-blue, and vanilla creme. Another model has recently become accessible that offers a pneumatic tilt choice with a lot more prominent movability of the tilt, considering a delicate bend and individualized back help. Look at the Earthlite Ellora Vista for more data.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
ADA compliant electric lift Face cradle not included
Customizable width, tilt-top, and color The table weighs 180 pounds
Commercial use lifetime warranty on frame

Master Massage

master massage

Height: 24 inches to 34 inches high| The length by width: 84 inches by 31 inches wide|Max static weight load: 2,800 pounds| Max working weight load: 1,000 pounds|Cushioning: 3.5 inches thick| Endplates: N/A| Tilting: Yes| Weight of table: 84 pounds

This stationary treatment table has a working load of 1,000 pounds and a static load of 2,500 pounds. This is the thing that I mean by the enormous hop in help and sturdiness when you start taking a gander at stationary tables. The hardwood mahogany outline with a triple-thick compressed wood base is 31 inches wide making this an extraordinary table for working with bigger patients. It has a flexible height of 25 to 35 inches which isn’t a factor as the electric tables and must be finished by hand.

For the extraordinary pad, Master Massage utilized 3.5 creeps of cushioning with an establishment of little cell froth bested with adaptable foam. Both the froth and the PU upholster accompany a five-year guarantee. The tilt-top has 11 points to browse and opens up your treatment alternatives to spa contributions, for example, facials. The Spamaster accompanies movable face support, flexible foam face cushion, neck, and leg reinforce, arm rack, 75 expendable face support covers, and even a CD of quieting nature sounds.

The armrests are removable too to tweak your table further. For a stationary table, the Spamaster is genuinely light coming in at just 84 pounds. I love the implicit extra room beneath the table that helps keep your treatment room clean and your instruments advantageous.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Built-in storage shelf The shelf may get in the way
Light for a stationary table Can’t be lowered or raised
Comes with many accessories Not portable

Healthline 3 Section


Height: 26 inches to 33 inches high| The length by width: 75 inches by 28 inches wide| Max static weight load: Not available| Max working weight load: 500 pounds|Cushioning: 2.5 inches thick| Endplates: N/A| Tilting: Yes| Weight of table: Not available

This massage table addresses the comfort and wellbeing limitations of customers by offering answers for the individuals who need their legs raised because of course or different issues without the requirement for unwieldy reinforces. The top-tilt has a scope of zero to 40 degrees and the leg divide has seven additions or modifications. This treatment table has a working load of 500 which is great, yet not particularly solid given that it’s a stationary table.

The 28-inch width could likewise block bigger customers from utilizing the treatment table. The 2.5-inch thick high-thickness froth is shrouded in a delicate PU leather that is oil and water-safe. The spotless lines of this one look very proficient and the base segment fills in as an implicit stockpiling territory. It accompanies customizable face support, face cushion, and the removable armrests have two situation alternatives on the table so you can modify the situation to suit your customer’s tallness.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
500-pound working weight with beech construction 28-inch width not wide enough for everyone
Adjustable three sections for optimal comfort Lower working weight
Includes face cradle, pillow, and adjustable armrests Not portable

Best Massage Tables in Portability

Master Massage 31 Inch

master massage

Height: 24 inches to 34 inches high: Length by width: 72 inches by 31 inches wide| Max static weight load: 1,500 pounds| Max working weight load: 750 pounds| Cushioning: 3 inches thick| Endplates: Reiki| Tilting: No| Weight of table: 37 pounds

Another versatile massage table, this one is a classic dark, has the energizing component of being warmed. On the off chance that your customers will wear fewer garments laying on your table than they strolled in with, this is an extraordinary element since shuddering isn’t unwinding. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a table for Reiki, having a body-sized warming cushion is something I realize I’ve said I’d love to have around a thousand times. The degree of warmth is flexible for everybody’s comfort and has a clock choice.

The controls module with an appropriately long string, however, is something you’ll need to step over or keep away from while working around the treatment table. The Montclair has a three-inch pad made up of little cell froth shrouded in a layer of adjustable foam. The froth and the water and oil safe PU upholstery have a five-year guarantee. The casing is made of beech wood and recolored with a profound mahogany finish and uses plane evaluation steel links for strength.

At 31 inches wide and a working load of 650 pounds, the Montclair is a decent decision to make every one of your customers feel bolstered. his table accompanies a four-pocket conveying case, cushioned suspended arm rack, and customizable face support with cushioning. The face support isn’t the best structure in the business and a few people think that it is awkward, however at the cost and for having a warmed pad, this massage table merits purchasing.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Shiatsu cables Face cradle isn’t the best
Portable Needs access to an outlet
Heated cushion

Earthlite Harmony DX

earthlight harmony

Height: 23 inches to 33 inches high| The length by width: 73 inches by 30 inches wide| Max static weight load: 2,400 pounds| Max working weight load: 800 pounds| Cushioning: 2.5 inches thick| Endplates: Standard| Tilting: No|Weight of table: 34 pounds

The Harmony DX from Earthlite is a reasonable alternative for individuals who need a lightweight convenient table however would prefer not to forfeit quality. This treatment table has a working load of 600 pounds and a width of 30 inches which is an agreeable size for most customers. The maple wood outline is supported by a constrained lifetime guarantee so you can feel certain it will last you.

A pad of 2.5-inch double thickness froth is enclosed by oil and water-safe Natursoft PU calfskin and is supported by a three-year guarantee from Earthlite. The Harmony accompanies customizable face support, face pad, and conveying case. To the extent of transportability, the Harmony is one of the lighter tables at just 34 pounds. Full rub endplates make additional steadiness and forestall any wobbling.

The main drawback is that they make it hard to do medicines in a situated position. It’s additionally accessible in black, teal, and mystic blue.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Choice of colors Massage endplates make it hard for seated work
Full massage endplates for increased stability Not as sturdy as some heavier models
Portable and only 34 pounds

Master Massage 30 Inch


Height: 24 inches to 34 inches high: Length by width: 84 inches by 30 inches wide| Max static weight load: 1,800 pounds| Max working weight load: 750 pounds| Cushioning: 3 inches thick|Endplates: Standard| Tilting: No| Weight of table: 38 pounds

This luxury dark upholstery carries an expert and jazzy look to your treatment room. It’s antimicrobial, scrape safe, and oil and waterproof making it simple to keep clean. The serious shine helps me to remember Italian leather and the dark stain on the beechwood outline makes this table fit right in whether your administrations are kneading, spa, medicinal, or inking.

With a 30 inches width, 750 pounds working weight, and full back rub endplates, this is one of the more grounded and most stable versatile tables on here. The three layers of little cell froth and adaptable foam make for a profoundly agreeable pad over the twofold layer wooden deck. For a versatile massage table, it’s a little on the overwhelming side at 38 pounds, yet that is not preposterous given the toughness you’re getting.

The Galaxy LX accompanies movable face support, face cushion, suspended arm rack and conveying the case with four pockets. The costly look of this table gives an extra rich feel for every one of your customers. It additionally accompanies a heated Therma Top form.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
750-pound working weight and beech construction Upholstery not as soft
Full massage endplates for stability Doesn’t include bolsters
Three-inch cushion with high shine upholstery

Best Massage Tables in Price

Sierra Comfort

Height: 23 inches to 33 inches high| The length by width: 72 inches by 28 inches wide (82 inches long with face cradle)| Max static weight load: Not available| Max working weight load: 450 pounds| Cushioning: 2.5 inches thick| Endplates: Reiki| Tilting: No| Weight of table: 37 pounds

In case you’re on a financial limit and needn’t bother with your table to hold up to a great deal of substance use, the Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Package may be the best approach for you. For under $150 you get a versatile table, face support, face pad, conveying case, set of fitted cotton sheets, half-circle reinforce, removable armrests, arm rack, oil pocket, and towel holder.

That is a great deal of stuff. For the cash, it’s a stunning arrangement however as I said in the presentation when you’re understanding that much stuff for such a low value, you shouldn’t anticipate that this massage table should last you your entire vacation. What’s more, at 28 inches wide and a working load of just 450 pounds, this table won’t have the option to suit the wide scope of body types that a few specialists will see.

It’s genuinely lightweight at under 40 pounds and the 2.5-inch high-thickness cushioning, while not as durable as a little cell, is positively agreeable. So on the off chance that you need an additional compact table for next to nothing, this is an extraordinary alternative. You have five shading alternatives including burgundy, cream, and pink.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
450 working weight with beech construction Significantly lower working weight
Portable and only 39 pounds 28-inch width not wide enough for everyone
Choice of colors

Portable Bed With 4 Inch Pad

portable massage bed

On the off chance that your worry is a table that is long enough for your tallest patients, this 77 inches Best Massage table is an entire six feet, five inches long before including the face support. At 30 inches wide, this is one of the biggest convenient massage tables available. The drawback to that is it’s a heavier table tipping the scales at around 50 pounds.

You certainly would need to get a treatment table trolley if this is the table that best meets your requirements. The four-inch high-thickness froth makes an unfathomably rich pad which is incredible for bigger customers. I’ve had medicines on this table and I can disclose to you that it’s unimaginably agreeable.

The PU manufactured calfskin upholstery isn’t as delicate and practical as better quality brands yet it’s oil and water-safe and certainly not clingy. This table accompanies the vast majority of the embellishments you can request including face support, face cushion, removable armrests, suspended arm rack, half-round reinforce, tilt-top, and conveying case.

Reasons To Buy Reasons To Avoid
Lots of accessories Not great for small spaces
600-pound working weight and beech construction Heavier than most portable tables at 50 pounds
Great for working with tall clients

How We Picked

We depended on the assessment of specialists and criticism of clients based on three central points: Stability, Price & Portability.

More certainties and information about these massage tables were gotten from profound research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the outcome and input, we got, we had the option to rank every item as indicated by the standard we set.

Taking a look at our survey, each massage table has been carefully classified by our survey result. Likewise, observe that the tables that didn’t meet our guidelines were excluded among this rundown.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Would you Dress for a Massage?

You don’t have to wear anything strange, anything that is agreeable to you. A few people incline toward to wear a sweatsuit to be agreeable and others come in their tailored suit and heels. Your massage therapist has no inclination so whatever you lean toward is splendidly fine

Does full-body Massage incorporate Private Parts?

This will decide which parts of your body require massage. A typical full-body session will include work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders. You won’t be touched on or close to your privates (male or female) or bosoms (female).

What Number of Pounds can a Massage Table Hold?

Normally, when we said the massage table could bear up to 350 pounds or 200 pounds. It is bound to be a normal working weight. Working weight is the power that a back massage table can safely use to rehearse medications unafraid of breaking.


Before purchasing a massage table, always ensure you check a couple of parameters so as to choose the best. To start with, you should check the greatest weight limit and the size of the table. At that point, you have to check the comfort level like froth thickness and property. There are various sorts of froth utilized, and the upholstery must be extraordinary also. You don’t need to rush into buying this, you should take enough time s needed to go through each item before picking whats best for you.